Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Salaried-Workers-Work-for-Free Day.

Thursday Thirteen.....

1. "An orange a day may keep strokes at bay."
This relates to strokes caused by blood clots. A lot of other health benefits are listed. I was surprised to learn that Seville oranges and tangelos may interfere with some medicines in the same way that grapefruit does. I liked that this article contained recommendations of ways to eat citrus.

2. You learn so much more about organizations nowadays. I find myself un-liking due to things a company said on Facebook often.
---The companies that actually don't have any intention of truly interacting with society....they just want to manipulate people into buying their "product."
---Companies that say things which are "don't give up our product." This was obviously referring to Lent.


4. Recipes I found on Relish:
-----Raspberry Mousse Tart. Colorful and I want to try the almond meal crust.
-----Sautéed Radishes. Easy to make. I need to explore more by Chef John Ashton. I would think about these as a Thanksgiving side but need to know how they taste after having sat on the table through a meal.
-----Coconut Shortcakes with Mango, Kiwi and Strawberry
-----Herbed Buffalo Burgers
-----Honey Cheesecake. I think Husband will love this one.

5. Recipe website find: "Ladies, a Plate"
-----Pineapple Meringue Shortcake. I need to learn what vanilla essence is and if I can find a substitute for it. I have started a "Shortcakes" board on Pinterest.

6. Looks incredibly yummy:
-----Key Lime Cupcakes with Blackberry Filling and Blackberry Frosting. The color in the buttercream frosting is totally from the blackberries. Hmm.....I want to come up with other uses for the frosting.

This post is a work-in-progress. :-)
Well....I didn't end up finishing it and I am now going to start fresh for next week.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recipes we are making in March:
-----Self-frosting Nutella Cupcakes. This will use up our jar of Nutella and we will simple HAVE to buy another. :-) We are out of cupcake liners and I am hoping to find a cute pattern at the dollar store.
-----Pumpkin Mac & Cheese. We usually have these ingredients on hand. We are now buying pumpkin puree whenever we see it for a good price (I found a bunch of it really marked down after Thanksgiving).
-----Sugar-Free Carrot Cake. We are fans of whole wheat flour and now Little One seems to like it, too.

The video is a cover of "Another  Brick in the Wall."
Stahlhammer is a Neue Deutsche Härte (New German Hardness) band from Austria.
I also like their song "We are Vikings" and their cover of "You Can't Touch This."

Which Girl Scout Cookies are best (and worst) for your health? My favorite is Thin Mints and they are not, I guess they are somewhere in the middle as far as health. I may get some this  year...but if I do it will  be on the last day they are on sale (March 4th).

Burgers I don't want to see.....
Chicken I want to see.....
and dishes I am not sure if I will like.

Poll: Would you buy and eat a burger made from stem cell meat? 
Apparently, there will be a "test tube meat" soon.
I was one of the people who voted "no." I see to much room for error in this (and too much room for a based-on-a-true-story science fiction horror).

We still need to make these:
-----Chicken With Red Grapes and Mushrooms. Uses red wine and is in a thyme cream sauce.
-----Chicken With Portobello Mushrooms and Artichokes. We may substitute rum for the brandy.
-----Chicken Breasts with Balsamic Vinegar and Garlic. Uses new potatoes.
-----Raspberry Vinegar Chicken Breasts. As one comment suggested, we will try the sauce over rice (sounds unusual).

Experiments (meaning I am not sure if I will like them):
-----Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken Meatballs.This would be an experiment in tastes to me. I like goat cheese and I really enjoy meatballs as long as they are moist...I would think stuffing them with the cheese might ensure moisture.
-----Red Velvet Cake. I like the look of Red Velvet Cake but not that it is often achieved through food coloring. This recipe uses a natural food coloring...beets...but I am usually NOT a fan of beets.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blog finds.....

---Red Velvet and Cinnamon Layer Cake. Red Velvet cakes seem to be trendy right now. A lot of the recipes that I am coming across for these are multi-step.
---Winter Delight Peppermint Cake.  Multi-step. Uses coffee. Winter isn't over yet. :-)

Annie's Eats
---Okra Cornmeal Cakes with Chevre and Roasted Tomatoes. Pretty and I like goat cheese.

"A little bit of country life in West London."
-----Sprats in Horse Radish Butter. A sprat is an oily fish with a lot of health benefits. :-)
-----Blackberry Bakewell. I have never heard of a "bakewell" and will have to investigate this more. The recipe is for an orange pastry filled with jam and topped with flaked almonds."Very nice with some extra thick double cream… or a glass of Amaretto… or both!" :-)
-----Nasturtium Pesto. I have filed this under "Willing to Try."

Berries and the Blue Sky
A blog about Estonian food.

These are mainly the blog author's family recipes from Algeria and The Maghreb.
---Algerian Baked Fish. Beautiful. This dish has actually inspired me to start a board for Algerian fish recipes on Pinterest.
---Algerian Lentil Soup (Chorbet Addas). It will be hard for me to find the lamb soup bones around here.
---This led me to read about the sprat which is among the principal fish caught in Algeria.Of note from the Wikipedia article on sprat:
"Sprat, most importantly contains long-chained polyunsaturated fatty acids, including eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).[Present in amounts that are comparable to Atlantic Salmon, and up to seven times higher in EPA and DHA than common fresh fillets of gilthead, the Sprat contains approximately 1.43g/100g of these polyunsaturated fatty acids that have been found to help prevent mental, neural, and cardiovascular diseases."


Algiers, Algeria. Licensed photo by dragondz

Memorable Chili and Beauty in the Wires

A few nights ago, we came up with a chili that was particularly good. :-) We make chili mainly according to our taste...not measured out amounts. This was a particularly good batch and I want to remember the ingredient list.

Put it all into the pot, bring to a boil, simmer for 20-30 minutes. This batch had to be watched really closely as it could burn very easily.
3 cans black beans (drained and rinsed)
Jar of sun-dried tomatoes (liquid included)
2 cans diced no-salt-added tomatoes (liquid included)
Large can white hominy
Handful of cilantro
2 small Vidalia Onions
1 (large) Spanish Sweet onion
Generous amount chili powder
Generous amount garlic powder (we usually use a lot of minced garlic but ran out)
Hungarian Paprika
A little salt
Black Restaurant-Style Pepper
Minced Onion
Frank's RedHot Sweet Chili Sauce
Salsa (added water to what was left at bottom of jar, shook, poured into pot...always how we use up every bit of salsa)
Small can of tomato sauce
At least 2 cups water
About 1/2 cup Shredded Mexican Cheese Blend mixed in just before serving
Next time this will have ground turkey or hamburger (we had none thawed)
Of course, we thought about adding Warsteiner (Dunkel).

Beauty in the electrical wires.
We had snow on Friday.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dinosaurs, walking dangerously and plastic royalty.

Read Little  One a book on dinosaurs today. I definitely need to work on how to pronounce some of the names. :-)

A member of the Wallenda family is going to attempt a tightrope walk across Niagara Falls. This is a very dangerous thing to do...but I do concede that it would be interesting to see it done once.
"We have made it clear that this is a very unique one-time situation. It's not an everyday activity and will not be allowed to become an everyday activity."

Mattel will be releasing "William and Kate" dolls for the first wedding anniversary of this royal couple. There should be the car they drove, too. After all, Barbie and Ken had a car. I suppose this would be prohibited by some sort of copyright or trademark on Aston Martins.
Licensed photo by Kenmo.
This is obviously not the Aston Martin driven by the royal couple...but I wanted to post it. :-)
It is a British convertible...a 1963 Austin Healey Sebring.

Friday, February 24, 2012

In Search of Pretty Pilaf.....

I was looking for pilaf recipes today and noted that it is often aesthetically-displeasing. Out of all the Google Image Results available, there were only 5 or 6 that met my standards as far as presentation. It is the taste that counts.....but people have to actually want to taste it.
---Braised Lamb with Cinnamon, Olives and Nut Pilaf
---Vidalia Onions Stuffed with Rice-Lentil Pilaf
---Zesty Lentil and Haddock Pilaf
Correct that, I found exactly 3 pilaf dishes visually appealing. Growl.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chocolate Cake with Nuts and Raisins. I am very particular about baked goods but I am willing to try this recipe. It looks pretty.
A Couple Cooks. They are going to Cambodia to help a couple of organizations that are fighting human trafficking.
---Cajun Pizza

A Bit of Bees Knees

Sunday, February 12, 2012

That's different. McDonald's has some sort of Build-a-Bear Workshop Happy Meal toys.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

In My Life.....

-----Planning for when we go to Cornerstone Festival.. I do not think Little One is old enough to tent we will have to budget for  a hotel and that won't be easy. I have not found a safe, reasonably-priced hotel close by yet
-----My Jade Plant seems to have eaten up most of its soil.
-----I just finished with my second editing piece for Darkest Goth Magazine. I normally find editing to be something that comes naturally...but this piece was primarily emotions and theories. I am on emotion overload right now as this editing coincided with considering Big Life Changes and the first time I have ever tried to write a Christian Testimony.
-----I am still not finished writing my Testimony. This is a concept radically different than my upbringing ( I may have first heard the term this summer). I want this to sincerely mean something.
Beef and Beer Stew
Slow Cooker Winter Vegetable Stew
Slow Cooker Classic Beef Stew
Rustic Slow Cooker Stew

We have purchased the ingredients:
Hopi Corn Stew. Possibly an authentic recipe.We will be making it in the slow cooker and adding rice, The next time we try this recipe, we might add beer.
Pizza Arizona
Arizona Sun-Dried Tomato Chili

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