Friday, May 28, 2010

S.O.S....Locked in plane.

People worry about getting locked in retail stores....but you don't usually have to worry about getting locked in (and left alone) on a commercial airplane. At first I objected to the lawsuit and then I thought about it. If you found yourself locked anywhere, including a plane, there is a time where you panic.....especially if no one comes to rescue you. There have to be many ways that this could have ended tragically.

Besides the emotional/dangerous situation when rescue is not imminent, there is also the "what if" type of scenario. What if this had not been a normal who either had a planned security threat or used the opportunity to create a security threat?

On a lighter note, if I knew I were being rescued soon, I might start reciting bits and pieces of The Langoliers. I hope my rescuers would not walk in on my impression of monsters chewing up the runway.

The Process of Self-Rescue

Lemon Pecan Twists

Find more videos like this on

Freedom 101......

Thinking deeply
 on all my freedoms.

The Hikers are missing 
all their freedoms.

I am missing some freedoms, too.
Shackled to unfair amounts of debt
Living with disability
Longing for adventure
Stalled education
Thyroid-illy miserable
Grieving many tragedies
Anticipating tragedy
Alternately paralyzed and frantic

I tried to be happy with my Freedoms today
Then I realized that I, like the Hikers, would benefit so much from one thing.....

So.....this is what I decided to do. Make a large effort to learn about and liberate my freedoms....from now until the next 4th of July. In the process of this "Freedom 101".....I hope to learn a lot about myself and the world around me. 

Every firework spectacular starts with a spark.


Freedoms I enjoyed today:
Sleeping late.
Quality time with Husband.
Walking the dog and looking at people's plants. Watching Doggie hunt Junebugs.
Steak,wine,baked potatoes,mushrooms and onions,corn-on-the cob,biscuits and a great dessert as part of a birthday celebration.
Making Memorial Day plans (something The Hiker's might miss....and their families missing doing this with them)
Forming my opinions of what the Jehovah's Witnesses wanted me to look at.

Note: Approximately 12 sparklers were harmed in the making of this post. :-)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Thirteen....

-----I am feeling so sad about this little girl who was killed in a police raid. It sounds like some of it may have been a mistake in judgement....which I am sure will be regretted forever. It has to be tough being a police officer and knowing that everything you do holds the life of citizen's and your own life/future in peril. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this tragedy.
-----An 11-year-old girl has possibly committed suicide after being bullied at school. This is a very hard lesson for those who did the bullying...if they were given knowledge of the possible reason for this death.
-----At the very least, there might be some closure on this....police reopen case of first missing child to be put on a milk carton.

2. Chimp mauling gets even more tragic....owner dies. This whole incident is just devastating. If there was a flaw in the exotic animal laws involved, I hope that it is fixed. More details on what may have caused all of this.

3. Art stolen by Hitler discovered at Texas museum.  I wonder how many of the objects stolen from the Rothschilds have been accounted for. I would like to see these pieces.

Last week I wrote about Cassie Smith the 132-pound Hooters waitress who was told that she needs to loose weight...or lose her job. She is now suing (and people are taking bets on the outcome of the case). 
-------What do you take the outcome of the case will be? I don't really see Hooters hiring "frumpy" waitresses anytime soon.
-----This could have some interesting effects on the employment laws (or just uphold Michigan's law against weight discrimination).
-----I will be following this case as I have true alternating exotropia. My eye problems are bad enough that they are disabling (though I struggle each day to find ways not to apply for disability).....I start "vision therapy" in August. People discriminate (and even hate on sight) against me for my appearance.....EVERY DAY. Short of suing MANY people for disability discrimination and never being able to find a  decent job again (that is what it amounts to in this area), I can do very little about the MANY opportunities lost/incidents occured. Sadly the discrimination is not in my imagination, I have been directly told that I am ugly, need to "fix my face" and other such unpleasant remarks and actions. I find it hard to forget the person who literally gasped upon seeing my eyes or the people who tremble when handing me something. Yes, I will be following this case.

5. A scholarship for students who are illegal immigrants.

-----Deep-fried Coca Cola
-----Deep-fried Oreo Cookies The Cookie Monster photos made me smile. :-)
-----Deep-fried Snickers Bars
-----Deep-fried Mars Bars
-----Pecan Fried Okra
-----Deep Fried Grasshoppers  John the Baptist ate locusts (something still done in Arabia to this day from what I understand). Across different languages/regions a locust can refer to different things.

-----Captain Jack Sparrow cocktail recipe Of course, it contains rum.
-----Vodka eyeballing is dangerous.

8. Your Viagra donation could save this dog's life. Let us hope that Pfizer hears about this and makes the donations themselves.

9. Dishwashers:
Last Thursday I put all these little things I discovered about dishwasher cooking on my list. As I suspected might occur Husband is not at all intrigued by the idea....fears salmonella and thinks it is gross even if one buys a NEW countertop dishwasher. I am still passing on the dishwasher recipes to anyone who feels they can make sure the detergent,etc is not present in the dishwasher used. :-)

10. I finally saw the season finale of 90210.
-----Liam could only get in so much trouble before he was actually charged with a crime....that looks to be imminent.
-----I am totally puzzled as to who really killed Jasper's uncle....and hoping this finally unravels early next season.
-----I hope that Harry's character is replaced with another actor.....families still have to move on, together in some form, after fights/divorce. The only way that I could see Harry's character totally not being there is if he abandoned his family...and I am not sure that could realistically happen.


Vezi mai multe video din Sport
What do you think of the outfits, moves and subject matter in this performance?? Discussion here.
This is a video that I posted last has the Internet in an uproar. I looked on YouTube and found that there are plenty of outfits like this and dancing to go with it. There are particularly a lot of 4-year-old dancers who are "practicing" competing for when they get older. Even the subject matter of a lot of the songs is inappropriate for age. What gets me is that you know ADULTS choreographed a lot of these routines and chose (or had the buying decision) in the outfits.
-----Now for something cool.....I find wheelchair dancing inspiring.

Phil Spector produces wife's CD from prison
Amityville Horror house for sale

13. "The Hikers" have been detained in Iran for 300 of today. Today I am celebrating they requested people to do. We have started off the day by sleeping as long as we wanted.....really late. I have also started making my plans for Memorial Day (something, in all likelihood, The Hikers will miss).


This post is a work-in-progress. :-)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prawn/Shrimp Cocktail.....

-----Nigel Slater's classic prawn cocktail
-----Ceviche de Camarones (Mexican Prawn Cocktail)
-----Prawn Cocktail with Salsa Fresca and Avocado
-----Asian Shrimp Cocktail 
-----Prawn Cocktails on a Stick
-----Grapefruit and Prawn Cocktail 
-----Irish Dublin Prawn Cocktail

Joining the Celebratory Society

This will likely be a very interesting delurking project. I just learned about this project today and decided to participate.  You can understand the project in full by clicking here, but in brief, the Celebratory Society is an online festschrift for a blogger--a way for you to tell me what my blog or actions mean to you.  This isn't just about me--this is about you too.  I would love it if you returned to your own blog, started your own Celebratory Society post, added it to the main project list, and gave me the opportunity to come tell you

This reminds me of the "living funeral" concept that I am so enamored of....from the book  "Tuesdays with Morrie" (like a festcrift, this true-life story takes place in academia). Of course, we really should tell people how much we love and appreciate them while they are ALIVE. I am told that many think the idea of a "living funeral" is creepy but one should have a CELEBRATION of loved ones in some form on a frequent basis....because you never know how long you will have people in front of you to say things to.

I always have this book by my bed....I first read it for one of my college classes. This brings me to a point regarding online friendships, like my feeling on this book, over time they interweave and grow for so many different the Celebratory Society goes on, I am sure this will be obvious.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thursday Thirteen....

1. Burgers:
-----Cool. Burger company puts every calorie you order on receipts.  Other nutritional info is included. I hope that other restaurants will eventually go through this effort.

Vezi mai multe video din Sport
What do you think of the outfits, moves and subject matter in this performance?? Discussion here.


8. Fans may get to visit Michael Jackson's grave....but it may upset the family's of others who want their loved ones resting place to be undisturbed.

10. In My Life:
-----I am excited because I get to try the new Rubbermaid 13 Piece Premier Food Storage Set (compliments of SheSpeaks). I can always use more food storage items.
-----I am going to Cornerstone Festival 2010....and I am so not ready.
-----I have yet to see the season finale of 90210.
-----Really wondering who Hope's "ultimate target" is on Days of Our Lives. This sounds like it could have devastating results. I believe the target is Bo....but am wondering if she might attack someone he really loves instead of hurting him outright.
-----I got to see Iron Man 2 this past week....the last time I went to a move theater was Iron Man 1!
-----My Mother seems to be doing alright with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. In another few weeks, we find out if she can FINALLY have surgery. Please keep my Mother in your thoughts and prayers....I am worried about this next set of news. The whole time the doctors have been so is always just "one more thing" until this is over. I am worried.

11. Uggs:
-----I have been looking at Whooga Ugg boots. "Ugg" is actually a type of boot....and there are several brands. Uggs are, of course, made of sheepskin. I am not sure what the soles of the Whooga boots are made out of yet....I am interested to see if they are synthetic or otherwise.
-----I did not know that men wear Ugg boots. I have never seen a man wearing Uggs here in the States.
-----I have Raynaud's phenomenon and, since Uggs were first worn (among other things I have read of) to get the feet of cold surfers warm, I am going to try a pair to combat this in the moderately cold parts of the winter. I might wear them all winter if they are compatible with the hunting socks that I want to get (also to help protect me from the perils of Raynaud's).
-----Mini ugg boots are becoming more popular. I am wondering how high they would go on my foot...this would be important to me.
-----Do you wear Uggs?....Why? Why not? At my workplace, people actually spend a lot of time in Winter discussing why or why not they wear Uggs.
I will likely pick the tall black boots.
These will go with most of my Winter outfits and will be COMFORTABLE.


12. I am so glad that the Mothers of three hikers being held in Iran get to visit.  If you would, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

13. What made you smile today???
-----I liked the top iris photo. Next year we will have Siberian iris and some other kind of Iris come up....both purple.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

-----New film of JFK....the day before he died.
-----"You probably know me....I was Michael Jackson's doctor."
-----Big Brother is watching your Doggie's poop, too. Do you agree or disagree with the action being considered at this condo?
Texas Chuckwagon Stew

New developments

-----My urban farming efforts will never go as far as wearing the rice bra.
-----Cigarette butts can stop steel from rusting.  One immediately wonders how to get enough cigarette butts together for this to be effective.
-----Hamburger-scented (and shaped) candles.  Proceeds go to Autism Speaks. If I had the money to, I would buy these for the smile and the good cause.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thursday Thirteen....

1. Would you rather have someone do all your grocery shopping or all your dishes for a year?  Speaking of dishes, do you think washing dishes by hand or using a dishwasher is more efficient at saving money?

2. Turkey:
-----Terrific Teriyaki Turkey Burgers. I am planning on making this one sometime soon. I have yet to find a coupon for Fiber One Bran Cereal or Egg Beaters....but I am looking.
-----Cowboy Soup. The original recipe calls for ground beef....but turkey is healthier and less expensive.
-----Upside Down Turkey Sausage Pizza
-----Turkey Burger Casserole. I am unsure if I will like this one...but I am willing to try it.

3. A part of Newton's apple tree will go into space.




Line-caught...this means other animals, like dolphins and turtles, are not accidentally caught at the same time.

6. Miscellaneous recipes:
-----Brown Rice Meatloaf
-----Chicken Bacon Roll-Ups
-----Yummy Garlic Wings
-----Bourbon Chicken. I have never been to a Chinese restaurant that makes this.
-----Greek Potatoes (oven-roasted)
-----Mahogany Beef Stew


I liked the simple motivation that Jamie eventually resorted to.
 How close is your child's school to having such nutrition issues??? flash mob in the first 12 minutes or so is great.

-----What happens when you quit Facebook?
-----"Hurt Locker" producers to sue MANY who pirated their movie.


I am currently reading this book (borrowed from the library). Of course, I knew that olive oil was beneficial....but I did not know HOW beneficial. I just read that olive oil is said to help relieve colds...I want to research more about this as I have caught so MANY colds this year.
Other books by Cal Orey that are on my hold list:
The Healing Powers of Vinegar
The Healing Powers of Chocolate
202 Pets' Peeves: Cats and Dogs Speak Out on Pesky Human Behavior


Next on my list: "The Passionate Olive: 101 Things to Do With Olive Oil"
-----This book mentions something that I find olive oil tasting party. I have no idea what I would serve at such a party...but I intend to think about it.

-----I am wondering how much this over-the-counter genetic test will cost? If it is reasonable, I will try it. I worry a lot about cancer and diabetes. If the test cost $399 dollars, as a over-the-counter test mentioned in one article does, I will not be able to justify paying for it (doctor's visits are certainly cheaper).

12. This just goes to further show that EVERY PURCHASE IS A VOTE FOR SOMETHING.

13. Top U.S. Natural Wine Shops. Of this list, I am interested in The Wine Bottega.

-----Do you agree with the Amtrak tree-clearing?? I guess that I would rather air on the side of caution.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Tussaud's to mark Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday.  His 100th birthday would have been next year. How is the price in comparison to their other statues?

In My Life....

-----Recently Husband and I have spent a lot of quality time together on the porch....sometimes drinking wine, sometimes watching the clouds, sometimes watching the rain.
-----Recently we had a wine from Argentina....I will have to look up the name so I can make mention of it here on my blog. It was very good though....lightly oaked with a very smooth finish. Proud of myself...I am starting to learn wine terms a little more.
-----I am so looking forward to Cornerstone Festival. I hope that @therealtobymac performs the song Boomin'....I think this song is really fun and very dance-able.
-----Doggie will be getting sandals to help protect feet. Doggie has been doing a lot of climbing and exploring this summer. Eventually, we are planning on building a playground (obstacle-course-like)....thinking this will do Doggie a lot of good.
-----Looking forward to seeing Iron Man 2...not sure when that is going to happen yet.
-----Made my first vision therapy appointment for my exotropia. Requires an out-of-town trip a few days before my Soil Science class starts. Among other things, I am hoping that clearing up the exotropia helps with some sort of visualization/processing issue I have when trying to figure out arithmetic problems.

-----I tried Marmite for the first time yesterday...something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I spread it very thin like you are supposed to....having heard that it will make one feel sick if it is spread thickly. I was not able to get through a whole piece of toast but would recommend this in small doses. I want to try it on a crisp with cottage it talks about on the back of the jar. It reminded me of something or other that I put too much soy sauce in that was not supposed to have soy sauce....yes, that was the exact taste. Or maybe it was something I put too much beer in while experimenting with paella-like dishes....anyway it DEFINITELY reminds me of something. Marmite is indeed "oily" looking as I have heard it described and is an unusual shade of brown-orange-red when spread.....with whispy tendrils that come off the butter knife until you develop a technique for spreading it. Husband would not try all.

-----Taylor Swift donates $500K for Nashville flood relief. I have not read much about the flooding yet and did not know that it damaged some of the musical landmarks....I wonder which were damaged. @WarWraith tells me that the Grand Ole Opry was flooded.

-----You can help clean up the Gulf Oil Spill with your hair!

We are watching 1981's Clash of the Titans (borrowed from the library) and drinking a Pinot Gris that cost $2.97.
-----Doggie had a problem with  Dioskilos (the two-headed dog)...and an even bigger problem with Medusa. Oddly, seems that Doggie might like Medusa....making little noises, wagging tail and trying to climb close to.

-----Zeus Burgers for 2
-----This Mother's Day, will you be sending your Mother a e-card asking her to support legalization of marijuana?
-----In Los Angeles, owners of barking dogs could face $100 fine.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

-----Brewing is the new wine.  I wish that I were not so intimidated by making my own alcoholic beverages...the most I have ever been brave enough to make is limoncello (but it only made it to the lemon vodka stage).

Husband just picked up this book for me at the library. :-) It is about companion planting.


I have read that linguica tastes good on pizza. An anonymous person on the 4chan cooking threads recommended a pizza of roasted eggplant, linguica, salami,red onion,fresh garlic,mushrooms,feta, mozzarella and a delicate tomato sauce....I will be trying this as soon as I feel confident in roasting eggplant.
-----I noted that linguica is not pronounced the way it looks. I hope that I have the pronunciation right....something like "lin-gweesuh."
-----When I was looking for linguica recipes I noted MANY that utilized processed ingredients (like Velveeta). I am not considering making anything with processed food....I am making a real effort to really keep track of what it is that I am eating and it would take me forever to look up all the additives,perservatives,etc.
-----There are a lot of linguica recipes that involve kale. I am intimidated by kale because it is hard to get clean. I will try frozen kale eventually (if it is from a company I trust).
-----Both sausages are preserved with sodium nitrite. I am trying to learn more about the various studies that have been done on using this.
-----For some reason YouTube is not working as far as is a tour of a linguica factory.

Linguica recipes I will likely make:
-----Linguica omelet. Pretty simple.
-----Linguica and peppers. I confess I had to look up how to parboil the peppers.
-----Linguica beans. I need to start trying to make tomato sauce myself.
-----Spaghetti and Linguica. I want to make my own spaghetti sauce more often. I did look at one of our spaghetti sauces though and was happy to say that I understood all of the ingredients....but want to know more about citric acid and how much of it I am eating.
-----Linguica and beans
-----Lasagna with linguica
-----Portuguese Rice
-----Portuguese Chorizo Soup I am not a big fan of dipping bread in soup...but will try it.
-----Caldo Verde
-----Frito Quejo (Fried Cheese) These are Azumaya Squares...I had to look it up but have seen them at the store several times.
-----Portuguese Beans
-----Stuffed Peppers
-----Hamburg Soup Interesting...."individuals may want to add lemon juice or vinegar to their serving."
-----Bourbon dogs. An appetizer
-----Lentil and Sausage Stew If I make this, I will follow the advice about letting the flavors develop.
-----Linguica Sandwiches I want to learn to stew tomatoes myself.
-----Peas and Linguica. I cannot imagine this tasting good...and that is why I want to see what it is like.
-----Chicken and Linguica Bake
-----Pasta Piselle con Linguica If I make this, I will use fresh mushrooms and fresh or frozen peas (not canned). I have yet to figure out what the word "Piselle" means.

How to Order Hawaii-made Portuguese Sausage on the Mainland 

Having my own Food Revolution.

Goal: Eventually I will know and approve of every ingredient in the food that I eat.

When you think about it, we are knowingly taking that decade or so off of our lives and those that we cook for...partially victims but knowingly,too. :-(

The hard part is "quick." I think it can be hard to find something filling that is nutritious, afford AND that can be made quickly.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

-----Chinese father cooks easy recipes in Kunming. The colors of the food are beautiful.

-----Lamb, Spinach and Tomato Rissoles  I had to look up what a rissole is....I've heard the term, of course, but did not know specifically what one is.
-----Tabakh Rohoo. Vegetable stew.
-----25-Minute Tunisian Vegetable Couscous

-----Magnificent Lilac Muffins I am trying to learn the different ways that lilacs are edible.
-----A couple of lilac wine recipes.

<<<=====A book about companion gardening.

Adding to the Never Cooked With List....

Licensed Photo. "Farmhouse Fireplace" Taken by Roger Kirby.

A list of things that I have never cooked with (but intend to try).

I have never cooked with:

-----Almond milk (reportedly Michael Jackson had it with granola for breakfast)
-----Arrowroot powder
-----Barley Malt Syrup. The best way to use it is along with other natural sweeteners...I do not know what sweeteners I will use it with yet.
-----Bay scallops...or any scallops. Some of the people on Hell's Kitchen make cooking scallops seem like rocket science.
-----Bean sprouts. I have eaten them. Ham and Bean Sprout Salad sounds interesting.
-----Black sesame seeds. I have seen these mentioned many times and I am really eager to try them.
-----Cashew butter
-----Chipotle Tabasco
-----Curry Powder
-----Dark sesame oil. Sesame oil itself was on the list but I am now working my way through a bottle. :-) I have read that some people keep sesame oil in the fridge....this is what I am trying. Sesame oil can go rancid quickly.
-----Dry mustard
-----Enoki mushrooms.Mild.Crunch. Used for soups and stir fries.
-----Fleur de Sel (maybe I have had this....haven't paid attention to sea salt labels)
-----Fried squash blossoms
-----Frozen ramen
-----Garlic Tabasco
-----Ground Szechuan peppercorns
-----Halloumi Cheese
-----Haricot Vert. French green beans. We will eventually be growing Haricot Vert. to make Harissa Grilled Halibut with Grilled Red Pepper Harissa
-----Hoisin sauce. My first recipe candidate for cooking with hoison sauce is Salmon Summer Rolls with Dipping Sauce.....that way I get to learn to use the rice paper for rolling, too. I am also interested in this Beef and Green Bean Stir-fry ( I sometimes break my soy taboo and use soy sauce).
-----Hotel Bar butter. Part of New York cuisine for over a century.
-----Japanese soy sauce. There is a difference between Japanese soy sauce and the stuff we get in The States.
-----Katsoubushi (dried bonito flakes). Bonito flakes are bits of dried bonito fish and they look like wood shavings. They are perfectly edible by humans....but in the United States some companies sell them as cat treats (I do not want to eat the cat treats). Bonito is a type of tuna.
-----Kelp.Supposed to increase thyroid function...and I have thyroid problems.There are some kelp items I will be trying in addition to any recipes.
-----Leeks. I will be making Julia Child's Potage Parmentier (Potato and Leek Soup). Apparently, you can add green beans to Potage Parmentier....I will likely not like that as I DETEST POTATO SOUP WITH GREEN BEANS IN IT.
-----Lilacs. I want to learn the different ways they are edible.
-----Linguica. I don't know about this one. It will depend on the consistency. I do not eat a lot of pork things...partly because they sometimes make me sick.
-----Maltitol Syrup. A sugar-free corn syrup substitute. 90% as sweet as sugar with about half the calories.
-----Mirin. A co-worker was surprised that I know what it is. 
-----Muscovado Sugar
-----Napa cabbage
-----Nori. I tried my first Nori independent of California Rolls rolls this week. It looked like a papery-green-jerky strip and reminded me of fish skin. I liked it.
-----Peanut oil
-----Pickled ginger. I have eaten it...just never cooked with it myself.
-----Pine Nuts (never tasted one)
-----Pomegranate Molasses.
-----Powdered peanut butter. It has a lot of possible uses...sprinkled as a flavoring on or in a lot of things. I want to use it in a stir fry...perhaps Kung Pao Chicken.
-----Roasted peanut oil
-----Salsify  Rich and Creamy Salsify Gratin
-----Sansho pepper (Japanese pepper seedpods)
-----Sesame Seeds
-----Sherry Wine Vinegar
-----Shimeji mushrooms. Have to be cooked....otherwise are bitter.
-----Soba Noodles. I have had them...but have not cooked them myself. 
-----Squid. I love to eat it.....but NOT pickled. Ditto for octopus on not having cooked and the same eating preferences as the squid.
-----Star Anise. Perhaps I will make the Haitian recipe Akasan.
-----Sweet Bean Paste
-----Tahini. Tomato Salad with Tahini Sauce....talks about eating it during Ramadan (I am assuming during the non-fasting hours).
-----Tamarind paste
-----Tarragon Wine Vinegar
-----Tobanjan (Chinese chili paste)
-----Wakame. If I figured a way to grow it, I would be careful since Wakame is invasive.
-----Wood ear mushrooms. My first cooking with Wood Ear Mushrooms will likely be Chicken and Wood Ear Mushroom Soup. The Chicken and Wood Ear Mushroom Soup uses peanut oil (which I have not cooked with yet).
-----Yellow Crookneck Squash

After consideration, I took off all the soy items....miso and so on. I am not supposed to have them due to my thyroid problems and think that I can't truly enjoy never being able to taste a dish I cook. I want to be able to try more than a few bites of a I can make my own judgement as to whether it turned out well.

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