Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Apprentice.....The Final Four

If this were just about presentation I would have been able to pick out a clear winner. Since price points were so crucial, I was a bit in suspense as to what customers would decide until the results were announced (though I did have an inclination to agree with Lisa).

---I tend to always agree with Lisa's opinion..she is very quick in her logic. Unfortunately, Lisa doesn't always/often assert this wisdom.
---Steuartt's maturity level did get really annoying at times...and possibly distracting from the task at hand. As project manager, I might have reached a point where I would openly not tolerate this behavior (maybe risking conflict in a short time where getting along was very important).
---Other than GREAT presentation skills, I don't see Brandy as having that much to offer right now. If Brandy brought more to the table as far as assertiveness, assuming leadership or expertise...she would be formidable competition.
---I am impressed by Clint's education, passion and determination. I think that Clint will absolutely be in the final two.
---I am not always a fan of Isaac Mizrahi clothing. I feel that sometimes the poufs Mizrahi sticks on his designs are out of place.

I am cheering for Clint and hope that he presents the same work ethic if he wins. If Lisa would have asserted herself more during the competition, I might be cheering for her.

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