Saturday, June 15, 2013

In My Life.....

-----Curried Hash Brown Scramble. I am a fan of curry and I am cautiously excited to try this for breakfast sometime. I sent a link to a friend of ours who is an uber-curry fan. Maybe our friend will try it first and I will have a better idea how the texture of the eggs turns out in this dish. I am excited to figure out what recipes I might dare to try on The Daring Gourmet blog.
-----I have to be on the lookout for large red gumdrops. I want to find a store that sells them or something online that we can order for a reasonable price. We are going to rent Toy Story from the library and make Jessie's Cowgirl Hat Cookies.
-----Not fibbing when I say this...our toddler taught himself how to use chopsticks a couple nights ago! He picked up some rice, the plastic spoon he was originally eating with and a chicken nugget....easily. He also put one chopstick in each hand and picked up rice. He is fearless when it comes to many hand-eye coordination tasks. I wonder what he is going to be when he grows up!
-----For some reason, I would like to visit every Harley Davidson store in the United States. I wonder how many stores that is.

Daddy and Toddler went outside.
Toddler: It's going rain on me?
Daddy: Hopefully, not.
Toddler: Hopefully, yes.

-----When I get time, I am going to look through the "Metamucil Recipes" on the Dr. Oz Show site. It has caught my interest that I might be able to make Metamucil palatable.
Recipes from the Squirrels n Sweets blog:
-----Vanilla Buttermilk Pound Cake with Lemon Glaze
-----Lemon Coconut Cake
-----No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake with Oreo Crumble Crust
-----Pumpkin Pie with a Cinnamon Roll Pie Crust. This recipe has me excited!

-----Tequila Caramel Sauce. For on top of ice cream. I am filing this away for when we have money for a small bottle of tequila.

Sunday, June 02, 2013


I am making progress on a lot of my goals. I should look through that list of 101 things to do in 1001 days and see how many I completed. A work in progress. Pilgrim's Progress. You have to make "satisfactory academic progress" to keep a Pell Grant in college. Slow but steady wins the race.

-----I am working through "The Love Dare" from the movie "Fireproof." I am taking my time on this and working through it in my own way. I can go for long periods of the day with no criticisms at all...but I forget.
-----Proverbs 31. I read it often.
-----I have never seen an episode of that show "Sisterwives."
-----All those "Real" Housewives shows.

Denim and lace. Worker's overalls. A sibling rightfully criticizing my short skirt as a teenager. Private schools and workplaces not allowing denim except on special days. Denim protecting one when working with various fires...foundry, fire poi, etc. Denim...the poor man's protection on a motorcycle. Patches on jean jackets. When jean jackets were the greatest thing. Hippie, bellbottoms, the Age of Aquarius and the movie Hair. Wearing jeans until they fall apart. The holey jeans worn by Bret Michaels in the video "Ride the Wind." Denim layered skirts. I wonder what firefighters' uniforms are made out of. Levi's, of course.
-----A woman at Lane Bryant who told me that there was nothing for me there...such beautiful jeans and I did not know I was small by their standards as I had recently went through some thyroid issues that made me feel big...still the way she basically acted like I was not welcome made me feel bad...I could have been shopping for someone else for all she knew. I remember doing a blog post about Chanel jeans a long time ago...I liked the grey. I was given some new jeans recently including a Sonoma pair that I am excited to see if they fit.

Something I say often. What one would say when seeing an amazing rollercoaster for the first time. That sharp intake of breath, and maybe a sigh depending on why I am surprised, before I say, "wow." World of Warcraft.
-----Was it Shaggy, Velma or Inspector Gadget who said "wowsers"? All three?

There is a blazer in the laundry basket that I need to hang up. Putting away all the winter coats. The Century 21 jackets. The jacket that Happy Gilmore would get if he won the golf tournament. Yellow jackets...we killed a really weird wasp the other day (always a monumental day when a stinging bee gets into the house as I never know what kind of allergic reaction I will have). The skin of a potato and I really want to find a great new baked potato recipe this month. Will I ever like the color and fit of that pink blazer in the laundry basket that I need to hang up? The jacket of a book. Leaving something you need in a different jacket. Getting a used jacket or coat and finding tissues in the pocket. Fonzi's jacket on "Happy Days."

Art Studio. Studio space. Some talk show that announced it was live from Studio B. Studio portraits...the beautiful photos of Newborn that were bought for us.

Someone who I think is being an exceptional boyfriend. Some song..."hey,you...I wanna be your boyfriend." Teenagers who are obsessed with their boyfriends. This weird trend to have a boyfriend or girlfriend that you have never met...and usually never end up meeting and/or go through a very messed up time with...internet love.

My tablet has been missing since we came home from the hospital after Newborn was born. I know my tablet is here somewhere. The great handwriting tablets with the Indian on the cover...from my childhood...remind me of Little House on the Prairie. Moses and the stone tablets.

My first thought was just tablet seems to be hidden. Hidden treasure, of course...pirates, peg legs and the cashier at Trader Joes who forgot to give us our expensive coffee on Talk Like a Pirate Day. We still need to try the coffee in the last sentence as it was too far of a drive back...sigh. The surprise hidden in Cracker Jack! Hidden Mickeys at Walt Disney World. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Hidden meaning. Where the leprechaun's pot of gold is hidden.

Being a "closer" at a restaurant, or at most jobs, is far from fun. The End. Couples wanting to feel closer.
-----Objects in the rearview mirror may appear closer than they are...Meatloaf...I am trying a new meatloaf recipe next month...Cheesy Taco Meatloaf...I hope Toddler likes it.



This meme inspired some finds:
-----A recipe for Jacket Potato with Bacon, Mushroom and Peppercorn Sauce. This recipe includes, I will set it aside for a month when we are lucky to have money in the budget for a small bottle. The recipe includes lighting the brandy. When I viewed this recipe, there was also a "Spanish Potato Salad" in the sidebar that I am interested in trying.
-----A drink called a "Straight Jacket."
-----"The Corduroy Jacket." A cocktail recipe.
-----Vegemite and Mushroom Jacket Potatoes. Having never tasted vegemite, I have no idea how this would taste.
-----There is a drink called an "Old Groaner's Wife."

Saturday, June 01, 2013

"(Amazing) Just the Way You Are"

1) This song is about a girl who can't accept how pretty she is. How do you respond to compliments? Do you accept them graciously, or do you get embarrassed?
It depends on the compliment. Sometimes I am just surprised. If it is a good compliment, I try really hard to keep being that way.

2) Bruno says he takes inspiration from a variety of musical styles -- everything from rock to reggae to hip hop. What kind of music do you listen to most often?
I am very eclectic. Reggae and rap are what I would say I listen to least.

3) Bruno's uncle was a professional Elvis impersonator, and as a little boy Bruno also performed on stage as the King. When you picture Elvis, do you think of early rock'n'roll Elvis from the 1950s, Technicolor Hollywood Elvis of the 1960s, or the rhinestone jumpsuit Elvis who performed in Las Vegas?
Elvis from the '69 combat who wore the black leather. This was the Elvis who was the most verbally playful. Elvis' sense of humor made me smile.

4) Bruno plays several instruments onstage, including piano, guitar and congas. What instruments can you play?
I am learning to play acoustic guitar through a course offered in conjunction with Coursera and Berklee College of Music.

5) Bruno is touring all over the country this summer. What's the last concert you attended?
A folk music festival last Fall. I have been pregnant, on bedrest and now have a newborn. Normally, I go to shows more often.

6) Unlike some other stars, Bruno doesn't demand a lot of luxuries on the road, but he did admit to TMZ that he insists Wet Wipes be provided for his dressing room. If you could ask your boss for anything, anything at all, to make your workplace more comfortable, what would you request?
I am a homemaker and do various writing jobs (I have just started on getting paid for this again). I would like to bring my comfy rocking chair out of storage and I would like a nice leather chair for my desk.

7) Rumors are flying that Bruno might become a judge on American Idol. Are you an Idol fan? Do you watch any of the other "talent search" shows -- The Voice, America's Got Talent, The X Factor, etc.?
I sometimes watch The Voice with friends.

8) Bruno is an unapologetic cigarette smoker. Do you smoke? Have you quit? Or did you never start?
I have smoked in my lifetime but have never felt an addiction. Maybe I could count the amount of packs that I have smoked on one hand....inhaling way less. I have tried a few puffs of cigars and pipes.

9) Billy Joel also had a hit with the title "Just the Way You Are." If we were going to do karaoke, which version would you sing -- Billy's or Bruno's?
I guess Billy's though I have heard neither.




I have been a fan for a long time. Recently, this song served as a post reminding Husband to take out the trash. :-)
I have to figure out what song to remind Husband of taking out the trash next.

I am going to this festival. The footage is from the late,great Cornerstone Festival. The song is awesome and I need to find out what it is.

Toddler is into Darth Vader lately. Just before he started saying it a lot, I heard him say "elevator." I am not sure if he was confused or Darth Vader was in an elevator.

"Sail" by Awolnation is Toddler's favorite song. He asks to watch "Grinding the Crack" and talks about how he (Jeb Corliss) is looking for the balloons.

Prince's new video. 
A surprising mix of Lenny Kravitz and Jimmy Hendrix...that was my first reaction. 
Definitely not the Prince we are all used to.

I am not a Yoko fan.


Both Toddler and Newborn have liked this. I am not sure what the reason for the choice of a floating eyeball was.

Oh...and here is the find of my morning so far. A recipe for CHICKEN Gyros!

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