Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...... :-) :-) :-)


2. "Apple Caviar" recipe. The restaurant involved has been rated the best in the world several times.


An old Joan Jett performance put on YouTube by Blackheart Records.


Nice Thriller tribute.


Are you participating this year? I would love to read your work and/or hear about your efforts.

6. Prank call to Sarah Palin.



Halloween-Time at Disneyland

9. Meals on Wheels....Senior Hunger is a horrible reality. A lot of hungry seniors fed others in this world for many years (paying taxes for the various programs, raising children,etc,).

10. Due to communication problems, a lot of people overseas in the military may be unable to vote.

11. Apparently, Michael Jackson is not planning to tour with The Jackson 5. I kind of wonder if this means that they will not tour at all....or will totally restructure this project.

12. Slang Words....PG-ish post warning. "Hallowthanksmas" is definitely a term I will start using in relation to retail.


Thursday Thirteen....a work-in-progress right now. :-)
Update: Did not get done this week....had important events to attend. Leaving this up though since I did get a lot of interesting things posted. :-)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In My Life....

-----My Wandering Jew plant seems to have some sort of blight.
-----I have been watching Kitchen Nightmares (15 episodes in the last few days) and Hell's Kitchen (finishing Episode 9 now). I am learning a lot. The full episodes are available on Hulu. :-)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sangria can be a year-round refreshment.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Thirteen......



Johnny Cash "I Am the Nation"

Johnny Cash's America

3. Johnny Cash "The Wall"

4. The birth of a parrot....amazing. Thank you, to the Redneck Dessert Dweller for pointing this one out. :-)

5. Orzo Minestrone


7. Jewish dad speaks out on support of his head-scarved daughters

8. More strangeness from my life
SETTING: One of the retail places I have worked at
TIME: Way after close
Would-be-customer comes up to locked door and pulls vigourously several times. I am attempting to pick up leaves that have come inside.
WOULD-BE:"You....Come here!"
More pulling. Against my better judgment, I draw closer to the crazy one.
WOULD-BE:"Why are you closed?"
I stumble around looking for an appropriate answer to this consumer-who-thinks-the-world-should-bow-to-her-wishes. Eventually, I just tell her what time we closed and leave her pulling on the door. I go speak with the boss.
ME: "There's was a crazy woman pulling on the door."
BOSS: "Did you lock all the doors?"
ME: "YES....I did."
------I watched an Oprah Show on rude people recently. From appearances, this woman was what we would normally view as "successful" or "living the American Dream." It seems to me like a lot of people are desperately chasing this Dream anymore...and taking their anger out on others when the American Dream does not arrive when and how it is wanted. Sorry, you couldn't indulge yourself Awful/Frenzied-Shopper-Lady.

9. I am hoping to get into the beta of a game called "Akoha." Akoha is a card-collecting game played online....the object is to Play It Forward. Awesome! Even if I don't get into the Beta, I will definitely be buying this game when it comes out in 2009. :-)

10. "A Decade of Internet SuperStars:Where Are They Now?"


A performance of "Fast Car" that I find beautiful.

12. One woman does what Oprah says for an entire year.

13. What made you smile recently?
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Unusual Garnish.....

I am not a big fan of least when it is not tasty and doesn't add to the actual dish. So, I took to the web looking for unusual garnishes that I might enjoy.

-----A garnish for pumpkin beer
-----Fresh lavender spikes are good with meat and fish. I found this article by a Master Gardener that goes into detail about all the ways lavender flowers can be eaten. The Master Gardener article tells of the things not to do...such as boiling (I do not know if boiling is hazardous or simple overpowers with flavor).
-----Dilled Green Beans....not one that I could hazard a guess as to whether I will enjoy or not. Different.

Sunday, October 19, 2008 are officially licensed. Awesome,awesome,awesome.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vitamin D and Sara P

-----Doubling of Vitamin D for children is urged. I can't help but think of those children who live in poverty here in the U.S. How are they going to get these supplements?

-----One blogger tells us why Sara Pallin inspires her.
-----Larry King says that the real Sara Palin will be on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Blog Action Day 2008.....POVERTY

What it feels like to be starving.
A person can starve for a few months before they actually die.

I am very disappointed by the fact that Bloggers are the main people addressing this issue here in the United States. This is the "middle class" election. Yes, people need insurance....but SOME NEED CARE AND COMPASSION NOW.

Starving has actually been used as death sentence throughout history.

-----88 Ways to Take Acttion Against Poverty Right Now
-----Organizations that are similar to Kiva

"To Hell with Poverty." Not sure if this song is about poverty or indulgence....but is pretty cool. Today it's about fighting poverty...because that is what I am posting it for. :-)

The last line of this response to the "In My Name" Project is the most important.

PILLOWS FOR POVERTY. I like this pillows idea for a couple reasons. The girl is having fun and bring happiness to her life. More importantly, this shows that ordinary people can make a difference. :-)

Virtual Fishing Rods for Economic Growth

A frank look at poverty in Austin....from someone who is working their way out of poverty in Austin.

How we can end poverty in the United States.

-----"Poverty is Poison." Talks about the effects of poverty on U.S. children. I was surprised to hear that Obama has a poverty-fighting initiative. So little has been said about poverty in the election....yet the statistics on how many children living in poverty in the U.S. are SHOCKING.
-----Stand Up is having some sort of event online....October 17-19. I will have to read more about this.
-----One of the most moving Blog Action Day posts that I have read.

-----A curriculum for teaching grades 5-12 about poverty. It is very important to teach our children about this....maybe they will be part of the solution (or maybe they will avoid being in poverty themselves).

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fast Car....dancing.

Wow...this was beautiful. It was well-choreographed.

I was watching a lot of dance pieces this evening and saw so MANY that were not well-choreographed. I particularly saw a lot of bad performances with the song "Amazing Grace."
-----I think that this type of solo dancing would be really fun. I would video tape the event and add sub-titles. :-)

Jonah Hex

Comic book fans: Josh Brolin may be Jonah Hex. I have actually never read or heard of this comic book....and I have read and heard of many more comics books than the average girl (I am often told that it is unusual for a girl to be interested in comic books). I will have to get myself acquainted with the Jonah Hex character.

I did watch Josh Brolin in "Vantage Point" last night. It was a great movie that I would highly recommend.
-----Matthew Shepard autopsy reports are missing

Saturday, October 11, 2008

In My Life.....

------Annoyed. I don't want to go into it....other than to say someone(s) used the failing economy as a lying excuse to get out of a prior commitment. I am going to scream. To the selfish persons that this concerns....though you will never read this.....YOU HAVE RUINED SOMETHING THAT I WAS WAITING ALL YEAR FOR. I do not know whether this was deliberate or just a cop-out...and I honestly don't care. I was depressed and wondering why the world is full of liars today.
-----Wondering if I am the only one who has already witnessed someone twisting the "bad economy" to suit their needs.
-----Doggie now says "I Love You"....but only for good things. Good things mean chicken, chicken liver and ham pieces (not cold cuts).
-----Doggie also got jealous of Husband and I hugging....and said "I love you" VERY WELL when we assured that we love the Doggie, too. The reason why it was said so well??? Doggie had climbed on top of my back and thought was going to be in urgently repeated "I Love You." It was a sudden and funny response to see. :-)

Friday, October 10, 2008


This a site for contemporary gas and Electric Fires. Someday, we may replace/re-install some fireplaces and I try to learn a little about them so we can make the best decision. Putting in a fireplace can be quiet a project.....when you are dealing with an area that previously had a fireplace....but much less modern (and likely not as safe).

The particular online store that I am looking at this evening is based out of the UK (I am in the U.S.)....but I still like to look at the variety of options on this site. "Hot Price" has been featured several times on UK television....including programs like "60 Minute Makeover" and "Better Homes."

Hot Prices also has a price match guarantee for stores in the UK. So, they are the lowest over there.

I am trying to find something that is pretty safe....I am paranoid about fireplaces but love them so much. If I were living in the UK, I think that the thing that would most draw me to the Hot Prices site is the many years of experience that they have and the company installs. I especially want to have someone else do the work on this project...just feels safer. :-)

I am not sure that I understand how a Balanced Flue or Powerflue Gas Fire works. Both require and outside wall. Each of these fires has the flames go horizontally outside rather than traditionally going up the flue or chimney. I can't really picture this exactly.

One of the safest options looks to be the Flueless Gas Fire. Flueless appliances are one of the latest things....uses a catalytic converter to convert carbon monoxide gas into CO2 and water vapor. This is a very efficient fireplace that meets strict safety requirements.

Then of course there are the electric fires...often just plug and go. Very pretty "flames."

Well...time will tell what option we decide to go with. I want to replace/re-install fireplaces for romance more than anything else...aren't I sappy???

Gas Fires
Hole in the Wall Fires

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thursday Thirteen :-)


I am participating again this year....and this time I can blog pretty much all day. I hope that you will join the conversation, too.

2. John Miranda Photography. Photos of so many interesting places around the world.One can learn a lot about these places from the descriptions. I did not know that there was a small Statue of Liberty near the Eiffel Tower.

3. Odd the things you realize. Like the fact that OJ Simpson will likely never play golf again.


Do you think Obama is risky? What about McCain? Voting for someone other than Obama or McCain? Thank you, to @SueBob for pointing out this video. :-)

Would you trust either candidate with the responsibility to decide whether or not nuclear bombs were used. Furthermore, who would you trust with "the button?" Would you even find yourself a person capable of deciding if The Button should be pushed?

5. My thoughts on the trend towards "green" shopping bags

6. Blog I like as of late:
Just Outside of Philly....very informed and thoughtful about the election. I am still trying to figure out who I am going to vote for.

7. You might not find this in a book of baby names:
I met a little boy named Maguire this week. On the same day, I also met a little boy named Stilbert...somebody pointed out to me that, if he goes to a school where the kids are cruel enough, they will actually change his name to "Stillbirth." Yes, there are schools where children are cruel enough to change a name like Stilbert to Stillbirth....I have know people with some pretty horrible "nicknames." I also realized that a mother who had given her child what I thought was a weird name....was much more unusually-brained than I thought-who names their child after a local car dealership???? The woman with the child named after a car dealership (or at least the owner of the car dealership) has other children named more unusual names....but I think the car dealership child is going to have the worst time at school.

8. Happiness is:
My Doggie. I was so sick this Thursday. Migraine headaches so bad that I had to pretty much run to avoid being sick. I have been depressed and crying. Doggie seems to sense this and has been curling up next to me....comforting me.

9. Many Santas take their job very seriously. I have met people who are professional Santas.....and have actually gotten so I can correctly guess when someone is. I shop at a lot of craft stores...if you are wondering how I have met many professional Santas in street clothes. :-) Anyway...the Santas at the Celebrate Santa convention will be signing an oath this year.

10. Seeing "Point Break Live" would be cool for me. On a semi-related note: I hope that Patrick Swayze is able to beat the cancer. I know that he was sick recently on set and had to stay home for a while.

11. American Profile Magazine

12. OJ could receive anywhere from 5 years to life. What do you think is the appropriate sentence? Would you take age into consideration in sentencing?

13. The Caveman Diet

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Alcohol Rehabilitation

Cliffside Malibu is a rehab center....offering alcohol detox and drug addiction treatment. Dual diagnosis are also covered. I would imagine that a stay at Cliffside Malibu might be more expensive then some Rehabs...but it is still the right environment for some patients. It is luxurious,private and with a limited number of people.

Cliffside uses the traditional recovery methods. They also offer the the holistic medicines when approppriate. I think that this is the best type of recovery plan...looking at all the options in a nurturing and non-stressful environment.

Addiction can be so damaging to one's spirit...perhaps, something vacation-like can help with the healing. Unlike many Alcohol Rehab Centers, Cliffside Malibu offers spectacular views and many outdoor activities. When appropriate/willing the patient's family can also be counseled on how to deal with the addiction (through a special 3-day program).

Alcohol Detox is obviously not an easy thing.
-----Consider these type of posts my attempt to help not only those I know but strangers who need a nudge,too. I know that you can overcome this.

Drug Treatment Center

On a personal note:
If you think that this post is directed to you, it is probably not. If I know you personally and generally assert that you are stubborn/seem to think you have a problematic attitude of irrationality...YOU are one of a few people this is addressed to. Of course, I also write about detox facilities as a PSA....but, in general, this applies to whom it may concern.

Sometimes people NEED to go to a detox facility...particularly if I KNOW that they not only openly drink alcohol but hide drinking additional alcohol(that they feel no one knows about). Particularly if this hiding is EVERY occasion I see matter how inappropriate it is to be drunk or under the influence.

Yes, I know you are not just rude or upset. If it was "your life,""none of my business", and I was "crazy" for thinking you had a problem....than why bother to hide your activity above-and-beyond "social drinking???" Hmmm. Everyone else knows all the cases I am speaking of.

Sadly, I am the only one not in denial about this. I am tired of the things that you've gotten away with in your tantrums and fits of verbal rage. You have emotionally damaged many of your loved ones. Please get help.

Everyone else is going to keep on denying your problem. I will keep on blogging this...I know at least one of you will read it eventually. I dare you to prove me wrong about your dire future....get help.

Drug Rehab Program

Monday, October 06, 2008

Bagless behavior....

Ikea is getting rid of bags...both paper and plastic.

I guess we will all manage. When did stores start providing bags, anyway? That makes me curious about the history of mercantile (now super-market) traditions. I wonder if other stores will eventually follow bags.

On the opposite side, it is really tactless to expect a clerk to put your items in your dirty and unwashed cloth bag for you. Putting the debris of your day in the bag and expecting clerks or customer service (in the case of returns) to handle your candy debris, used baby wipes and other just GROSS. No, I am not kidding....I have seen several "Super Moms" and wanna-be socialites who are into their politically-correct-cause-of the-month (being "Green") doing this. Uncaring,callous and rude.
Question that I have been asking people:
If you owned part of the polar ice caps, what would you allow people to do there?
This election seems so close at times that it could end in a tie. It would be interesting if a candidate did not end up with his original VP pick. I wonder if one of the Presidential candidates can be voted as VP....or does it have to be a choice between the original 4 people?

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Personal prayers and thoughts......

When I don't put them in the list at the top of my blog....and start talking about them insistently....this means that I know the person(s).

Letting people know that they are in my thoughts and prayers is very important.

I worry about:
-----The one with a new beginning...I hope it is truly a great new beginning. Be brave. Also, call us more often. :-)

I worry about:
-----The one who bears illness silently. Your courage impresses and inspires me.

I worry about:
-----The three that are taken advantage of.

I worry about:
"This one goes out to the ones I love."

P.S. If this applies to you, then you already know. If more than one sounds like you, only one of these people is you (unless I have informed you otherwise).

I am allowed to be ambiguous once-in-a-while. :-) Everyone should use their personal blogs to let loved ones know that they care.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Apparently, Walmart also has John McCain masks for Halloween...but they are being discontinued and availability is limited. Update: Actually, they may already be gone at Walmart....out of stock online.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Initial thoughts on the VP Debates......

We address the middle's all about the middle class. Palin represents the middle class and Biden talks about it a lot. Why doesn't anyone talk about the poor? What about that plan to end global poverty by 2015?

People will try to make money off of whatever "rescue plan"...if they can. Jay Leno also noticed that it is now being called a "rescue plan."

Biden brought up that we can be an energy supplier. That would be a great alternative to where our country/environment is now. Palin wants us to "drill,baby,drill"....supporting off-shore drilling.

Eventually the Iraqis do need to have the govern and secure. During WWII, we took a lot longer with giving responsibility back and withdrawing troops. I do not think that Iraq is ready to secure.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


I will write my thoughts later....but a funny moment occurred. I was talking with someone on Twitter about the term "maverick" being used a lot. Husband made a whisper at me "watch out for the Iceman." I looked at him quizically....and then he said, "Top Gun."

My moments of fun at Burning Life......

My avatar rotating atop a sculpture by Derreck Paine. I believe the name "Fire and Ice" applies to the whole piece. I am not sure if it was intended to be sat on but I found the option atop the piece. I loved the different angles and the background music....was just neat to see from this perspective. :-)

Dancing on a stage that wasn't being used.

Dancing in a room that makes sounds like water. I believe the artist was named "Lawndart Curtiss" and he/she has good taste in music (played some Mellencamp).

:-) 2009-06-11 daily 0.5 2009-06-11 daily 0.5