Saturday, January 14, 2017

Pink Saturday

It is hard for me to find pink in my house...beyond my daughter's loads of pink clothing (her favorite color). This is Daughter's piggy bank...a present from her great-grandmother.

So, it looks like there is nothing much on that shelf...but I have started Spring Cleaning early. This dental pick with mirror and light was part of some blogging opportunity several years ago. Back to the bathroom it goes.

Candles from Great-Grandmother who is a big fan of cakes and celebrations. I need to have a cake and a celebration.

Ornaments that have both very sentimental memories and, more recently, troubling memories...the two are not related. Usually these are on a shelf all year but the troublesome parts of life have kept them off the tree last year. Our tree is always kept up late for certain visitors...late like February-April, depending on who is, today I made the move of ignoring certain things and on the tree they went.

CD that Kindergartener painted for an etching project with Daddy...reminding them of it later. Candle holder from college and some tealights...cue romantic dinner plans and maybe Valentine's, too.

And now there is just this Nativity that I received back when my Mother passed. It is reminiscent of another piece that she had which I am looking into restoring. I am happy with my progression from a pink item to a blue to dust.


Dana of The Stone Rabbit said...

I love it that Beverly has opened up our postings for Pink Saturday as "anything goes"!! I've been doing PSat since she it was getting hard to come up with ideas for me! haha Anyway, now it's just "whatever" and I love it.

Your banner reads you hope to open a hobby store/coffee shop!! I hope that happens for your some day, it sounds like the perfect combination of fun!!

Have a wonderful weekend and HPS!!



Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Sooner or later, I will have some form of coffee shop or gathering keeps throwing me little snags. The latest snag is that I am now sensitive to caffeine...there's humor in that.
I look forward to seeing you around online, Dana. :-)

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