Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Little One wanted to watch firefighters before bed tonight. He fell asleep before I could find any that were suitable (firefighters barely moving, suddenly dancing suggestively with hoses, etc.-NO). After Little One went to sleep I found this. I have not watched it all but I would say it is perfect (minus the secretary shooting her phone). Those firefighters have to be in pretty good shape to even want to attempt Thriller while in gear. Bravo.

Friday, January 25, 2013

In My Life.....

Last night before bed:
Well. Little One is shouting that he needs treasure, please give me treasure.
He is telling Pooh Bear to help get treasure.
He is wiping off an old phone and saying "bad treasure."
He has been lying down between each of these bursts of activity and even put his blanket on.
He and his imagination should be asleep soon.

-----Last night, Little One got to experiment with his first ice cream cone. He had IGA's Cookies and Cream. I had a cone myself with that flavor and the uber-not-that-good-for-you "Heavenly Hash" (which is some other brand and chocolate). Little One sat in the high chair and used a fork on his cone at times. He picked up on licking and eventually ate the cone. When it came time to take a picture he posed with a wide-eyed look, his fork in his hand and stuck his tongue out to the side.
-----I have to make a PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress slide that uses a mindmap for a nutrition class that I am taking. I only know how to use PowerPoint in the most traditional way (i.e. slides for presentations) and I do not know how to cut and paste multiple, individual shapes from another document or draw diagonal lines on my slide. I am finding a lot of people are having the same problem. Unless I suddenly become up-to-date in my software usage, I will have to get creative and hope that an impressive presentation is good enough and will fit in the submission format (that hasn't been specified yet).
-----Even though it is a bit off-color, I really like playing the game "You Don't Know Jack."
-----I am still trying to get an uber-organized desk area going. My current desk is much smaller than I am used to and I have many more projects than I used to have. I have two bookshelves (one on the desk and one over). I have yet to come up with a (homemade) file area but do have a place where I could put a small one near the desk. There are no drawers but if there were I would like the idea of using egg cartons for organization of small items and office supplies...I hadn't thought of the fact that both sides of the carton can be used (hat tip to 24/7 Mom for this tip).
-----We are having issues with Little One saying a couple of swear words "shi*" and "dammit." I have been doing some reading and apparently it is common for toddlers. I don't think he is using them for effect most of the time though...actually using them when he drops something. I know that first word has been heard a lot as in our last neighborhood all the neighbors liked to have the husbands or contractors do home improvements...and that word could be heard ringing off the rooftops all summer. I also know that at least 4 adults off the top of my head are having a hard time not saying it around Little One. He knows the word in relation to bathroom functions and can show you what body part he means....though he has only said that twice and I think it was after hearing some teenagers talk about needing to go to the bathroom. I am of the opinion that there is a difference between cuss words and curse words. It is "dammit" that is bothering me more. I NEVER say that but almost everyone I know does...including otherwise devout Christians. Dammit (or damn you....luckily Little One has not found anyone who says that) has some implications that people either don't think about or don't care about since they are angry or frustrated. There was a recent controversy about the parents having to deal with a toddler using the f-word on Modern Family....but apparently children as far back as the 1970s really did start swearing as toddlers with the habit becoming ingrained as one gets older. Sigh. Our tactic is to try to ignore it and then, if it persists, explain that those words are not to be used in our family.
-----Hopefully, a friend can find the transportation to visit for a couple days. Life has been gloomy for her lately. She said that we could all do fun things...well our version of fun things. She wants to bring a copy of "Grow Food Not Lawns" and some sort of children's book about free trade coffee for us to talk about.
-----Tomorrow two of Little One's godparents, an adopted "uncle" and a few other friends arrive. I am also hoping that my little brother can visit at some point. We are celebrating a part of Little One's birthday...an extended affair this year due to the locations/health of those we invite to celebrations.
-----I recently noticed that Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Valentine's are the 12th, 13th and 14th this year. Some people will be very busy. A friend has suggested that we make pancakes on Tuesday and do some sort of worship activity on Wednesday.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

We watched "King of the Nerds" with friends again yesterday evening.
This time our audience included a person young enough that they never saw "Revenge of the Nerds." Interesting to hear a younger person's perspectives on nerds, geeks, etc.

~ ~ ~ I read that the age cut-off for being on this show was 30...I would guess that was intentional as the demographic the show is trying to reach according to one of the Facebook pages is 18-29. I don't know if I really agree with the fact that the age groups were so limited.
~ ~ ~ There is a contestant who actually has a "Zombie Plan." I am actually finding that a lot of young people have one of these nowadays...seriously.
~ ~ ~ I am still so surprised by who got eliminated. I guess it is partially because of how intelligent they were and partially because they reminded me so MUCH of the actual Skolnick character from the Nerds movies.
~ ~ ~ My friend said that this show is "more hateful than America's Next Top Model."
~ ~ ~ We agreed that all of the contestants have self-esteem issues.
~ ~ ~ I love chalices. :-)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Something I want to do soon:
-----Listen to "Anything, Anything" by Linkin Park. I have never heard this song.

In My Life.....

-----Little One was (deliberately) feeding Doggie parts of his lunch.  After I said something, he replied, "accident."
-----So, I am watching the Inauguration coverage. Obama is being compared to FDR and Lincoln.
-----CNN will have the "The World According to Lance Armstrong" on. Maybe it will be a work of fiction.
-----It's sad when a mattress being able to be turned over is a selling point and an unusual thing. The world changes back and forth in weird little (and not so little) ways.
-----I am disappointed that a Galaga app on Facebook doesn't work. I didn't really know how easy it would be to authentically play something like that on the laptop anyway. I will have to look for a PC version and use the handheld mouse.
-----Yesterday, Husband told me and our friends about about a magic eight ball toy that sometimes cusses at you. My friend wants to get this as a fun gift for a couple of her (adult) children.
-----Little One heard the phone ring yesterday and said that it was his (yet-to-be-born) little sister calling. :-)
-----Last night, I drank some lemon tea with dinner. It wasn't much but I did not sleep well and I am wondering if I will have to radically limit the times of day when I can have caffeine. I am pregnant...so, I do not have much caffeine at all anyway. I also space caffeine far away from when I drink my thyroid medicine (research shows that caffeine affects absorption for a while). I guess this might mean that I can only have tea, chocolate, etc. for a very limited amount of the early evening hours and that will be my time window for this.
-----I was considering making an eggless eggnog....with avocado and almond milk in it. Then I came to my senses.
-----We need to think about the whole "Tooth Fairy" idea (though, of course, there is plenty of time...since we have a toddler and a yet-to-be-born). We are not going to teach our children to believe in anything that is not real but I think there should be some sort of acknowledgement of the right of passage that is losing baby teeth . Hmmm.
-----Watched a part of "Duck Dynasty" with friends this evening. I could not convince our friend to try frog legs or that they are good. This frog leg debate has been ongoing. One of my friends tweeted me later that they couldn't try them as it would make them think of Kermit.
-----Watched an ABC News story about a woman who faked having cancer and it was mentioned that there have been many cases of people doing this. :-(

Things I have been grateful for lately:
-----Friends came to visit yesterday. We watched the (recorded) premiere of King of the Nerds. This show has Curtis Armstrong and Robert Carradine as hosts (Booger and Skolnick from Revenge of the Nerds). I was surprised by who went home.
-----King of the Nerds (aptly) come on after Big Bang Theory. We introduced our friends to another thing that went along with the day...the cult film "The Gamers." It is a hard-to-find, low-budget film about people who play something like Dungeons and Dragons. Everyone thought it was hilarious.
-----We get to see the same friends for an upcoming prayer meeting and birthday celebration. Husband and another of our friends might also go with them to a CD-release party. It is nice to have people around during the gloom of winter.
-----Dinner yesterday was tacos. I was in the mood for a lot of cheese. Little One ate a lot of hamburger and he loves the sour cream.
-----I am almost done unloading the dishwasher. :-)
-----Little One has been playing dress-up today. Wearing one of Mommy's necklaces and a big pair of (adult) boots. He can only scoot in the boots. His play brings so many smiles.
-----We get to see my Mother soon. (She is pretty ill from cancer.) I will be pricing the hotels today and I am wondering if it might be a worthwhile idea to join the rewards program at a clean,low-cost hotel that I like to use for these visits.
-----Husband has decided that he is going to make Little One's birthday present this year! We will be giving him a super hero nightlight (he doesn't like the bright overhead lights in our bedroom and we have to replace the old nightlight).
-----A friend is throwing me and another expecting friend a (double) baby shower.
-----A business course that I am taking has started early...so, I am ahead.
-----A friend made it home safely during an ice storm.


Some recipes:
-----Pomegranate Martini Cake
-----Zesty Pomegranate Rice. I am not sure if I will like this but it is worth a try.

I likely can't do soy candles (possible interference with my thyroid issues). This sounds like a cool scent though.

In My Life.....

Note: I am in the process of trying to fix the code on this post. I am getting sick and tired of the issue where Blogger adds its own code to posts. #whatamess


_______________________________________________________ Little One liked this. He loves, and asks for, the song "Bossa Nova." He likes a few other Elvis remixes and anything with the sound that is reminiscent of The Tijuana Brass. This was part of why he needed a nap. ____________________________________________________ Little One napped to this today. __________________________________________________________ This will be somewhat like Skylanders (a couple of my nieces are really into that game). Little One would like this game once it starts becoming available at lower prices...like Skylanders, the start-up prices will be pretty high.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yesterday I was grateful for:
-----Optimism. I always come through things with that.
-----Getting a lot of clothes that were in storage washed.
-----A friend of a friend sent some clothes and a bunch of homeschooling things that we can use.
-----I am finally on the recovery side of having a cold.
-----Husband decided that we are going to take a stand about someone who said something unkind based on their (entirely wrong because they are close-minded) assumptions of how people in society are typically portrayed. This person was not only far off-base, but ethically and professionally wrong in their actions. I was very touched that Husband cared that much about how I felt about it. Sorry for being cryptic to blog readers, it was just a set of comments that were appalling and given under the guise of goodwill complete with insults.
-----I am proud of myself because I plan to write at least part of the letter concerning the above situation. I want to say something in person but that will likely only bring a retaliation. I never have understood evil people who "pay you back" for exposing their cruelty instead of trying to realize and change their ways.
-----Daddy and Little One did a simple craft project before bed....cutting out and talking about paper hearts. We were surprised to find that Little One actually knows approximately where his actual heart is.
-----Little One had two bedtime stories last night....sort of. :-) Husband read a story about shells to him during the day and I showed Little One my seashell that a person I used to be friends with brought me from the sea of Galilee  Little One thought the seashell was so interesting (a small mussel shell but it looked almost exactly like the clam shells in the book...as little one excitedly pointed out). Before bed, Little One had Daddy and I each read him the shell book (picture book with six pages or so). Then Daddy and I each read a short book on insects. When I was reading, I got on Google and showed Little One pictures of praying mantis. The books we read were from the new tote of books that we were given earlier.
-----We truly have been so blessed by the fact that many of our friends once homeschooled and now have older or grown children. They have been so kind in sending books, flashcards, etc. our way. A lot of these things can be used in the toddler years. I am amazed at some of the great parents and teachers that we know!    
-----Among the things in the tote we received, was a packet of bookmarks. There were several duplicates as they were for conventional classroom use. Little One was so excited that he got his OWN bookmark.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

In My Life.....

Yesterday I was grateful for:
-----Lots of kleenex. I still have a cold and I can't take any medicine for it as I am only allowed Sudafed. Every preparation of Sudafed is either not advisable or actually forbidden by the doctors/box in regards to my thyroid issue. I am glad that I have family and friends who are encouraging me to rest, get Vitamin C, etc.
-----Homemade pizza with yummy bbq sauce. Also leftovers for snacks during the night and this morning.
-----A couple of days ago Little One woke up and started singing "E-I-E-I-O." :-)
-----A friend came to visit this afternoon. We had great conversation and talked of future fun. I wish and hope that this friend can come over more often. She brought a bag with a couple coloring books, crayons and some other books for Little One. Little One eventually destructed one of the coloring books but totally enjoyed his time with it...then gave it to Doggie to play with. It was neat to see him climb up in a chair and studiously examine the books. Little One is lucky that our friends like to give books.
-----Gatorade G2 Mixed Berry, orange-flavored (natural) sparkling water, orange juice and the fact that we live in a place in the world where I can drink a lot of water.
-----An online friend noticed how much our Little One explores the world. :-)

Today's happenings:
-----Little One has started to also enjoy the corner he normally goes to if a Time Out is needed. Just now, he said,  "bang, bang" and went to tap a water bottle up against the wall. Next, he took a padded lunch bag he was playing with and faced it to the corner in case I might want to take it. He likes to stand in that area of the house and just smile. At least he doesn't consider timeouts fun....just the Time Out Corner.
-----At times, I can hear the whistle of my sinuses draining. Instead of bringing me tissues, at some point during the day someone just stations the box next to me. Colds are not fun.
-----Husband and some friends have been writing letters to people who are imprisoned. I have felt that I should do this for a long time because it is something that the Bible says to do but I cannot figure out a good and safe way to do this. I believe there are a lot of imprisoned people who are innocent and that the time incarcerated will be such a big part of their life in wounding ways. I just don't know exactly what or how to help. I need to think about this today. Though I am not Catholic, or any of the religions that espouse them, I want to start concentrating more on each of the "Works of Mercy." 

Things I am grateful for today:
-----The smell of really good spaghetti sauce with a ton of mushrooms in it.
-----I found a dog food pantry that might be able to help some of my friends when they are low on finances. I try to keep track of this kind of info...you never know when it might make a big difference.
-----When Little One makes sound effects.
-----One of my friends says that I am starting to look more like myself. My eyes are getting a more lively look to them (vs. being able to tell that I have a cold).
-----Overhearing a conversation just gave me a very good idea...Bible reading with Little One every night before bed. Right now, he likes to say Jesus or point out depictions of Jesus and we sometimes read about donkeys (Jesus riding into Jerusalem on one).

Friday, January 11, 2013

In My Life.....

-----I found a recipe for Blackberry Hot Toddy. Colorful and different.
-----Why put a dog in a martini glass and take a picture? Why? I get the play on words of "teeny"...but, WHY? There should have been a no dogs or martini glasses were harmed in the making of this photo disclaimer.

Things I am grateful for today:
-----Little One is still resting longer either from the colds we have or a growth spurt. He went to bed early last night. The doggies did not wake him up.
-----We were up early this morning and Husband was doing stuff outside with a friend...so, Doggie 1 was roaming all over making moaning noises and friend's doggie was under the Christmas tree moaning and moving it around. Thankful that there was no story to tell of the tree that fell down due to Doggie Separation Anxiety.
-----Pizza rolls. Some days that kind of thing just hits the spot.
-----Husband got to have corn dogs with brown mustard. This makes him happy sometimes.
-----Corgis jumping on couches. It is comical because they are not really tall enough but always manage (some times with more comedy than usual).
-----Friends found a better living situation. I hope this goes well for them. On a comical-gratefulness-note, I am thankful that another friend is able to start them out with a supply of toilet paper. :-)
-----We are starting a Bible Study with friends. :-)
-----Little One got some old Veggie Tales VCR tapes today. My VCR was damaged by a leaky basement but we have a lead on where to get a VCR for about 5-8 dollars (thrift store). I have some movies that I would actually rather watch on VHS.
-----It is a happy thing to see a friend of ours preparing things for when she has grandchildren. There are none conceived yet but one child is recently married and one will be married this year. It is nice to see this kind of hope. (Yes, her children are looking forward to having children.)
-----We get to see a good friend tomorrow.
-----Someone said Little One is bright. This happens often...but is always a happy thing to hear.
-----We are definitely going to visiting my Mother in February...though it will not be financially an easy juggle. My Mother is very ill right now (Stage 4 Breast Cancer).
-----A friend said that we need to go to a "Joseph Company" conference. This is for Christians that want to start small businesses. (It sounds like the perfect thing but there are no dates this year that work. I am hoping that something can work out here...or I guess next year.)
-----A friend may have found a person who makes her happy.

More thyroid fun (sarcasm).....

Good news?
My thyroid being "way out of whack" was not so out of whack.
It is at 4.970 and the cut-off is 4.5.

Still no doctor has been able to tell me what they want to do about it. One is waiting on another doctor's advice after that doctor sees me and does not want my endocrinologist to analyze it themselves. The endocrinologist wants to analyze it and so I had to get it faxed from the original doctor. Apparently, that half a point can sometimes be a serious thing. No one is ready to tell me whether they consider this number truly bad or what they might do about it.

I just want it to be "normal" and have it messed up for as SHORT a time as possible.
Right now, the numbers effect some other medical issues and I do not want my thyroid to succeed in dying as it has been trying to do.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

In My Life.....

-----This cold has made its constant presence known all day. At least, I did not need to rest so much.
-----Crushing news...at least that is how I am reacting to it. I really hope that tomorrow I find that this doctor's interpretation of "way out of whack" on thyroid numbers is different than what my endocrinologist would say is way out of whack (last year it shot to 230 vs. the 3-5 it is supposed to be...that was WAY, WAY out of whack and I am scared that is what the new doctor means). My thyroid is trying to kill itself and I was very surprised in September when it was not only normal but the best/most normal my numbers have EVER been. These messed up numbers could have some dangerous medical implications and I am trying not to stress about it. I will speak with the nurse who left the message tomorrow.
-----I just don't know what would cause my thyroid numbers to be off. I not only follow what little advice the doctors give but I also follow a regimented set of rules for making SURE my medicine absorbs based on all the research I have done. The last time it went astronomically out of control, I was just told that the medicine was being upped and was not made aware of why for about six months!  I have the anti-thyroid antibody, Hashimoto's Disease, goiter issues, Hypothyroidism and Reynaud's Phenomenon. Having the medicine upped has been pretty routine as this just does not want to stay under control...*shaking my head and sighing*

Things I am grateful for today:
-----Looking at our beautiful Little One as he sleeps. This evening he took one of his socks off and fell asleep with it tucked in his hands under his chin.
-----The easy, EASY clam chowder that I made for Little One and I for dinner. The Walmart we went to was sold out of all artichoke hearts....so, it was sadly minus the artichoke hearts. I used a yellow pepper as the red that was reasonably priced was used for chili. I think at least twice as much mushroom was used. The clam chowder picked was Walmart's "Great Value"....chunky and with a lot of potatoes. Little One enjoyed all but the yellow peppers which he gleefully started throwing off his high chair to Doggie.

In My Life.....

Yesterday, I was grateful for supportive loved ones who let me rest and made sure I had a lot of Vitamin C. I am the last one, I think, who will catch a cold that is going around. I felt like crying at a few points and found myself clutching stuffed animals. Every time I rest, I start to feel better some.

Things I was grateful for yesterday:
-----Husband and our friend went to a storage unit of a friend where we are keeping some clothes and books. We took some of Husband's winter clothes out.
-----A blanket that Little One used to play on came out of storage and got laundered (that dustiness that things have after being stored a while). It will make him happy to sleep under it now that he is bigger. It has boats on it.
-----Things were kind of busy here yesterday. I found sitting down with a glass of pomegranate blueberry juice to be very calming.
-----Husband went to a grocery that had good sales and picked up some things that I thought would be helpful for us to be stocked up on.
-----There were no big containers of yogurt or any lemon yogurt at the store with the sale. Husband did find Greek yogurt that was on sale for a dollar though. Little One loved the strawberry.
-----I was happy to find a better price on tortillas and I am looking forward to a slow cooker Kielbasa thing that we are trying.
------I made one of our tried and true recipes and there are plenty of leftovers. It is a Ground Beef and Black Bean Chili that is considered Southern food. We made a big pot of it for Little One's birthday party last year. Since extra-lean ground beef is so expensive right now, I used one pound of extra-lean and three or four pounds of regular hamburger. There were four smaller yellow onions, a small red bell pepper and a small yellow bell pepper from a "rainbow pack" as the single peppers are currently $1.68 per pepper, 2 and a half teaspoons of minced garlic cooked in with the meat, 4 teaspoons of minced garlic added to the simmering, the small can of green chiles, two cans of tomato paste with equal parts water for our tomato sauce, the beef was seasoned with Spanish paprika and chili pepper as Husband likes to do it this way, plenty of chili powder was added to the simmer, a little cumin was used as our stomachs can be sensitive to it, the remaining spices were added to taste, I broke up a big can of stewed tomatoes that I was originally planning to use for something else, and four cans of black beans were used. Husband said the chili was good and Little One hungrily ate all the black beans out of two helpings. There was cheddar cheese to grate and sour cream.
-----Little One loves black beans and actually asks if we can have them sometimes. He used to just say "beans" but now says "black beans." He says "sour cream" and loves having it on things...gets it confused with ice cream at times.
-----I was able to replenish the tomatoes that I used in the chili via the sale Husband went to and a coupon. :-)
-----We got to hang an ornament on the Christmas tree that Little One got from our friend who found it at the Target 90% off clearance. Little One insisted it go on the big tree vs. his personal tree. A rocket ship.
-----I worked out a strategy for Little One's birthday this year. We have to travel to my family as my Mother has breast cancer and is undergoing chemo treatments. Little One has to know and see his Grandmother. We also needed to have a party for friends where we live. Of course, traveling means gas and a hotel stay. Other than a present, we can not spend money besides the trip. So, we are going to have people meet us at a restaurant with a playground for both parties and be honest that we cannot pay for meals. The important thing is love and celebration.  
-----We are looking forward to a visit from two of Little One's godparents (he has six who were chosen for various reasons that will be meaningful to his life) and a friend who has been adopted as an uncle.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

In My Life.....

I think I might like to get this color sometime:
"Zoya Nail Polish in Godiva is a soft beige with a matte, sparkling texture finish that makes your nails look like they are covered in crystals!"
---It is available February 1st or sooner, is $9 and is not available on Amazon yet. I will definitely be waiting until the price comes down (via Amazon).  Husband says this color is interesting and looks like sand with gold in it.
---$9 is more than I have spent total on nail polish for myself in the last three or four years....or longer! I usually rely on bottles that I haven't opened from when we had more money or get clearance/99 cent bottles at Sally Beauty.
---I buy low-cost bottles with interesting effects as part of presents for my nieces. These are usually Wet N' Wild or NYC.
---Speaking of NYC, I have a nice tube of mascara that a friend gave me and when I went to Walmart I found something that I think they described as basic mascara hanging among the other stuff. It was $1.00! It was not on clearance. It is a thin tube with none of the enhancements that mascara has nowadays (no lash extender, etc.). It is perfect for being on a budget or non-special occasions. If your Walmart carries it, poke around to find it as it will not stand out...a lot of extreme-total-surprise bargains can be found like that at Walmart.
---I also wait until things go on EXTREME clearance at ELF and buy Husband nail polish and topcoat. Yes, I said Husband...he has a tendency to wear black nail polish. I wish he would wear the topcoat more. Hmm...maybe I can get him to give me a bottle of topcoat that hasn't been opened since I think I did get three or four....brilliant idea. :-)

-----A good friend really likes Moscato. I found her a recipe for Frozen Moscato Lemonade.
-----One of Husband's favorite sweaters got attacked by a moth. It was the nicest sweater out of those washed today and at first I thought I had snagged it on the washer (which catches everything a little as you pull stuff out). Then I looked and noticed that, even if I did snag it, there were holes all over. Merino wool and we can't afford to replace it right now. Moths don't usually bite wool as much. Sigh.
-----A lot of my friends are talking about the PBS show "Downtown Abbey." I will have to check this out sometime.

Things I am grateful for today:
-----So far, there is minimal bruising from my blood tests yesterday. In the past, frequent thyroid tests have left some nasty bruises...especially when my arm is stiff in places like it is now. (It wasn't an immunization, so it never occurred to me to pump my arm back and forth.)
-----I have almost found a way to wear a scarf that reminds of my Grandmother and of things I used to wear while growing up. This scarf also did not get ruined after going through the wash (I took it out of a bag after it had not been worn in a long time and it was looking/smelling dusty). It is a medium-length silk scarf with gold flowers and tendrily (yes, I make my own words) leafs. The flowers have pinkish-purple centers and it is all on a light aqua background. I will wrap this around my hair, tie it in an off-center bow at the top and then pin the bow down. I already have a couple of different things in mind to wear it for where I might need some extra cheer.
-----I now have two doctors taking care of my thyroid issues. I am going to send the info back and forth between the two (who are covering different facets of the problem). I am hoping that some improvements come out of this. Though my thyroid was really, really trying to die last summer (I have an anti-thyroid antibody), right now it is better than ever for the issues I deal with! A lot of times, I dare to hope that I will be one of those people who doesn't have to take the medicine for the rest of their lives.
-----We made breakfast pizza as a family activity for dinner tonight. I want to start having a Pizza Night. Good (not gooey glop)homemade pizza recipes are hard to find.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

In My Life.....

So, there would have been a grateful list yesterday...there was a lot of fun stuff we did. I just came home and was so exhausted from something unkind that occurred in my day. I guess yesterday I was most grateful for the fact that curling up and going to sleep sometimes heals and puts distance between one's self and the words of others.

So, what I was grateful for yesterday:
-----The sun was out so much yesterday that we were able to take off one of Little One's layers for most of the day.
-----It was cute how Little One absolutely did not want to take off his coat for a while at the doctor's. As winter approached, our friend found us coats that were on sale...the Spider Man coat Husband picked out and purchased has been a big hit. Little one often points out the coat hanging up and gets excited when it is cold enough to wear it.
-----We went to a McDonald's for lunch as I had a doctor's appointment at a weird time and everything needed to be coordinated as far as getting ready, waiting to eat after my thyroid medicine and making sure that Little One was ready/fed. When I got back from some blood tests, Little One held out his hand and said "French fry, please" as Daddy had already informed him of this pleasant surprise to our day. We were served by such a sweet employee...I hope I have my receipt somewhere to write a nice letter about how she was so sweet to all around her. The McDonald's had large HD computer screens, was very modern in decor and the prices were like something you would have paid a few YEARS ago at most McDonald's. We sat by a nice group of people who were clearly very spirit-filled Christians.
-----We went to our storage unit and got out my extra padded winter coat. Even someone with Reynaud's Phenomenon can't help but be warm in that thing. It is ugly and HUGE...and inescapably warm.
-----Little One got to redeem piggy bank money and the people in line were patient while all the change was counted out. It was lucky that the magnets and grease board that I wanted to pick up were not easily findable (or possibly even there) at this particular Walmart. Little One wanted a pillow pal but did not have enough money in the piggy bank. Then Daddy spotted Yoda....Little One now has a Yoda that is almost as big as he is. It went to bed with him until he went to sleep, it was the first thing he wanted when he woke up in the car on the way home, it sits in his rocking chair. Yoda is a friend.

Also, happy that we did not pay this much. :-)
-----The grocery bill came out to a reasonable amount and we stocked up on so many things that I don't like to run out of.
-----I get to revisit some recipes that are tried and true over the next week...
Ground Beef and Black Bean Chili
Creamy Tuna Pasta Salad
-----I am trying out some new recipes in this next week...
"Mexican Eggs"
Strawberries Romanoff (prepping these in a little bit)
Breakfast Pizza (likely dinner tonight)
A clam chowder. Walmart was sold out of artichokes.Getting adventurous and substituting spinach.

Monday, January 07, 2013

In My Life.....

-----Little One was talking in sleep about cookies. :-)
-----Oh...that's weird. Pinterest will keep something you have moved to another board as the cover on the original board. Flaw.
-----An online friend mentioned that she had the misfortune to encounter a show called "Best Funeral Ever." Seriously.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

In My Life.....

Things I am grateful for today:
-----I found a lot of recipes to put on the January menu. Grocery shopping tomorrow after a doctor appointment.
-----Two loads of laundry done. We have been using a large tub of detergent from Sam's for so long. I would recommend Sam's Club for detergent and pancake mix in large quantities.
-----A friend went to IKEA a while back and for Christmas I was given a silver notebook with snowflakes on it. I started using this for some of my coffee haus planning. For one thing, I want to find/develop Chinese food recipes without soy in them (not always an easy thing to do). Husband has a soybean oil allergy and I am supposed to avoid soy...so, if we are going to spend a lot of time taste testing and eventually actually being at the coffee haus, our recipes will avoid soy. (Besides, soy is a major allergen.)
-----Our friend let Little One have a plastic jingle bell Christmas ornament. This brought much happiness.
-----Little One keeps screeching "What's that?!" :-)
-----I managed to stay awake on little sleep. Little One was not feeling well last night.
-----Last night, Little One was constantly warmer than normal but not to the point of fever, had very warm hands, kept waking and needing to be held, had a stuffy nose, nursed more than usual and was talking in sleep a lot. By morning most of this was completely gone.
-----Mini Baked Steak Burritos

-----Orecchiete Carbonara
-----Three Cheese and Mushroom Orecchiette

Pack of 5.

Easy blogging.....shredded.

Never get attached to anything on Blogger. They apparently no longer support my template...and all the other templates are simple or decorated in a way that just does not suit my writing style. When I apply much-needed color changes to the sidebar they will never take effect (even if I code them by hand).

So, who needs titles for their sidebar??
I guess.
That will be my first step. Going through and seeing how much I can work without titles.

Then trying to code back some sort of title and changing the sidebar text color by hand...in EACH sidebar section.

I thought about finding and downloading the Minima Stretch template but all my customizations would be lost.

What a fun (sarcasm) lesson in patience.
My monitor will make it through this in one piece.
My monitor will make it through this in one piece.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

In My Life.....

I asked Little One what kind of bedtime music to put on...and the reply was "rhumba." So, he listened to the music from this video as I typed this blog entry. Little One must have seen a Dancing with the Stars commercial sometime or other...puts one hand behind head and does a little dance that calls "rhumba."

A few complaints:
-----I am a bit annoyed with one of the Walmarts in our area. They respond really promptly to disspell complaints....and call that "feedback." If you write on a public board asking if they have certain items that others might also be looking for at some point...ignored. Of course, there is no other way via internet to ask and if I call it will take forever/annoy. The Walmarts aren't at all close, there are no other places that might have the items and the Walmarts all carry different items. We don't have all sorts of gas money...so I guess I will hope I get lucky on finding things, space out the calls asking if a portion of the items needed are there or settle on the fact that my projects are going to take a long time (and recipes may require the use of a freezer). There are so many reasons why I both despise and like Walmart. Sigh.
-----The CW's "90210" goes on so MANY hiatuses. Also, it would be the mark of a good writer if interesting storylines could be written while keep couples together longer.

Things I am grateful for today...
-----Husband brought me a big glass of water for my thyroid medicine this morning.
-----Breakfast was good. Eggs with asparagus, biscuits and pieces of bacon.
-----Husband and friends watched Little One while I rested. I was very tired.
-----One of two missing towels was located.
-----A friend asked me to teach her what I know of calligraphy. Husband and I can both point her to some resources. Most of my calligraphy stuff is in storage but I have found that a lot can be done without specific tools.
-----The kitchen is getting a small heater. It was so cold in there today that I could barely stand it and Husband offered to cook dinner. Reynaud's Phenomenon is getting to me this year.
-----Our friend gave Little One horsie rides until the point that his legs couldn't do it anymore. Of course, Little One can get every capable person in the room to give horsie rides until the point that their legs can't do it anymore.
-----It was also nice of our friend to give Little One some change for his piggie bank.
-----Husband made corkscrew pasta in a spaghetti sauce with sausage in it (Bertolli) for dinner.
-----My Brother is going to get me the info on a place that might work for Little One's birthday this year.
-----Little One is doing good on learning not to hit people with a toy that only works by hitting it on things.
-----I have a strategy for catching up on the work that I got behind on in my Informal Logic class. We were having router issues. Right now we are studying "Induction" and I am pretty sure that I can come in at this chapter and then work on the things I missed. The good thing about this class is that everything does not need to be done until two weeks after the class is over!
-----Doggie 1 has destructed two of the three toys that we have given her from a stocking that our friend got her for Christmas. The third toy, a little pull toy is cherished, and is currently tucked underneath her in her bed.
-----Vanilla Blueberry Butter is on our January menu. Little One's favorite food is blueberries.
-----I found a Red Wildberry Chianti wine kit to add to my wishlist. The kit makes 30 bottles.
-----Little One is trying to learn to sing the ABC's again. :-) At bedtime, he was playing with a dinosaur and a train that both sing the ABC's. The train was a Christmas present from grandparents and can also sing in Spanish.
-----Method Multi-Surface Wipes. Natural. I am using them to clean spaghetti sauce off the high chair tray. (This is a gratefulness list but I do want to note that they have a tendency to dry out pretty easily. I was given the wipes I have.)

In My Life....

Things I was grateful for yesterday:
-----Doggie 2 was able to get a haircut (some hairs where causing issues).
-----Doggie 1 did pretty well at going out by herself for the bathroom. It was too cold for me go out with a toddler (or even myself as I have Reynaud's Phenomenon). The other dogs are used to going out by themselves.
-----I elected not to go with to a prayer meeting. This was a fortunate thing as the heat had gone out at the venue.
-----People prayed quickly at the prayer meeting yesterday and then adjourned to Popeye's to warm up. My friend bought Popeye's for everyone and sent back chicken fingers and sauce for me and Little One. The sweet hot sauce was yummy and reminded me a bit of Frank's Sweet Chili Sauce (which I am sometimes obsessed with).
-----I made a recording of Little One saying "George Washington," "JFK," and "Bilgo Baggins." The very first time he tried to say George Washington, he said "Georgie Washing." He identifies George Washington, on the gelt he is working through, by the ponytail and apparently thinks that George Washington needs a brush. :-)
-----We finally got a router that will help with our phone/internet reception. Before we had intermittent, none or had to go outside in the cold.
-----Little One watched and was fascinated by "The Star of Christmas"-a Veggie Tales DVD that a friend got for his Christmas present. He watched it with a stocking on his head as a hat.
-----I got all sorts of things put away. We are rearranging a room so the godparents and an adopted uncle can sleep comfortably when they visit.
-----Little One threw something a bit(not in a fit) because it was empty and told me he needed a new one that it was "frustrating." I gave him an old ski magazine insert to crumple up and he was talking about how it was an "activity." He has the most impressive vocabulary of any toddler I know.
-----Little One got a lot of clothes for Christmas. He got another pajama in a bright green and brown striped color combo that is fun. They are all Carter's and I think have come from the same person at various times. He has two that have monkeys (same design but different sizes) and, now, one that has an orange dinosaur.
-----The orange dinosaur that is on Little One's new pajamas is similar to Little One's T-Rex, "Grrr." The T-Rex stuffed animal was a present from one of Little One's godfathers the first time they got to see each other. I am going to take and send a picture of Little One sleeping in the pajamas with his cuddly dinosaur that is still very much his friend. Depending on Little One's mood, the dinosaur serves as an action figure, seat and pillow. :-)
-----We could not afford to travel for Christmas but we should be able to send things via a visiting friend later in the month. I am happy that I get time to put finishing touches on certain things.
-----We will have a romantic dinner soon. For Christmas, we received some of the votives from a relative's wedding reception. I think I will send a picture of the table as a thank you. :-)
-----Later in the month, we can take a friend's record player out of the closet and put my hope chest (which is in storage) in it's place. I am so excited. I use it to collect up bits of wrapping paper,etc. to make the lives of others special. I also keep very sentimental things. This chest has helped so much with organization, sentimentality and our limited budget. I have a Lane cedar chest from the Goodwill that Husband bought for my birthday several years ago...I had to sit on it to reserve it as anyone who saw was interested because they are usually all beat up. I think Husband might be able to do a repair on the tray in it soon (dis-attached hinge).

Friday, January 04, 2013

In My Life.....

Things I was grateful for today:
-----We got some insurance choices made and taken care of.
-----I was able to (with Husband's help) not be depressed when everybody around me was.
-----A friend's car seemed like it was never going to start again but then suddenly started working.
-----Little One started playing with some new foam letters...a Christmas present from a friend of ours. The kind that can also go on the wall in the tub. So far, Doggie has not managed to eat any of them.
-----We should be able to use the actual bathtub (vs. toddler tub) for some of Little One's planned bath adventures thanks to a big plug that might work. We have a couple of bottles of things that color the bath water. Little One has a Sesame Street bath set and a whale that spouts water. Of course, there is also the new letters for the bathtub wall and it might be fun to bring the summer bubbles into the bathtub. :-)
-----Little One got to have a George Washington chocolate coin today (gelt). I asked what George Washington looks like and was told "ponytail." Later, I asked again before giving the coin and was told "brush" and then "ponytail."
-----Husband and I worked together in the kitchen at dinnertime. He made fried noodles and I made Kentucky biscuits.
-----I arranged my nail polish and calligraphy ink in a way that was pleasing to me...part of my desk-organizing project.
-----I got started on re-organizing the diaper bag and will finish tomorrow.
-----I worked out more of what we are going to do with Little One for homeschool. This is an exciting time. :-)
-----My monitor seemed to be starting to fail. It was likely due to a button on the side that I did not know about and is working fine.
-----My friend liked the peach sangria recipe that I sent her. That friend gave me some recipes from her 2012 calendar and I am excited about modifying at least one.
-----A new friend is going to look into a class that I suggested.
-----I changed my mind on Little One's next piggie bank purchase. We will pick up a magnetic grease board (like the kind used outside dorm rooms for messages). It is pretty cold in the kitchen right now...so I figure we can get some alphabet magnets and do a lap desk for them this way.
-----One of the Walmarts we go to is a smaller "Super" Walmart...so, it does not have a huge selection on most things. I am glad they have a Facebook page and other means of contact. I am messaging them on some items I need for a recipe, the grease board and alphabet magnets. I don't want to, and can't afford to, waste gas going to various Walmarts. This just made me wonder if I can have one Walmart send the non-perishable items to another Walmart....hmmm.
-----I started looking through a book that I got for Christmas, "Harvesting, Preserving and Arranging Dried Flowers" by Cathy Miller. I think I am going to get a lot of ideas from this. There is much variety in the type of arrangements and pieces combine several flowers...this is my type of flower arranging. I did get some amusement out of the St. Patrick's Day arrangement that had fruit and, of all things, a small cabbage was randomly stuck on the side....I guess I get that the cabbage might not be referring just to green but the tradition of corned beef and cabbage....still a random cabbage is amusing. The same friend gave me a cook book with different recipes that use mustard.

-----I brought Husband supplies to make snowflakes with Little One and then Little One could color on them. Husband had to take a phone call so little one started coloring on one of the pieces of construction paper while we waited for Daddy to get off the phone. I made a black plane for Little One and threw it towards Husband a few times. I told Husband it was a stealth fighter, he grabbed it, modified it and told me that now it was an SR-71 (goes faster). Husband's plane went much farther. This was fun.
-----Snowflakes with Daddy. Squeals of delight while telling Daddy where to cut. Anticipation at the opening of the snowflake. Daddy thought the green one with the star in the middle was pretty. Little One's new thing to say is "sticky tack" and he even wanted the spaceship that Daddy made for him stuck up.
-----Husband volunteered to help me with my bedtime chores tonight. It is usually quiet a list.
-----We listened to the video below at bedtime. I am not sure if Little One heard it...couldn't tell if was asleep after we listened to a "The Sounds of Silence" cover again.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

In My Life.....

-----The next couple of weeks will be include a lot of desk organizing. I always have a lot of projects going and we are getting ready to officially homeschool (toddler) pre-school our Little One.
-----Toying with an inexpensive bouquet idea that I came across. I will post pictures of my experimenting once I start. :-)
-----I would like to find a bunch of egg cups at thrift stores. Next year (2014), I went to make votives using egg shells that are cracked open at the top.

This was my first addition to my Amazon wishlist in 2013.
-----A friend explained the "Solemnity of Mary" to me. More on this later.
-----I found an awesome idea for a non-chocolate part of Little One's Advent next year....using a mini-muffin pan (24 cups) as a countdown calendar.  This is a great re-purpose for all of the junk promotional magnets I get. Plus, it is a new year....so, there is plenty of time for me to collect 24 special little items. :-)
-----Unbeknownst to Husband (who doesn't read my blog), I will be completing the Love Dare from the movie "Fireproof" nine times this year. I have been practicing on Day 1-"Not Complaining" for a while now.

Things I was greatful for yesterday:
~ ~ ~ We had a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. Movies 1-3. This was Husband's idea for what movie we should watch...more than 1 was a pleasant surprise. I was happy that Husband wanted to watch a movie with us two days in a row. We had visitors last week and Little One voted we watch "Iron Man"....a tiny voice saying "Iron Man is good." We watched Iron Man yesterday and Little One paid attention to some of the parts where Iron Man was in action and the music at the end.
~ ~ ~ Doggie behaved pretty well. She is getting used to being back at our house and we are retraining her on a few things.
~ ~ ~ Husband shared an excellent German chocolate with almonds. I will have to find out what it was called. It was so smooth.
~ ~ ~ Little One has been working through gelt. Is learning to identify both JFK and George Washington (part of how G.W. is identified is the ponytail).
~ ~ ~ We got Little One a drum set for Christmas and we are slowly phasing in the pieces. Likes the little stool so much.
~ ~ ~ Little One put 37 cents in piggie bank. This is exciting when you are a toddler. I am thinking a Melissa & Doug puzzle from the consignment store is the next piggy bank purchase.
~ ~ ~ Little One has decided to look for toys that accidentally went under the couch by using the light from a light saber or Thor hammer. Has also figured out that the light saber can sometimes be used to get the toys out from under places where they are stuck.
~ ~ ~ Frozen yogurt made by putting it outside. :-) I was particularly grateful for blueberry yogurt as I am glad when I can get anti-oxidants from any amount of blueberries.
~ ~ ~ A nail that is in the perfect place over my desk to hold the little pouch my Chinese medicine balls are in.
~ ~ ~ I haven't been too tired to unload the dishwasher.
~ ~ ~ Getting the idea to look for recipes that use chianti...and the further idea to hunt for recipes that use chianti in a slow cooker. The first recipe I found was Chianti Marinated Beef Stew.
~ ~ ~ A relative sent me a Facebook friend request. :-)
~ ~ ~ A friend sent me an article entitled "88 Simple New Year's Resolutions that Sneakily Change Your Life." There is a lot to read about and I am slowly working through them. The first thing suggested is "I will hone my talents/skills/unique abilities." This year I want to improve as a editor/writer, amateur photographer,home cook, mother and wife. :-)
~ ~ ~ A friend who is inspiring me to attempt writing a Gratefulness List every day for the rest of this year.
~ ~ ~ Yet another friend invited me to a group where we will support each other's health and fitness goals.
~ ~ ~ Little One and Husband both falling asleep while enjoying a cover of "The Sounds of Silence." Ashton Nyte's voice reminds me of the late Peter Steele.

-----Two days after Christmas, some next-of-kin of Aurora shooting victims received an invite and two free tickets to the theater's re-opening. This was upsetting.
-----"Utah Teachers Flock to Gun Training"
"You could put armed guards in the school if that's an option, but the option of responding to an active shooter by hiding behind a desk? That is clearly not a good option anymore," he said.
-----In a controversial move, the Newtown, Connecticut school shooter's DNA is to be studied.
-----I went on the website of the school district that Sandy Hook belonged to and noticed that they had taken some unusual security precautions before the shooting. Volunteers in kindergarten and first grades had to be fingerprinted....and I think it said the same for 2-4 if direct contact with children was involved.


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