Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rebecca St. James

I am not much of one for most Christian music. I am very picky about what I do like. I have started listening to Rebecca St. James. I have been looking at videos on the RJS channel on You Tube. The above song is called "Alive" and is from the CD/DVD "Alive in Florida."

Also from the "Alive in Florida" album, is "God Help Me." I like the loudness and strength of her voice in this song. This was the first song that I found....while looking for a copyright-compliant copy of a Morning 40 Federation song by the same name (that I felt like hearing without getting up to go get my CD). :-) Not wanting to get up led to this fave of the songs that I have heard by RSJ so far.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Always longing for a more rejuvenating restroom. :-) website that I am looking at tonight. We have been doing a lot of remodeling lately. The showerhead was completely replaced last year....went from a sprayer to a super-environmentally-friendly showerhead.

Still, I would like to replace the shower/tub at some point. I don't think this shower/tub drains as well as it should. I don't want to spend money on repairs as it has other issues that displease me. Everything in its time (like I said, we have redone a LOT lately)...but I can still plan. :-) I always find it good to look at the different options before you get to the point where you are forced to make an improvement.

A jetted shower that I find intriguing is the "Murano." Besides the obvious relaxation of a 3-way hand shower and six adjustable body jets, I think this shower might look really neat when set up. It is a round shower with a grey glass exterior. It even has a mini tub (with integrated seat)....and I like showers to have the tub option. jetted shower includes a mini tub with an integrated seat. l bar. The wonderful 3-way hand shower and six adjustable body jets make this shower a top seller. This shower is a dramatic statement. :-)

I am gravitating toward the steam showers. I think that, if one can afford it, the bathroom should be spa-like....super relaxation.

In lieu of (or until) this shower is replaced, there are always shower columns. Shower columns are easy to install....only requiring hot and cold water hookups. There are so many features that a shower column can include....large top showerheads,adjustable body massage jets,hand-held sprayers and individual water controls. This is a nice/lower cost/quick way to add a spa-like element to your bathrooom. Plus you can include room for shelves,mirrors and grooming accessories.

-----Always free shipping. The shipping and handling on things is always what kills me. I end up spending hours searching for coupon codes to knock shipping and handling out. I rejoice when a company is able to not charge shipping and handling. :-)
-----Clearance section. I am noticing that a lot of companies are starting to put a clearance section online....this is making me happy. As a matter of fact, I am going to start writing to companies when I find that they don't have one....after all, brick and mortar stores usually have a clearance section. This clearance section includes steamed showers, jetted showers and shower accessories. From what I can tell, items are added to this section as often as weekly.

The restroom truly should be resting. :-)

shower stalls


Coffee drinkers are becoming more frugal. I have always been frugal in my coffee purchases.I buy in bulk and also test/blog a lot of is the best kind. Plus, word-of-mouth is the best way to find good coffees....that's why I like blogging about what I try-someone might share an idea for another good coffee.

Tonight, I am sampling "Chock Full o'Nuts." I have heard a lot about it but never tried it. Chock Full o'Nuts does not have nuts in it...apparently, there is a long story behind it. The company started in Brooklyn and has been around since 1932. :-) I am starting with the original blend and will try others if I can find them.

Back to the frugality issue. I know that a lot of people are cutting back on the Starbucks and a lot of Starbucks are closing/laying off. I even had a couple people tell me yesterday that Starbucks was going far as I know, it is not quiet that extreme.

Unlike Starbucks and other coffee shops, I will try my best to charge a fair price (when I have a coffee shop). If I put premium ingredients and labor into a product I might charge more. I have not been to a franchise shop that either tasted excellent or had WONDERFUL customer service in a LONG time. :-(

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lagan Homes....builds new homes.

I do not live in the UK but I look at a lot of home sites. I am trying to learn a bit more about how homes can be built/purchased as a part of some help that I eventually plan for my area. Lagan Homes is a homebuilder in the UK....and they have a lot of interesting options.

-----New Homes Kennilworth...3 and 4 bedrooms. Convenient and modern.
-----Riverside,Buckingham. Some of these have roof terraces and river views (the River Ouse). I would love to see some pictures of these homes. Roof terraces can be really relaxing and beautiful (picture some of the gardens/sitting areas that people have on top of homes and offices in New York).Of course, Buckingham is a beautiful historic area.
-----Homes For Sale Little Stanion...1-5 bedroom homes. On the edge of Stanion Villiage which has a 13th century watchtower.There is a lot of attractive countryside nearby. This area would make for some beautiful photos....something I like in a place to call Home. :-)

Through a service called "YourStyle," Lagan helps customers to choose upgrades to the standard house.

Beside home-building:
-----Lagan helps with mortgage repayments....I don't know if all homebuilders do this.
-----They also offer a very generous deposit assistance program....Lagan pays 5% deposit, you pay 5% deposit and Lagan loans an additional 5% interest free (for up to 10 years). With the way the global economy is right now, this is an extremely good way to still make a home purchase.
-----Equity Assistance.You pay 75% of purchase price. The remaining is a loan.
-----Assisted Move and Stamp Duty. Lagan helps sell your home. I am not sure what stamp duty is.

Homes For Sale Broughton Gate...there is a new show home here that is a good example of how to make intelligent use of space.

Development Schedule Listing.As you may have noticed from those I mentioned, some of these are in historical areas. :-)

That's My Answer! meme.....

1. Do you make homemade soup?
Yes...usually at least a few times a week. I really want to get a new stock pot set right now. :-) I have a cast iron Dutch Oven....but still need to season it (needs it for the rim).

2. What is your favourite kind to make?
Sherry-Mushroom-Onion. I am going to try it with sirloin eventually. Surprisingly to most, I use Johnsonville Stadium Brats for the meat right now. Husband says that it is the best soup that I have ever made.
My Sherry-Mushroom-Onion Soup looks like this:

3. Is there a secret ingredient? Or is it a “chuck everything in the pot cover it with water and let it get on” kind of soup?
I do both. Sherry is a big one that I like to use. An ingredient that I have been experimenting with recently is a Spanish Rice Seasoning from Fiesta Spices in Texas....I order this. I also like to play with various combos of "parsley, sage,rosemary and thyme"....get the reference??? :-)

4. Do you ever eat “soup out of a can?”
Yes, clam chowder. I also bought Campbell's Light Maryland-Style Crab Soup that I want to try.

5. What’s your favorite flavor/make?
Clam chowder....almost any variety. Some of the generic stuff is really bad though.

6. What do you serve with soup?
Usually just something to drink.

7. Do you eat soup all year long or only in the winter?
-----Review of a book called "Vegetarian Soups for All Seasons."

8. And finally … Is it ever ok to slurp?
No....and, unless you are a little kid, I will tell you how annoyed I am. It bothers my ears.
-----A drawing based on the sound of soup slurping.

That's My Answer! Meme: "Slurping Up the Soup"

I don't own a rubber duckie.....but I plan to. :-)

Looking at We just replaced the floor and toilet in our bathroom. In my ideal world, we will eventually replace the tub too. One of the things that I would like is to get a tub that drains better. I am always looking at clawfoot bathtubs with longing.

I am not sure if this bathroom can take a clawfoot tub. I don't know if a clawfoot tub has to have a different hookup of any sort. I will have to ask Husband about this.
-----Acrastone Clawfoot Tub...their most popular clawfoot. The stone is naturally warm to the touch...especially nice for those who have cold weather at night and in the morning during the Winter. Nice that some components can be can choose color,finish of feet and finish of hardware. Acrastone is stronger than cast iron. :-)

SimplyBathtubs has baths in a variety of prices and styles. They even carry walk in bathtubs. I have been fascinated with walk-in bathtubs and sunken bathtubs for years. I would love one surrounded by plants (think jungle-like). This may be an option at some point....walk-in, not sunken as I would be afraid of an accident.
-----Classic Hydrotherapy Walk-In Bathtub. One of the sturdiest walk-in tubs available. Includes many safety features. LED Chromatherapy lights and 26 Hydrotherapy jets....impressive. I am not sure what Chromatherapy is yet.

I suppose my longing for a small swimming-hole-like-arrangement could be partially satisfied by one of the whirlpool tubs.
-----This whirlpool drop-in tub looks pretty safe. The tub even has an attached pillow....tub pillows that slip out from under you are one of my pet peeves.
-----Designer Whirlpool Bathtub with Ball and Claw Feet....the best of all for me (so far). Relaxing and a beautiful look. It is also made from, you don't have to deal with your back being cold (remember, Acrastone is warm to the touch).

-----Always a plus....SimplyBathtubs offers free shipping. Shipping and handling can be such a MASSIVE expense.
-----Customer Service has Live Chat!
-----Clearance Sale section
-----I really like this tub a looks like you can sit on either side. A really elegant statement piece. :-)

1-866-580-5294.....hours and other means of contact. I like when a company has a lot of ways to get in contact.

Obviously, I take bathtubs pretty seriously. I am collecting various fun tub decorations....plastic animals, colorful soap dishes and so on. I want to make kind of a mural of playfulness....but still adult. I will post pics at some point. :-) Curious, HOW DO YOU DECORATE YOUR BATHROOM AND THE AREA AROUND YOUR BATHTUB???

Thursday Thirteen.... :-)

1. Apparently, the Mumbai attack was Tweeted.

2. It may sound like a cliche question....but what are you thankful for? What are you thankful for that most people might find a bit unusual? Do you think you express your thankfulness enough?

3. 10 Things You Didn't Know About Thanksgiving...including how TV dinners came to be. How long football has been a Thanksgiving Day tradition surprised me. :-)

4. I am glad that we don't use Lant for cleaning anymore....or as a breath freshener.

5. I love this....a tie that shows you how to tie a tie. Amusing Christmas present.

6. "15 Reasons Mister Rogers was the Best Neighbor Ever" His rapport with Koko the Gorilla made me smile.

7. a lot of the sales.

8. 23 Million Dollar Ceiling painting at the UN. What do you think of this?

A little boy has Neuroblastoma. Funding is needed QUICKLY. Please help/find someone who can help. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I know there has to be someone out there who might hear this plea and be in a situation where they could help.


Mitch Albom sings Billy Joel. In case you have never heard of them, once a year a group of writers calling their band "The Rock Bottom Remainders" give a concert benefiting literacy. I like this performance....except when he says "crazy" it is a little overdone sometimes (like The Big Bopper or Jerry Lee Lewis).

Leslie Gore sings "It's My Party."

11. From what I understand, the Stephen King/John Mellencamp musical "Ghost Brothers of Darkland County" will be delayed. I was planning to attend this. I hope that there is timely notice for the rescheduling. I also hope that it is not much work has gone into this production already.

12. "Richard Nixon and 12 Other Celebrity Quakers"

13. Economy Effects:
-----Liquidators are doing well.
-----Major cast cuts on Days of Our Lives
-----Any car repairs I need will be double-checked for a good price on a site like RepairPal. Unexpected car repairs...not fun to the budget.
-----I will be faithfully reading/blogging my complete "Tightwad Gazette" of my regularly planned activities for the new year.

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Non-Thirteeners are welcome to comment. :-)

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Adorable boxes...complete with gifts.

Looking at these cute boxes....a new collection of gifts from Canadian designer Sande Chase. Both the boxes and the accompanying small gifts are handmade. Perfect for all sorts of occasions.

I read some of the background of this company, Oooh La La-Cadeau and found that is exactly what the company sprang out of....the need to give something touching and beautiful for special occasions. :-) :-)

I like the design. Right now my favorite is "Dragonfly." Hand-embroidered napkins.

These I would actually use for special occasions at my own table. Of course, I collect butterfly items and sometimes I stretch out of this into dragonflies. :-) I think these would be really nice gifts for when Husband and I have a Vow Renewal Ceremony.

Oooh La La-Cadeau has a lot of pretty little things.Gifts can be tailored to the interests of the person receiving.....the giver can choose colors and include handwritten messages on the gift card. Care is taken with each individually-wrapped item.

Apparently, there have been some fun reactions to these boxes...some only unwrap them slowly as the presentation is that pretty! Still other people have parties specifically for opening these boxes.

I am interested in all things culinary, so I would like to get the Pewter & Pepper set for myself....but also several loved ones would be intrigued by this.

Elsa's Story Crisp Baked Crackers,Black Pepper,Lemon & Garlic Antipasti. Comes with a Fleur de Lis Spreader,Cocktail Napkins,Matches and a pewter serving tray.All in a storage box with gift wrap. :-) Unique things to try....and a different gift box than most are used to.

-----No duty is paid when this item comes into the U.S. as long as the order is under $200.00. :-) Oooh La La-Cadeau ships to the U.S. and Canada via UPS. With the economy, this is a good choice for those in the U.S.-more value for your dollar. :-)

Perfect special gift. :-)


Oh la la Cadeau


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Licensed photo...DO NOT COPY.
Photo by Quentin Houyoux.
Title: Maya Calendar
Description: Artifact of Maya Calendar in a sunray

-----November 27: THANKSGIVING (U.S.)
-----December 5: OJ Simpson sentencing.
-----December 10: The United States has a military execution.

-----December 16-18: "I Am Jesus Christ"....a short film musical at The Dark Room Theatre in San Francisco. Tickets are very affordable.
"14 Songs. 14 Minutes. 1 Lonely Messiah. This comically endearing musical tells the story of Jesus returned to earth at Christmastime to battle greedy corporate types and toy-crazy tykes in an effort to share his message of love with the world."

-----37 Days until New Year 2009!!! Do you have anything fun planned and what are your goals for the New Year?
-----Sometime: There is to biopic about Sam Kinison coming out. It will air on HBO.

What's happening in your life and on your blog??? :-)

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Holidays will be made easier by Coupon Codes.

I am constantly looking at coupon code sites. The latest help was with new slip covers that were needed for the family room....Doggie thought the chairs/sofa were climbing walls. Coupon codes knocked out shipping and handling plus about three dollars....saving me about 20 dollars on a much needed and expensive item! Of course, I also made sure to get the covers on sale on top of that. :-) Did I mention that I am super-frugal? Did I mention that Coupon Codes saved my sanity and three pieces of super-sentimental furniture??? :-)

Just yesterday, I was talking about Thanksgiving centerpieces. I still do not have one for our annual Just-Husband-and-I-Romantic-Thanksgiving-Eve-Dinner. I just found a code for $10 off from 1-800 flowers. I think I will be using it for that Cranberry plant that I admired. Have you ever seen a cranberry plant?

What I am planning to do this year, is an almost-exclusively-online Christmas shopping. I will use as many coupon codes and deals as cut the spending as much as possible while still giving great gifts. The bulk of my efforts will take place on Cyber Monday and I will have backup plans for anything that does not arrive before Christmas. :-)

Royal Riviera Pears exclusively from Harry & David sound nice. Not only are they fresh from the harvest but there is that "exclusive" part. I am told that many of the gifts I give are "unique." I never really thought about it beyond the fact that I try to get something that is TOTALLY tailored to the person and that they will not have to return because of duplicates. Now that I think about it, most of the gifts that I give for special occasions are exclusive to a specific store or merchant. Odd what you realize about your habits when you slow down to think. I definitely analyze my gift selections. :-)

Then, of course, there is Avon. For one loved one that is super-nostalgic. There will be a little gift basket assembled by me. :-) Chapstick,handcream,perfume and a little jewelry bauble....hopefully almost all Christmas-themed. The thought of the smile it will bring makes me smile. :-)

Black Friday 2008 deals, sales, promotions and bargains

Curious as Cat Meme.....

1) How do you show someone that they are special to you?
Lots of little ways that add up. For me the most important is letting Husband know that he is, that is what I will talk about. We went to a marriage retreat...and plan on going to others. I try to bring him a lot of little surprises...especially when grocery shopping. I let him spend time by himself. That is what I can think of. :-)

2) What would be on your menu if you knew your next meal would be your last one?
Corn-on-the-cob served with a toothpick on the side...I wouldn't want to die with the annoyance of corn bits stuck in my teeth. Kobe steak....with some marinade that I have not tried but would be certain to like. Acorn squash...with perfect sweetness. Salad with pomegranate and watermelon. Eggnog.

3) If you could have said one thing to Harry Truman the day he decided to drop the atomic bomb, what would you have said?
The harm will go on pretty much forever.

4) Who is the person you would most like to help?
There are several people and I can't pick just one. I know and love many people who are stuck in depressions....and can't see the path out. I know one person who is depressed and being taken extreme advantage of. I try to help in the little ways I can....and remember that only they can change this completely.

5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

Well, don't get mad at me....but the first thing that I think of is Ascot.

Want to participate this week???? Week 145.....Curious as a Cat Meme. :-)

In My Life.....

-----One of my Christmas cactus has enough buds that I can not count them. A second Christmas cactus has what may be buds....but it may have none this year. The cutting cactus is in a toddler stage....and has none.
-----I caught up with new "90210" and I am addicted to "Stylista." :-)
-----I have decided that when Husband and I have a Vow Renewal Ceremony one of the songs played will be "Storybook Love" by Willy Deville. It is a very pretty song from "The Princess Bride."
-----Jamie Lee Curtis is mentioned in the 20th Anniversary Collecter's Edition DVD as being on the set of "The Princess Bride." I was puzzled by this as I did not remember her being in the movie. Then I found the explanation....Jamie Lee Curtis is married to Christopher Guest (who played Count Rugen in The Princess Bride).

My blog is worth $199,847.16.
How much is your blog worth?

It's been a long time since I have done this. :-) I would never sell my blog.
Barack Obama is another George Bush? That's a viewpoint I have never heard.
Holes drilled in the wrong side of the skull


Julia Nunes and the YouTube Ukulele Orchestra perform "Maybe I Will" on YouTube Live '08. UkeTube Orchestra: Wade Johnston, Tsud123, chronosxd, Seeso

I have been a fan of Julia and Seeso for quiet a while.

I don't really like the reference that she put in at the end of the YouTube Live '08 another piece that she has done. I feel like that didn't really fit in with the song....but I am glad that she did it. :-)

The YouTube video to "Maybe I Will."

Because I am a Queen fan.

She is taking a course on the Beatles...I am jealous.

Speaking of Seeso, here is a "Hotel California" cover.

"Come Together"

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not looking in vain...for a vanity. :-)

Right now, we do not have much room for bathroom furniture and we are in the midst of a remodel (new floor,toilet and sink)...but I am still looking for a few pieces. We have already started our remodel but I do know that it is ideal to get all bathroom pieces at the same time (see "Learn How to Match Up Your Bathroom Vanity Set").

I am happy with one of our linen cabinets....a white,antique with curves. The other piece looks more like it belongs in an office...and that is where it is going. For the new piece, I have something like this Oak Linen Cabinet in mind. I have to do some measuring...and, if all else fails, the white piece would be easily at home in another room. OK....that settles it, the oak cabinet is my new dream piece.

While not being vain, I have been a fan of vanities since childhood. :-) There's just something about sitting in front of vanity that adds to the excitement of getting ready for an event. I was glad to see that there are bedroom vanities on here....since I have been longing for a new one for some time.

I think that the Antique White Bedroom vanity might suit me. It is a smaller vanity and stylish. It would fit in with a lot of my other furniture and I could try to make some sort of removable slipcovers for a fun change-of-pace. I feel a project coming on. :-)

Have you had this experience, too?
To be honest, one thing that I like about Premiere Vanities is the 30-day guarantee. As I said, I have liked vanities since childhood....but I have had some bad experiences with furniture shops. I am more than happy to order something I know that I will not have to clean off the grime-of-a-hundred-ages (and we are not always talking my usual antiquey-looking stuff either). End of my little personal rant. :-)

Premiere is the LARGEST online vanity store.

The phone number for Premiere Vanities is 1-866-434-2544.
Customer Service Hours:
Monday - Friday
6:00 AM - 5:00 PM PST
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST
Closed Sundays and Holidays

-----Premiere's Clearance Sale Page...when I looked, there were some BEAUTIFUL pieces in this section.
-----If you do not live in California, all vanities are tax-free. There is free shipping in all states.

Premiere carries over 400 varieties of bathroom furniture. There are many shapes and styles (including Contemporary).
Some of my other picks:
-----Antique Oak Bathroom Vanity....I like the intricacy,the shape,the Black Marble Galaxy Countertop and (obviously) antique-looking is a theme for me. :-)
-----Hand-Crafted Eden Park Bathroom Vanity. I think that this is an interesting statement piece. Antique-looking, yet sophisticated.
-----Petite Antique Cherry Vanity. I could see this in the bathroom of a small,elegant restaurant somewhere. :-) Beautiful.

bathroom sink vanity


Licensed photo...DO NOT COPY.
Photo by Quentin Houyoux.
Title: Maya Calendar
Description: Artifact of Maya Calendar in a sunray

-----November 27: THANKSGIVING (U.S.)
-----December 5: OJ Simpson will be sentenced. I do not know if there will be any live coverage of this. I think that any longer sentence may essentially be a life sentence....based on his age. I wonder if either of his parents are alive....sad for them.
-----December 10: A military execution here in the U.S. It costs more to give someone a life sentence then it does to execute them. I do not believe in the death penalty except as a preventive measure. I think that there is sometimes the possibility that the person is innocent....though, from what I have read, that is not the case here. There is also the possibility that after so many years the person has reformed and even done extreme good in the world....I do not know whether this has occured this time. What do you think of the impending execution and the death penalty in general???
-----Sometime: There is to biographical film about Sam Kinison. It will air on HBO. This story is based off a book by Kinison's brother from what I understand. I need to check the book out at the library.

Anything exciting happening in your life or on your blog????


-----Frugal Freebies. A lot of the coupon links mentioned on here are for Canadians only.
-----I have noticed that most CraigsList cities have a pretty active "Frugal" forum. A lot of useful info can be mined from these forums.
-----Be cautious when buying gift cards as gifts this Holiday Season. I guess we have to research a little before making gift card selections. :-( Which gift cards do you think are safe/unsafe bets this year?

FlyLady Stuff

-----The FlyLady Mop. I would like to buy two. I can use one for wet-mopping and one for dry mopping. I like that the clothes are re-usable.
-----Flylady amusing gift for those who use the FlyLady system of housecleaning. :-)
-----I would like to see a book written especially for FlyGuys.

Thanksgiving Flowers....

Looking at Thanksgiving centerpieces from 1-800 flowers. Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching....and I am happy to say that I feel like it will be a calm time this year. I have been taking advantage of online conveniences for pretty much ALL my shopping this year.

I always have flowers in the house...and used to do at least one arrangement of my own every week. Now that I often have no time, I am considering finding something cheerful from 1-800 flowers.

I am very picky about my centerpieces. I often leave shops with nothing as a result of my standards. If I go through a florist, I know that it will be easy to find quality arrangements. Maybe I can even find a coupon code somewhere online. :-)

My picks:
-----Cranberry Plant in Splitwood Basket with Bow....very affordable and a nice gift. I think this is the first time I have ever seen a cranberry plant....and wonder if it might be that way for gift-recipients. :-)
-----Martha Stewart Cherry Brandy Roses. Of course, I would give these with some nice brandy. :-) These are long-stemmed roses.
-----Orange Cube with Orchids by Jane Packer

Where I have flowers,I must have food. :-)

As regular readers know, I am interested in all things culinary. I am exploring the Celebrity Chef section....something that's new this year.

My first choice of gift basket, the Paula Deen cooking basket, looks to be sold out right now. I am interested in trying the "House Seasoning" used at Deen's restaurant The Lady and Sons. Yes, you read right...I am interested in trying it....this would be a present from-me-to-me. :-) Another aspect that made this one a winner for me was the can never try enough marinades. I hope this basket becomes available soon.
-----Best of Paula Deen assortment...this one is currently available.
-----Paula Deen Southern Cooking Basket...this one has that House Seasoning that I want to try! It looks pretty similar...but is ON SALE....perhaps, it is the same basket?

One that might make Husband happy:
Steven Raichlen Beer Can Chicken


-----The global financial crisis can be overcome in 18 months? How quickly do you feel that this will be over. One more bleak thing, Canada is expected to enter recesssion by the New Year.

-----It looks to me like Obama is trying to solve our economic issues for the longterm. For one thing, Obama plans to create 2.5 million jobs. The one that I am wondering about is rebuilding roads...will this construction be as destructive as it usually is? Road "construction" is one of my pet peeves.

-----Massive stimulus program

John Lennon and George W.

-----The Vatican officially forgives John Lennon
-----Comparisons between Lincoln and Lennon.

-----George W. Bush makes plans for what he will do after the Presidency. He plans to give speeches like Bill Clinton did? I wonder what those speeches will be about and how well-received they will be.

I could write a post comparing G.W. and Lennon or Lincoln.:-) Just kidding.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kmart Holiday Deals.....:-)

This evening I have been looking at website. All this upcoming year, I will be focused on blogging about frugality...without sacrificing quality of life. Stay tuned as I have some unusual/fun ideas on this. :-)

As far as Kmart goes:
Besides having super deals, there is the convenience of online....which is super-important to me this season.

These items have an online only discount through November 26th:
-----Attention Women's Kimono Wrap Sweater Extra 10% off online only...comes in Goblin Blue,Black,Ash and Gray Sage.
-----Abbey Hill Medallion Dream bedding collection – Extra 30% online only
------ 1/4ct tw Diamond 5-Stone Journey Pendant and Earrings Set in 10K Yellow Gold with Extra 10% off online only (search ID# 89270115)

Through December, will be offering an additional 10% (online only) on these categories:
- Girls' tops
- ALL juniors
- Boys' tops
- Woman's plus sleepwear
- Woman's Attention brand...they have button-front stretch shirts (seems like I always needing a new one for something or other).
- Mens shirts and bottoms (including big sizes)
- Infant and toddler bedding

The sale prices are shown in the cart at seems like a lot of people miss this. Also, note that some things may not arrive in time for the holidays if ordered after certain dates.

Hidden ornaments:
Throughout every week through to Christmas that provide extra savings via a secret coupon code. :-) Regular readers know that I am a big fan of coupon codes.

I always like when a store takes the time to group things by price range. In the "under $25" selection,the Incredible Hulk Mask with Light-Up Eyes makes me smile. The Hulk mask says that it will fit an adult...if this is still available after Christmas, I will be getting that for Husband as a gag gift. :-) Of course, I will present his new mask by walking up to him wearing it. :-)

Of course, if you ask some of my nieces,the most important search that I did this evening was a search for Hannah Montana items. My search came up with 94 results...several of which they will be happy for me to consider.

-----How to get two $5 Kmart signing up for e-mail updates.
-----Clearance section...I wonder if this is like stores, with after-holiday deals??? I will be checking to see if there are deals in this section (and site-wide) after each of the Holidays. :-)

As the Kmart website reminds us, there are only two weeks until December. :-)


Click Here

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Licensed photo...DO NOT COPY.
Photo by Quentin Houyoux.
Title: Maya Calendar
Description: Artifact of Maya Calendar in a sunray

-----December 5: OJ Simpson is sentenced.
I do not know if the sentencing will be live. He is old enough that I think any longer sentencing might be a life sentence.
-----December 10: There will be a military execution here in the United States.
-----Sometime or other: There will be a biographical film about Sam Kinison on HBO.

Thursday Thirteen.... :-)

-----Certain mandarin oranges can be a decongestant.
-----Why everyone washing their hands is important....glad it wasn't a tumor.
-----I have posted this before are 5 foods that many people think are unhealthy for you. They actually have many health benefits. Coffee is on the list. :-)

2. It is sad when a browser-issue makes my blog. Particularly, since I used to be a Firefox fan....and converted many people to it. Right now I am glad that Firefox still seems secure....but AGGRAVATED at all the hangs/crashes that I (and many others) are experiencing. Sadly, I am now installing Safari as a contingency plan for Firefox issues and because it has a reputation for speed. Of course, I also have to keep Internet Explorer for those things that work only in Internet Explorer. GROWL.


4. On December 10 there will be a military execution here in the U.S. This is the first military execution in the U.S. in about 50 years.

------I am loving this recipe that I am looking over......spiced yams.
-----13 Pinecone Crafts

6. Games:
-----My Akoha deck just arrived! Akoha is a online "Play It Forward" game that will be publicly launched in 2009.
-----Husband and I are watching Banzai clips....great game. We don't always bet the plastic sushis....but almost all the clips are entertaining.

-----Recalled toys come back with new names. I am glad that they are safer but still a little leery.
-----Zwaggle...a network of parents who trade their gently-used items.

8. Brightstorm....a site that helps teens with various school subjects.

9. The Clean Kitchen Schedule.
What tasks do you do in your kitchen daily?

10. I still really want to get this Kool-Aid man hoodie....cute. If the Kool-Aid man were real, you know it would have to happen sometime.

11. Something that really aggravates me is people that pretend to be "Green" out of their obligation to be politically/socially correct. Perhaps they had a lot to say at the Green Confessional Booth last year or would like to leave an anonymous admission on the True Green Confessions website.

12. Burners Without Borders....goes beyond the Burning Man Festival by doing volunteer work.

13. A way to recycle Brita Filters and other No.5 Plastics.

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1. Cindy Swanson of "Notes in the Key of Life." Cindy is a radio announcer,voice-over artist and aspiring writer.
2. Nicholas of "A Gentleman's Domain"....his Thirteen is about 13 books with mens' names in the titles. Not just a list but summaries....I might find something to read. :-)
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


-----OJ Simpson is sentenced December 5.
I do not know if the sentencing will be live. He is old enough that I think any longer sentencing might be a life sentence.
-----Sometime or other there will be a biographical film about Sam Kinison on HBO.

There is a cure.....

I was doing some research this evening about a foot problem that a loved one has and that I have seen many others have in the fingernail version. Said loved one has a toenail fungus and thinks that there is no recovery from it...nor do they even know that a fungus is what it is.

In this case....the color is currently a darkish brown and the nail is overgrown. It is a very thick nail and we have always assumed it was a "dead" toenail. I can only remember it ever being brown...not yellowish, like some toenail fungus....and this is the entire toenail. There is no foul-smelling-ness to...nor is the nail crumbling. Luckily, there is no pain. The nail's owner is always worried that it may fall off.

I am wondering if it is common for someone not to recognize toe nail fungus. I have never had such but did not know how to recognize it either. In any case, I will soon be doing some educating.

I thought I must be wrong about this being a nail fungus...since it has been an issue for a LONG time. Apparently, that is possible.....a fungus is a plant according to the ZetaClear site. I guess the toes are a perfect place for a plant to grow on a long-term basis.

Anyway I will be consulting ZetaClear's forums and trying to find a way to explain this all. There is some expense to the medicine....but it is a lot of essential oils. The medicine is a lot less expensive then some of the over-the-counter medicines....many of which cost about nine times as much and have nasty side effects.

One of the side effects of not treating a toe nail fungus is that it can worsen....and the toe has to be removed! Even in light of such dangers, this is a person who it is hard to convince of any newer, maybe I will just buy it as a present and include some educational materials. I am sure they will be like me....astounded that there is a cure for such (it looks so permanent).

"Guide to Getting Rid of Your Nail Fungus". I will be looking around for the plastic footing mentioned to combat the growth of fungus. I might even get some footings for all the people I know who move around a lot while working. :-)

ZetaClear Reviews,Zetaclear...strikes me as one of the safest options I have seen thus far. :-)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen.... :-)

1.@just jon, jealous? on TwitPic

2. Cure of HIV by bone marrow transplant?

3. Celery and Potato Soup

4. My indoor plants:
-----The original small Christmas cactus has a ton of buds. Last year's new cactus....can't tell if those are new buds or failed buds. Last year's new cactus (a big one) had something or other happen where a lot of the leaves got a dark,greenish black. Then there is the cutting....doing well and I expect no blooms this year.
-----Wondering Jew plants have some sort of blight that is not going away yet. :-( Cuttings that I grow in water. I have successfully grown these in water for 3 years....maybe, until now.
-----A new plant called a Jade Plant. It is a succulent. I have no idea how to take care of this yet.
-----Pretty begonia...doing well.

-----He's elected...but can WE change?
-----Dear President Elect Obama....a child's letter to the President-Elect.

6.Charter for Compassion

7. Michelle Obama's transition

8. I like the song. Don't like the video.....could do without the showgirls. I notice,from the comments on YouTube, that a lot of people feel the same way about the video. The song is called "Wagon Wheel" and it is by "Old Crow Medicine Show."


Directed by J.P. Riley with puppet coordination and editing by Noah Ginex, this is the short version of the great puppets music video for "Pollywog In A Bog" by the Barenaked Ladies, from their collection of original children's music "Snacktime."

Our Doggie is sort of interested in this video. Doggie watches things in Hi-Def on the laptop...only seems to like when there is a single characters on the screen and it is a living being that she has seen one of before. Doggies fave is a squirrel eating pizza....always tries to figure out why the squirrel has no scent.

Show your drinking apparatuscoffee cup, water bottle, canteens, carafe, sippy cup, etc...
For those of us who spend a lot of time on the computer, whether at home or work, this can be a mildly interesting sharing. :-)


Makes me dance....doing The Twist,etc. all around the house. Husband probably has decided I am crazy. :-)

12. Will President Obama have to give up his Blackberry as President?

13. Would you want your spouse to run for President?

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-----Thank you for visiting, Todd Jordan (of "The Broad Brush"). I always find you fascinating to talk to.
-----David of "Sugar Loaf Mountain"

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My first Akoha Mission in Progress....

Akoha is a PlayItForward Game. My current mission is to "Give Someone a Gift." I have decided to give Husband a gift every day this month.
Day 1: Virtual Armor for an online game
Day 2: Made Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows. Husband stuck two of the marshmallows to his lips. I asked if they were vampire teeth. He said they were "something." They were kind of square-ish marshmallows. I guess they were rabbit teeth.
Day 3: A virtual pet and ordered a book that Husband had been wanting.
Day 4: Package of Starburst. :-)

After I am finished with the 31 days of gifts to Husband, I will PlayForward to him. We also have picked out a friend to send a card to....with lots of little surprise gifts.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen....

-----Obama's new transistion website
-----My fave of the Election Night photos that I have seen.

2.An unusual pair of jeans (slightly PG-rating).

3. Alive in Baghdad

4. I hope that many of the soldiers overseas got to vote in the U.S. election. It was reported that there were problems with communications/enough time for absentee ballots.

5. I want to read a graphic novel called "Nixon's Pals." It is about a man who is parole officer for people with superpowers. :-)

6. Thoughts and updates on the upcoming Stallone movie "The Expendables"

7. Win a copy of Rachel Ray's Big Orange Book.


Chimpmunk version of "Enter Sandman."


10. I just joined The first book that I am putting on my shelves is Pet Semetary....the 2001 edition that is introduced by Stephen King. I have read this book....but that was several years ago. GoodReads is a fun community.

11. Obama VS. Palin for President 2012. Ponder the scenario.
-----Do you think that 2008 is the last time that Palin will feature prominently in the media? Would you like to see Palin continue in politics?

12. urge you to make the promise. Take The Promise seriously...its a very important promise to yourself. Hugs. Are you in a job that you love yet?
"Sean Aiken graduated from college and didn't know what he wanted to do for a career. So he came up with an idea. Starting Feb 2007, he traveled around North America, working 52 jobs in 52 weeks. He hitchhiked, slept on couches, and donated all his earnings to charity."

13. History of Rock Calendar....for 2009. Eighteen dollars...that's pretty reasonable for a calendar anymore.

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1. Rims
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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Great Bowls of Soup

Soup I made for husband a while back. Sherry-Mushroom-Onion. The meat is actually Johnsonville Stadium Brats. Next time I do this, I will use sirloin....but I will also continue to make it with the brats. Husband said that this is the best soup that I have ever made.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ultimate Dive and Travel

I have been interested in scuba diving lessons for some time now. I need to get a camera that takes photos underwater before I go to do this. Nothing fancy like diving with sharks....probably just a dive pool somewhere. Not very fond of the sharks and other ocean hazards. :-)

Ultimate Dive and Travel has been in business for about a decade now. What attracts me to this business (located in Scottsdale Park) is the emphasis on safety. I think diving is something that should be approached in levels....and I will be taking both skill-building and my comfort zones into effect when I learn.

Ultimate Dive and Travel is a full-service dive center with many types of customers. One of the main types of customers are busy executives searching out an exciting getaway for themselves (and their families). The scheduling options for these programs are very flexible....unlike a lot of scuba diving experiences that I have researched.

An emphasis is also placed on travel. The dive center is located in the desert and is a perfect part of Vacation. The company has a motto: “Safe Diving Practices with Positive Travel Experiences.”
Ultimate Dive and Travel Diving Trips

Ultimate Dive and Travel keeps up with the new technologies in this field. The gear carried at the facility is chosen with an eye for good performance and reliability.

Brands such as Atomic, DUI,Oceanic,Scubapro, TUSA and XCEL are carried. There is a price-matching program (matching all authorized competitors).

-----Certified instructors and divemasters
-----Certified service technicians (make sure your equipment functions safely/reliably
-----On-site,heated indoor pool
-----Personalized certification programs
-----Certification courses (beginner to the instructor level)
-----Can sign up for a newsletter for special promotions.

Currently there is an special for 25% off open water scuba online special. See the front page of the website for details. :-)

scuba diving lessons Arizona
scuba diving lessons Scottsdale

Official dive center of the
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Dive Team.

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