Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday Thirteen

LICENSED photo by Carlos Sillero
-----Yellow Split Pea Soup.Vegetarian. Cheerful color to lend cheer to a dreary, cold day. #simplyrecipes
-----Veggie Shepherd's Pie with Split Peas. KIWI Magazine.
-----Greek Yellow Split Pea Soup with Red Onion and Lemon
-----Vegetarian Yellow Split Pea Soup
-----Pumpkin and Yellow Split Pea Soup

Sedum is up here and there in our yards. This plant is sometimes called "Live Forever." Like my Wandering Jew cuttings, I should be able to put it in water and grow it solely that way. Live Forever?
---My purple hyacinth are blooming and the pink are up. These are part of a living boquet that Husband gave me last Easter.
---The forsythia have been blooming for about a week now. In another week or so blooming will be done and we will prune 1/3 of all the branches.
#WelcomeSpring #SpringPlantingSOON

Kudos to our Kindergartner for helping me play the leprechaun peeing in the toilet prank on Daddy. He mixed up the green water and contributed the feet.
Mommy: Should we put the footprints on the toilet?
Kindergartner:That would be kind of creepy.
Mommy: We don't do creepy?
Kindergartner: Oh. Yeah, we do.

4. Ginger Chicken Fried Rice. Easy and on next month's menus.

Our Preschooler enjoyed painting with a rolling marble.
Our Kindergartner enjoyed painting with a rolling marble.

I very much appreciated this thoughtful and sentimental gift...the bottle plus two glasses etched with paisley. Amaretto and Cherry Coca-Cola smells and tastes wonderful.

Hearty Lentils and Beans was a dinner and leftovers earlier this month.
The jalapeños on top were for me only. A bit of homemade Sriracha Salt and a bit of cumin. I used milk and butter to substitute for heavy cream. Husband liked this.

Baked Cucumber Chips (pictured after a little over an hour in the oven). These were interesting and will be another lunch sack item. Definitely use parchment paper...I don't have parchment paper and achieved different degrees of doneness when these were pulled out. Kindergartner loves garlic salt and that is what I sprinkled on.
I found a way for the kids to be fond of cucumbers. :-) :-) :-)

Pickle juice and vodka. This was an interesting taste, made use of the pickle juice and sort of grew on me. The drink smells good.
---Dry vermouth can be added with the vodka. This can also be made with gin.
---Some people garnish. Some people experiment with the pickles used.

-----Alton Brown's Pepper Vodka recipe. From "Good Eats."
-----Horseradish-Black Pepper Vodka
-----Tex Mex Pepper Vodka Infusion. This takes 2-4 days.
-----Chicken Thighs in Ghost Pepper Vodka and Coconut Milk
-----Cheese Ravioli with Ghost Pepper Vodka Sauce. Apparently, not spicy like it sounds.
-----Pepper-Vodka-Soaked Cherry Tomatoes with Seasoned Sea Salt. I am not entirely picturing how this would taste.

Becker's Mongolian Beef from "The Joy of Cooking." 60th Anniversary Edition. Takes a while to make...sauce done by hand, cooking the rice, slicing the beef properly, cutting about 27 green onions into matchsticks. Home-made is definitely well worth it. Other than one pet restaurant of ours, this is the BEST Mongolian Beef I have ever tasted.
Tip: Put the beef in the freezer until just about frozen...then take out to cut. This will make the beef more manageable.
What 27 matchsticked green onions looks like. This was a rotisserie chicken container.
I did the chopping with this Damascus Steel knife that I got as a birthday present. The first what I consider "real" kitchen knife that I own. PRETTY and sharp!

"Stained glass" ornament that Kindergartner painted for me a while back. He asked to buy this craft for one of his school presentations and it seemed really important to turned out he also wanted to surprise me with a gift because he knows I like butterflies. #SweetLittleBoy

My son's favorite species of shark is currently the Goblin Shark. What would you name this one?


Sunday, March 12, 2017

So, the clock change is giving me a bit of insomnia...that along with drinking too much water, having too much in the back of my mind and needing to be up to take medicine at the right time. Anyway, I stayed up and watched "Forces of Nature." That got me thinking (about Love, of course). I would recommend you watch it and fast-forward through if there is a part you find objectionable(not what you think) and the ending is not what I thought. I was actually surprised at the ending at first but then realized there was more than one character that the story needed to stay true to or develop happiness...yes, I like the ending.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Facebook begins testing reactions and 'dislike' in Messenger.
I think I don't really like this unless it is perhaps controlled by the person in, some statuses have the dislike option but not others. I already see people making plenty of use of the 'angry' reaction when that doesn't seem appropriate. Facebook seems to be a highly emotional, and sometimes irrational, place anymore...sigh.

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