Monday, June 30, 2008

Auctioning one's life away....

Man sells various bits of his life online.....meetings with his friends and so on. This is in reaction to a divorce.

Be kind to the animals.....

-----Demonstration against chaining of dogs. I have recently been reading about the fact that it is now considered cruel to chain one's dog. In California, a dog can not be chained over three hours. I would assume that if an outdoor dog cannot be chained, then they must have some sort of enclosure....and that eliminates the need for a chain in the first place.
-----Spain approves "human rights" for apes.

Those going to the Olympics are warned to be wary of dog bites. Apparently, being bitten by a dog is a common health concern when traveling in China. The problem is rabies!!!

Lifelock :-)

Lately, I have been going through in order to decide if I want to enroll in their identity theft protection program.

Lifelock strives to provide customers with Peace of Mind.
Among the services included are:
-ERecon....scan the internet for private info (that should not be published)
-Place/renewing fraud alerts on accounts at the credit bureaus
-Remove name from phone solicitation & junk mail lists
-Replace documents when your purse or wallet is lost/stolen ("WalletLock"). This last task can be really tedious (especially if you find the card after and then get I once did). :-)

I am impressed by three things:
-----The service includes children....many people forget that children are frequent victims of identity theft (often not finding out about it until they reach adulthood and their credit is tarnished/ruined).
-----The CEO of this company is so confident in his product that he publishes his social security number. The one time he was hacked, LifeLock acted PROMPTLY. :-)
-----The Million Dollar Guarantee....LifeLock will compensate for services failed up to a million dollars. They have never had to pay out a million dollars....of course. :-) :-) :-)

You can use LifeLock promotion code "RD17" to get 11 dollars off monthly service! This code is good on phone orders, too. :-)

No, I am not a conspiracy buff.....

Did JFK have a back brace contribute to his death?

My loan is doing well. :-)

On Kiva, many people band together to lend funds to a small business in a third world country. I am cheering for the woman that I have....she is 67% paid back. :-)

Wouldn't it be nice if we had something like Kiva for people who needed help here in the United States?

It will be a long time before the WTC is rebuilt. It will also cost much more than expected.

Renting a lifestyle

-----Renting an expensive lifestyle?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Going from rags to riches.....

I used to think that the term "nouveau riche" was really bad...indicating a arrogance that was not necessarily born out of something the person deserved. I guess that my impressions were just born out of the fact that I have read a lot of old novels in which people had contempt for those who were first generation rich. Thinking about this term, I realized that being nouveau riche can actually be a positive thing.

I think that if the people in those novels had looked at it from the viewpoint of the person who had struggled from nothing....maybe the "attitude" would have been thought of as having "spirit" or "being determined." Being rich is not always a matter of luck or having things given to you.

Wikipedia actually has an entry for the term "rags to riches" that lists many people who are Nouveau Riche. The Wikipedia entry also points out that being nouveau riche has been depicted in many pieces of literature (Horatio Alger's dime novels, for instance).

We do think of the rise to wealth in a romantic way....with the story of Cinderella being a very strong example. I think of it in a more practical and achievable way though....slow but steady wins the race for ones employees/company/community. I intend not to profit....but to build....but that is just me. :-)

Someday, I will be able to be included on a list like this! More importantly, I will have used my "riches" in a wonderful manner. I will have a coffeeshop(s) that gives back to the community it is in.....among other goals that I will blog at some point. :-)

I will be my own kind of Nouveau Riche. :-)

What would make you feel "rich?"

-----Baby guaranteed to be free of hereditary breast cancer. What happens to the embryos not implanted and the embryos that have the undesirable gene?
-----Many athletes are turning to Viagra to help them have a competitive edge.


Currrently I am looking through various Lifelock reviews. I am conducting an extensive evaluation of what I think of LifeLock, a service that protects consumers from identity theft.

I am interested in this service for all the traditional reasons....value, peace of mind, convenience, etc. I also want to lose it as a kind of checklist for future moves....I am assuming that there will be one some day and remember the nightmare of keeping track of all the documents/cards that are so vital to everyday existence.

Well, besides my wacky idea, LifeLock helps to:
-----Protect even your children (yes, children are frequent victims of identity theft...and may not find out until years later)
-Scan the internet for private info (that should not be published). "ERecon" finds the compromised info sooner (so you can have it taken down sooner).
-Place/renew fraud alerts on accounts at the credit bureaus
-Remove name from phone and junk mail solicitation lists (no one can take advantage of your "pre-approved" credit offers)
-Replace cards and documents when your purse or wallet is lost/stolen ("WalletLock")


Something nice about LifeLock is that there are oftenLifelock promo codes. The current
LifeLock promotion code, "RD32", enables a customer to try the service for 30-days-FREE with the ongoing cost being only 9 dollars/month.

Let me know what you think, if you decide to try LifeLock. :-)
-----Heinz pulls mayonnaise ad because of controversy over two men kissing. There is no indication in the commercial that these men are gay.
-----Soldiers march in Toronto's Gay Pride Parade...and have an information booth. Will other military groups be openly accepting of various sexual orientations at some point?

Blog Talkers....the theme is Independence.

-----Independence National Historic Park...see the Liberty Bell
-----Like many native peoples, some of the indigenous people in Hawaii are asking for their independence. They would also like land and bank assets back. Where do you think non-indegenous people should go if the indigenous group to your area gets Independence? Should each area be totally and separately governed by its indigenous people?
-----Is the economy affecting 4th of July traditions in your area or home?
-----2008 Independence Bowl tickets are on sale.
-----Many states have a city name Independence.
-----There are many political groups that call themselves Indepence parties.
-----Independence Brewing Company (Austin,Texas)
-----Whom do you feel dependent on? Is this a good dependence?

Blog Talkers Meme #79.

Do you feel like you have enough independence? In your life and in your country.

Random Acts

Random Acts of Ballet :-)


-----Random Acts...Interactive Musical Murder Mysteries. Supposed to be humorous. Can be used as team-building events.
-----Random Acts of written by an EMT with a sense of humor
-----The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

So, you ask, what made me write this post? I like the ideas that the Anaheim Ballet puts forth. I was also missing my Random Acts of Kindness group (that suddenly disappeared due to no participation). :-)

Have you seen this chimp?

-----Famous chimp missing in California...hopefully, he is safe.

Lifelock....still interests me. :-)

This week, I have been reading through Lifelock reviews and coming to aprreciate the value of LifeLock more each day. Lifelock is a service that assists in protecting the identities of the entire family (even children can be victims of identity theft).

The value of a service like LifeLock is really in convenience and PEACE OF MIND. When your wallet or purse is stolen....someone is working tirelessly to make sure your credit rating doesn't drop and your identity remains your own. It is Lifelock's job not to forget that one crucial paper or cancellation....and we all know that there are many crucial cards and documents that we "have to keep somewhere safe."

LifeLock helps to:
-Scan the internet for private info (that should not be published). I am finding that a lot of social networking sites don't pay attention to their own privacy statements or are compromised....just a word of warning from recent personal is sometimes a difficult process to get them to remove your info. "ERecon" finds the compromised info you can get it taken down sooner.
-Place/renew fraud alerts on accounts at the credit bureaus
-Remove name from phone solicitation lists
-Remove name from junk mail lists (such as all those unsolicited credit card offers)
-Replace documents when your purse or wallet is lost/stolen ("WalletLock")


It is nice that there are often Lifelock promo codes. The latest code, "RD32" is still in effect....this enables customers to try the service for 30-days FREE and keep it for 9 dollars/per month. :-)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Writing Adventures.....

I am enjoying trying this out. A lot of things to write about....interesting and one can set own fees (to some extent).


More of life.....

-----Went to see "The Love Guru" tonight. It was very funny...a LOT of funny moments.
-----Right now we are watching "Catch & Release." Parts of the romance just don't fit together well. I would not recommend this movie. It has some great moments but just doesn't mesh together completely.
-----Excited about the Income-Based Repayment plan for student Loans that starts in 2009!

Friday, June 27, 2008

I continue to look at Lifelock..... :-)

Earlier this week, I reviewed a service called "Lifelock" designed to protect one from identity theft. I am going through and doing a more thorough Lifelock review.....I like to understand all that a service has to offer. :-)

I am still combing through the Lifelock blog and reading Lifelock reviews by consumers. The blog is very informative and a good place to keep up on identify theft prevention and reports of occurences.

As I mentioned in my previous post...I am amazed that the CEO of Lifelock is willing to publish his Social Security Number as a testament to the integrity of his product.
Only once has his identity been compromised and Lifelock was able to help get through the situation. Lifelock strikes me as something that will come in handy if you find yourself in an identity theft situation with few resources.....the CEO was given a benefit to cover his lost very promptly! It is amazing to me how long it takes many services to help with a loss....but how quickly a hacker/thief can take everything. I am glad that Lifelock values promptness.

Lifelock guarantees your identity up to a million dollars...something they have never had to pay fully out. Lifelock is America's Number 1 Identity Theft Protection Program!!!

LifeLock helps to:
-Protect your children against identity theft (happens more often than you'd think)
-Place/renew fraud alerts on accounts at the credit bureaus
-Remove name from phone solicitation lists
-Remove name from junk mail lists (such as all those unsolicited credit card offers)
-Replace documents when your purse or wallet is lost/stolen ("WalletLock")
And still my personal favorite:
-Scan the Internet for private info that is not supposed to be on the Internet (ERecon). ERecon would have been useful for me recently when I found that a service had either been compromised or actually given out my personal info (despite having me make up a "UserID" and asking if I wanted details private). Several e-mails later this was rectified but I know that if I had ERecon, I would have known about this sooner. While I may get Recon, I will NEVER do business with the place that was so careless with my personal info again.

I was able to find another Lifelock Promotion Code: "RD32".
RD32 is to make the plan 9/month and includes a 30-day trial. With this discount you can save 21.00/per year. The LifeLock site states that this promotion code can be used over the phone.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

In My Life......

-----Trying to donate small amounts of money to various flood recovery efforts.
-----Worried about a friend....I don't want to go into this....but if this applies to you, know that I am worried. This applies to more than one person.
-----Reading "Word of Mouth: Manual II."
-----Thinking about society. Why some people never get a fair chance to make a first impression and why those ostracized people don't band together to be friends. I am feeling particularly vunerable lately in my interactions with others....I have an eye problem that makes me stick out and it is bad lately. I am sad. I try so hard to be positive about what I go through...but it can get TIRING and debilitating.

My Fare Lady.....

No, I didn't spell the title of this post wrong. My Fair Lady is my favorite musical and lately my husband has been complimenting me on my ability to plan vacations...I am a good researcher as to the different fares. Anyway....the title made me smile. :-)

The most difficult area of a vacation for me is deciding what transportation arrangements would be best. In today's economy, it is crucial to one's wallet to pick the best option. I often look at sites like when picking out transportation (and sometimes lodging). compares many different merchants and points out good deals. It makes comparison shopping much easier. I find it annoying trying to visit all of the individual sites. When I don't have a particular themed hotel that I want to see in mind, a site like this is the best place for me. :-)

This week I have started planning a cruise that Husband and I will likely take sometime next year....Canada and New England. We will be particularly interested in seeing Nova Scotia, whale watching and taking our own roadtrips while in port.

Roadtrips require a car. has saved me some time. Only one car rental site is recommended for Halifax, Nova Scotia.....and that is where I am starting in my search.

I learned from LowFares that I will have to budget more than I normally would for a car in Nova Scotia (it is around 70 dollars per day). Another option that we can look at is taking our own car on board the ship....I know that there is more than one ship that allows for this but I am not sure what the cost involved is.

For our trip to Niagara (within the next two years), we may fly. I have been looking through LowFares to try to find cheap flights. I have looked at this for Nova Scotia,too. Yes, I know that it is a date that is farther out than booking for either trip...but it helps for me to keep track of travel trends when planning a future trip. When one is uninformed of the travel trends, one can end up spending a LOT more money (driving is NOT always the cheapest option anymore-the cheapest options often changes).

I am passionately interested in seeing those parts of the world that I consider safe. I have signed up for the daily deals option on LowFare's newsletter. Stay tuned for any of the great deals that I find this way. :-)

What techniques do you use for vacation planning?

What do you think of the LowFares site? I found it to be quick and efficient. Unlike many other travel comparison sites, it appears to consistently function well.

Any tips for travel in Nova Scotia/Niagara?

Thursday Thirteen...... :-) :-) :-)

1. This woman clearly doesn't understand how addictive video games can be. :-)

2. There are now no white farmers in all of Zimbabwe.

3. Martian soil good enough for asparagus to grow in. I would hope at some point that one of the vehicles attempts to plant something. I would assume no vehicle has seeds with it....the possible viability of the soil for crop growth was a surprise. Maybe we could grow crops on Mars before we populate it (or instead of populating it) that would be an innovative idea to combat starvation here on Earth. There is ice there, too....maybe we can find some safe amount of water to melt down for watering plants.

4. Guerilla-gardening in Los Angeles

5. It looks like the Amazon Kindle may be able to make it so students don't have to carry loads of books around. The Kindle may make school textbooks less expensive. I am excited about the Kindle and tell people about it whenever it seems appropriate to their reading needs (i.e. a friend who spends a lot of time waiting for people and needs something to occupy time).

6. The number of AIDs cases is up among men who have sex with men (not always homosexual or bisexual).

7. If you are "from the desk of" Spammer, you should probably have the name in your heading match the "name" in your e-mail ID....just a thought. :-)

8. Amazon Indians fight against land court.


Star Trek's Michelle Nichol's ("Uhura") speaks on civil rights. It is amazing, as her biggest fan pointed out, the effect that fiction on TV can have on the real world.

10. Intricate cheese sculpture for a good cause. I wish that there was a photo.

11. Study shows that genes affect whether people tend to vote or not. The same holds true for other kinds of political participation.

12. Obama supporters adopting his middle name.

13. Civilian victims in the fight against drugs in Mexico

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Commenting on the lack of commenting

Technical difficulties.....I cannot comment in my own comments right now. As a result of this possible commenting problem for everyone....I will understand if we all have no comment for a while. Did that make sense to you????.....I will have to wait a while to find out. I have no comment except......GROWL.

Fix this Blogger, please.

On an interesting note: Apparently spammers have decided to use this post in their SPAM "BLOGS". WOW.

Update: WE ARE NOW UP TO COMMENTS AS USUAL. Feel free to comment. Feel free to remove my "content" if you are those spammers.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lifelock Review

Lifelock is a service that helps protect people from identity theft. I have been reading through their blog and actually find it interesting....not something I say often about business blogs. A good place to go for a lifelock review.

Lifelock guarantees your identity up to a million dollars! It is rated America's Number 1 Identity Theft Protection Program. :-)

Checkout Lifelock's blog for lifelock reviews and other coverage of identity theft concerns. :-)

LifeLock helps to:
-Place and renew alerts on accounts at the credit bureaus
-Remove name from phone solicitation lists
-Remove name from junk mail lists (so a thief can't come along and steal all those unsolicited credit card offers)
-Replace documents when your purse or wallet is lost/stolen....called "WalletLock"
And the one that I most interested in:
"ERecon"...scans the Internet for personal info. I would find this particularly useful as I have had to write many letters for myself and others on this type of matter.I am sure there are many more instances of info being sold over the Internet than any of us ever realize (or could ever figure out what the intent was). This to me would be the most helpful aspect of the site. I would love to see a utility for a virus scan.

-----The CEO of Lifelock is so confident in his service that he has actually published his social security number.
-----Children also get their identities stolen. Did you know this ? Parents, do you ever think of this?

There is a discount code to save on membership costs....making it only 9 dollars per month! The code also enables a customer to have a 30-day trial of the service. That discount code is:

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Unconcious Mutterings

  1. Goodbye ::
  2. Hello. Bye,Bye Birdy....a recent article about Tiger Woods injured knee was titled this. final farewell.graduation.funeral.Living Funerals...everyone who is ill (and able-minded enough to do so) should have one...Morrie Schwartz of "Tuesdays with Morrie" fame had one. the reading of a will is a sort of Goodbye.saying goodbye on the phone or when one goes to work/school. the ways to say goodbye in other languages. people who never got to say goodbye when someone dies. endings. Goodbye Goodbye by Oingo Boingo. The Last Supper.farewell speeches.we will be saying goodbye to Bush as President soon.

  3. Cage ::
  4. Nicolas. Tweety Bird. I showed Husband a picture of "Darth Tweety" that I found amusing last night. Animals at the zoo and the pound. bird cage,of course. feeling caged in. rib cage.

  5. Buddy ::
  6. Buddy Holly. The Buddy Jesus statue from the movie Dogma. Using the buddy system in school and when camping....still advisable for some situations as an adult.

  7. Magic words ::
  8. Harry Potter. saying Please. Open Sesame.

  9. Library ::
  10. Interlibrary loan. Library of Congress. I have a lot of books.

  11. Fall in love ::
  12. Romance. Some people try very hard not to fall in love...and even harder not to fall completely in love.

  13. Tense ::
  14. Workplaces. Muscles. Conjugating in school....were you good at it? Are you good at conjugating in any language besides your own?

  15. Work! ::
  16. Hard work is something I admire....putting very best effort into something. Not many people are truly hard workers anymore. Working in a Coal Mine. The song Sixteen Tons. Trabajo. Working 9 to 5...Dolly Parton...I want to be good enough to do this song at karaoke someday.

  17. Empty ::
  18. The glass is half empty. feeling empty. coming empty-handed. abandoned.The state we are all trying to avoid having our gas tanks be in.

  19. Heat wave ::
  20. There are heat waves on the west coast right now. The permanent state of weather in some places. Hell...the ultimate heat wave.


Unconcious Mutterings is a word association meme by LunaNina. :-) I haven't played in a while. This meme is in Week 282.
New evidence shows that chimps and orangutans plan for the future.

Transylvanian Dinosaurs

Dwarf dinosaurs confirmed in the land of Vlad (Dracula). Apparently there was more than one kind of dwarf dinosaur in Transylvania.

Makes me wonder if current conditions have led to modern-day descendants of the dinosaurs being smaller. What is considered isolation for a dinosaur group? If there are dinosaurs somewhere, have they become much smaller?

"Nessie", if she exists, does not really follow the theory of dinosaurs getting smaller in isolation.....unless animals like Nessie live a LONG time or were absolutely HUGE to start out with. Still one would think that Nessie would be a miniature dinosaur by now...if the theories were true.Then again, just because a particular phenomenon occurs in one place doesn't mean the exact same thing will happen in another-a lot of factors go into the evolution of a species. we go. Reading further into the article, it says that some isolated species can be larger than normal. So, Nessie (if real) could get larger? Some of the more isolated dinosaur descendants could get larger (or smaller)?

I can't even imagine the "Hateg Island Monster." The closest thing that comes to mind is a flying Godzilla. Terrifying. Interesting that this animal traveled over such great distance though....wondering what caused such a creature to go extinct. Virus? All attracted to the wrong place at the wrong time? I want to learn more about this dinosaur in particular. :-)

It is too bad that Baron von Nopsca did not see the confirmation of all his research (and that his life story had such a horrible end). I want to read more about von Nopsca's theories on plate tectonics.

I look forward to reading about future Transylvania dinosaur finds.

Dwarf dinosaur fossils found in Germany.

Dwarf dinosaur usually means small by comparison to other dinosaurs.

Illusions in the Sky

Every pilot experiences illusions that can cause crashes.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jay Bakker officiates at a same-sex marriage. I know that Tammy Faye was very tolerant...treating people like people no matter what activities they engaged in. The article talks about how Tammy Faye would be happy. I have never heard of Tammy Faye saying that she approved of gay marriage or sexual relations though.....just that the GLB community had been very kind to her during the time when her family was ostracized. Jay Bakker officiating at same-sex marriages was a surprise to me.

Enviro Stuff

-----Organic Wine
-----"Nobody's Really Going Green-Most Companies Just Pay Lip Service"...lip service like this is called "greenwashing."
-----Foldable hotels
-----Recycled blue jeans as insulation

Violet Hill (Dancing Politicians)

This version was directed by Mat Whitecross. I found the video on Coldplay's Official YouTube profile. Anyway, the contrasts between the "dances" says a lot.


-----Ellen Degeneres is planning to get married....partly on her show. She has given her girlfriend the ring.
-----Back in May, John McCain spoke on Ellen's show about how he is against gay marriage. This was a very respectful conversation.
-----Ellen is an active member of PFLAG (link to Wikipedia entry) organization I had never heard of. PFLAG stands for "Parents,Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays."

On a personal note:
From what I understand ALL marriage certificates in California now say "Partner A & Partner B." All civil ceremonies now pronounce as "Partners for Life." Is this true?

I would be upset about this. I think there should be a choice of what form to have and words to say. I attach great significance to being a Wife (the bride)...having nothing to do with sexual orientation but the meaning of the role that I agreed to take on.

I would hope that people have a choice as to which certificate and words are used. Does anyone know?

Awesome skateboarding

Chaz Ortiz Headshot Photo
Chaz Ortiz Skater Profile at
Sponsors: Zoo-York, Es, FKD, Bones, Diamond, UXA, Warp Skatepark, Force Trucks
Hometown: Chicago IL
Stance: Regular

Watched this young man (age 14) in a skating competition on TV today (home with a thyroid storm...not fun). Anyway....I am impressed with Chaz Ortiz as he has competed against the professionals. It looks to me like skating really makes him happy.

I always want to skateboard....but so many leg problems. When I have been on a skateboard, I have been SLOW. This year I am going to buy a new skateboard anyway.....cautious fun for me. :-) I want to see if there are any ramp tricks that are at least mainly-safe.

My fishie has a sharp nose.

Swordfish in a balsamic dressing...recipe. I have never tried swordfish...have you?

Speaking of sword fish, one Travolta movie that I have not seen is "Operation Swordfish." Asked Husband if he has seen this....yes, he has but doesn't remember it maybe we will rent it this week.

MISC.-Internet Addiction,McDonald's,2012 Olympic Village and Nancy Reagan

-----Internet Addiction is a clinical disorder??? Luckily, my Internet usage has not caused me to display any of these traits.....I don't sleep well but had that before I became a serious blogger. :-)
-----The McDonald's Diet? Actually, if I were McDonald's, I would come up with a massively-marketed-dieting-program....considering all the bad publicity that their food receives. Thus far, McDonald's is not interested in having the man who lost so much weight (while eating their food) as a spokesperson.
-----The 2012 Olympic Village is having a funding crisis. If I were the taxpayers who lived here, I would either want to brainstorm ideas or have some sort of compensation for having to pay the bill for solving this problem. I think that taxpayers would be willing to help if they did not incur financial hardship.
-----Last I heard, Nancy Reagan was endorsing John McCain.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Part of my goal for my "101 in 1001" participation was to explore more radio stations. This evening I am listening to XFM (and thinking that I need to update on my progress in the 101 in 1001 project....more later).

XFM has been in the UK since 1997. It is very interesting alternative rock/indie....good variety and not stereotypical (like many of our American programs). Most of the music reminds me slightly of the Beatles....and for me that is VERY GOOD. :-)

XFM has recently expanded to the web....pretty much the only way that I listen to the radio. :-) I don't have much time to listen to the radio other than multi-tasking. With Internet radio, I have found that the song list is generally better...I have yet to get annoyed by some selection on XFM. I can just turn XFM on and not have to be mentally disturbed by someone's idea of "music."

I am enjoying this because I like to learn about new locals and customs. The shows seem to have a lot of talk....and actually not boring. Overall, the shows seem to be balanced as far as music vs. spoken word. I am getting a nice look at the lives of people who live in the UK. :-)

Speaking of the spoken word....there are podcasts on here! I am currently excited about podcasts. While I am blogging, I use podcasts to keep my sanity....keeps me from focusing too much on workplace/life stress. :-)

Actually a lot of music that I have never heard. I can purchase songs on ITunes (though I found that some things are not available in the US store....have to switch to the UK store-which I assume is possible....I will have to experiment with this).

I am I like the abundance of info available on the various groups. My news obsession does cover music and I often surf the news about bands before bed. Now I can discover new groups and hear there music....sounds like a calming bedtime experience for me. :-)

There is even an option for finding gig tickets.

Things I enjoyed listening to:
-----"Do You Want To" by Franz Ferdinand
-----A morning show that asked which animal you are most like...which animal are you most like? I enjoyed the talk about responsible pet care and good pet choices for one's lifestyle.
-----Husband was amused by someone saying their show was "Number 1 in the periodic table of awesome."
-----Artic Monkeys..."Brainstorm"
-----Radiohead :-)

I had never heard of:
The Wannadies...a Swedish band that I will have to learn more about

Several other channels can also be listened to....XFM Scotland sounds particularly interesting to me. :-)



Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen...... :-)

1. Doctors may be able to use a patient's own immune cells to cure a small amount of people with skin cancer.
On a personal note:
I have a couple of moles that I don't like the look of (that doctors don't notice) which I need to point out next doctor visit....they look like the photos of moles that are not skin cancer but could lead to skin cancer. Chances are they will always be harmless....but still. I will keep you informed on we all need to encourage each other to take prompt actions concerning health concerns.

2. Chinese South Africans are to be reclassified as black people. Though White was the dominant workplace classification in South Africa, Chinese South Africans were discriminated against when they were considered white. I don't think it is a routine step to reclassify races in order to solve a discrimination/domination issue. I will follow the news that I can of this....wondering if this strategy will work.

3. Not wanting to leave footprints:

I just joined this evening. I am slowly going through all the recommendations. I already do a lot to offset carbon/help the environment. I usually add something new to my environmental efforts on a daily, I am not kidding. :-)
Please note: I also offset carbon via the site on the upper right corner of my blog. It takes so little effort to contribute sometimes. :-)

4. On Kiva, I have invested in the business of a lady who sells shoes. Micro-investing....meaning many lenders contribute to the loan amount. I am very impressed with Marina....she has paid back 67% of her loan!!!
Below is another person who needs a loan.

This widget will change to another person as soon as the loan amount is raised. :-)

5. Continuing to read an article about surviving without shampoo. I don't know if I am brave enough to try this for that long. Not everyone in the article had a positive experience with this. I think this might be one of those things that needs to be adjusted for your hair type....but I do agree that many women should use far less products on their hair.

6. Now I am really excited. I found a way of composting in the house that does not involve worms. Husband is not keen on having worms in the house. :-)
-----Part of this strategy still goes outside (on a terrace,porch,etc.), but it is a lot more convenient than traveling to the garden for each little bit of compost effort. I think this method will make it easier for me to keep up with using the compost and ensuring its quality. Besides, when I am transplanting, I always save the lives of all worms-so, I can just add worms to the soil as I go. I am trying to be a really good soil-rotator/enricher/maker. :-)

7. Summertime:
-----"How to have an eco-friendly barbecue"...there are some eco-friendly things that you can do with items you already have. :-)
-----A frank message to Sports Parents about Sideline Rage (I am glad to see "The Phoenix" back up and blogging.)
-----Recipe for homemade strawberry wine.Strawberry wine is a very messy wine to make.

8. Well, it looks like the new Guns N' Roses album might come out this year. This means that I might get a free can of Dr.Pepper. :-)

9. Snoop Dogg releases a country music video....dedicated to Johnny Cash. Here is that video.

10. Trying to figure out what is wrong with my stops working off-and-on. This is my laptop. It works perfectly in the compose mode of Blogger....but no where else. When I came home and opened it I saw a small streak of some liquid on the monitor....that no one admits putting there. I looked up computers sweating....but have found no such phenomenon. There is no wetness on the armchair where I keep the computer. Apparently the dog was near the computer but I don't think Dog could get anything into it without there being further evidence. This is a very odd problem. Something to do with the speed of individual sites I think. I will be cleaning out my keyboard and putting it up high....difficult to do as I have to put everything up and the computer needs to be perfectly safe (which it was in the armchair....until recently).
Update: This was a problem caused by updates to Mozilla. I had to uninstall,then reinstall. Annoyingly, after going through all this Mozilla updated again the next day....which would have fixed the problem. :-)

11. Firecracker Fried Chicken Drumsticks

12. The Anglican Church may split?

13. "The View" discusses the fact that people are now taking their dogs to Church <----The link is to a video of segment.

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1. (Leave a comment & I will link to you here.)

Non-Thirteeners are welcome to comment. Thank you for visiting, Jenny.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

-----George Takei to be among first to get marriage license
-----Bindi Irwin wins an Emmy
-----Family-Friendly sex store opens in New York City???
-----McCain and Obama condoms?
-----Dr. Pepper Glazed Ham and other tips for cooking ham this summer. The Dr. Peper Glazed Ham recipe is about the third one down in the right column. I am a fan of trying recipes that involve soda with it just intrigues me. :-)
-----Elian Gonzalez has become a Communist. I wonder what would cause him to do this and what the young man now believes. I wonder if Elian will do an interview on this at some point.
-----The Vatican bans another Dan Brown movie.
-----Is it safe to take a shower after working out?
-----How to avoid headaches. I get a lot of headaches/neck-aches due to my eyesight and goiter problems. I have no idea what a slow release vasodilator is. I am going to talk to the doctor yet again about the headaches and neck-aches (which are more frequent). Doctors always just confirm for me that my theories might be correct...but no solutions are offered as they don't know much about this kind of issue.

Checking on my Kiva investment......

I have a 25-dollar investment on Kiva. Kiva lends by banding a bunch of people together who donate little amounts.

The lady that I am funding is 50% paid back and is using the money for buying products for her shoe sales. I look forward to re-investing this when the lady gets done repaying....very low default rate and we are half way there.

I wish that I was able to communicate more with the people that I am funding though....more of a true (world) community effort.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm a Survivor...or at least I'd like to be.

Find more Science experiments videos

Lately I have been thinking about survival skills....sometimes, I think the world is getting be a dire place and that I might need to have survival skills. There just seem to be so many more natural disasters lately.

This method of starting a fire seems REALLY easy and I will be trying it to see if I can do it easily.

Sunday Seven......

Name seven everyday “tools” that you use on a daily basis.

1. Glasses I call it "my Clark Kent disguise." I have an eye problem and people treat me badly due to the appearance of my eyes. The glasses keep my eyesight from getting worse (a tiny bit). The eyeglasses CAN NOT be forgotten...especially some places where people will directly say something insulting to me. There are cities/businesses where people just have no manners. This is why working retail was hell for me. Some days are almost surreal.
2. Cell phone Internet-equipped to help with the news-reading that I so love. I have been known to surf the Internet from the cellphone while in bed (less bulky than the laptop).
3. Calculator I am a big number cruncher. I like to come up with money-saving strategies. I plan to blog more about my money-saving efforts.
4. Paper Towels I use them a lot in taking care of my plants. I don't like the saucers under the plants to leave rings at, paper towels get folded under the coasters. I do not like leaving plant/soil debri, I clean after every session of plant care. I tear paper towels into multiple pieces...I am not wasteful. Paper towels assist in cleaning the leaves of my Christmas cactuses (I have one large plant,a medium plant and two cuttings-that-are-surviving-so-far).
5. Pens If I am not typing or reading, I am usually writing. :-)
6. Chopsticks I keep a supply at home. I am very interested in Oriental food.I own and treasure Pearl S. Buck's Oriental Cookbook.
7. Laptop Obviously, I use this a LOT. :-) I have been writing this blog since makes me happy.

Join in this week's SUNDAY SEVEN

In My Life.....

-----Workplace stress. I guess I am coping though. I have a new non-retail job and I don't know if I like it yet. Taking it a little at a time. My retail job was making me miserable.
-----We are going to watch Shrek the Third tonight. I am excited about this. I have heard this movie is not very good....but I reserve the right to judge for myself.
-----Last night we had steak again....I found a good price. I highly recommend Emeril's Steak Rub...though it can be a little salty at times. I am eventually going to try this Champagne Punch recipe that I found on
-----I have an obsession with seeing what cuttings I can make grow. I also experiment to see how long I can keep broken branches alive....a branch with growing leaves can be pretty for a while. I discovered that pin-oak-branches-seperated-from-the-tree do not stay alive long AT ALL and look AWFUL when they wilt. Wilted pin oak branches are embarrassing when a guest asks what they are (and thinks that it is some plant that you have failed to water).
-----I was surprised to hear that Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are trying a relationship yet again. They must love each other a would think.
-----I hate when names and dialog are read in a monotone voice at award shows. This happened with some of the Tony Awards this evening. GROWL.....must keep from falling asleep and/or harming the television. In the end: I ended up turning the channel during a particularly boring acceptance.


I have become an Obsessive Couponer (to the point that management is called up every time I check out at the grocery to ensure I am not committing some sort of fraud). I get excited about online coupons because I don't have to go through such an odd scrutiny of my money-saving efforts. On the Internet coupon sites, everyone is there to save money. Strange....but this is the reason why I like internet-couponing. has many pages that I find interesting. There are thousands of coupon codes listed!!!

Every once-in-while I find it necessary to send flowers. I was happy to see that there were coupon codes for 1-800-FLOWERS. I may find this helpful at some point. I usually send flowers pretty quickly.....mainly for funerals and sudden-romantic-gestures (to Husband). I usually pick JCPenny to send.....but I should start keeping a list of places that I might want to price check at.

I was pleased to find Blue Nile offers. Blue Nile (jewelry) always impresses me as a company that really likes to interact with its customers. I have a ring sizer that Blue Nile sent me which I use whenever I am considering a ring purchase. :-) It is nice that there are other results on the Blue Nile page, I like to look through a LOT of pieces before I consider buying jewelry.

I was surprised that BestOnlineCoupons included Ace Hardware. I find myself spending so much time at hardwares stores as of late....or at least hearing about husband's trips. I would love to skip some of these trips. :-)

Something really exciting here is free express shipping with minimum purchase. I always get excited whenever I encounter a offer like that. Shipping costs are something I just DREAD. and useful site.

Misc. Unusualness that surprised me.

-----Man legally changes his name to "In God We Trust"
-----Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson are together again???

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen :-)

1. Obama's terrorist fist jab???? The lady who made this remark has now lost her television show.

2. Married couple has sexual relations for 101 days straight....and writes a books about it called "Just Do It." I wonder if the book just chronicles what happened. I think that more of a workbook would be helpful. I wish that every married person would try to have a good relationship with their spouse. I will be asking my library to order this book so that I can at least take a look at it.

"Just Do It" can be pre-ordered on Amazon right now. :-)

3. Husband is going to make me a PVC Sprinkler Water Toy at some point. I am going to use it for play (yes, I am an adult) and to water plants. :-)

4. Man gets ticket for not wearing a shirt in public

5. Man walks 25 miles to court for DUI sentencing

6. World E-book Fair....will be FREE...July 4th through August 4th download free books. :-) This is the third year of this event. There goal is to offer access to 1 million Ebooks this time. I have gone to this E-book Fair in previous years and found a lot of interesting titles. :-)

7. Strict ID rules for Jack Daniels BBQ sauce?

8. I survived the trip home from dinner this evening (Thursday). There was a large REVOLVING funnel cloud trying to touch down, multiple thunderstorms and we had to take many detours due to flood waters. Other than that we had a nice dinner.
P.S. The weather was acceptable BEFORE we went out.

9. Recipe for an Australian meatloaf that has coffee in the sauce

10. I am reading through an article entitled "Could You Survive Without Shampoo?"

11. Growing a ginger beer plant...for making ginger beer. :-)

12. Being a Christian, it sometimes disturbs me that I do not do much to minister to prisoners. I wish I could think of things to do that would have absolutely no chance of putting safety at stake. Anyone out there do anything to minister to prisoners? I guess the reason why I feel that I should actually do this is not all people are guilty and some are capable of reform.

13. Will Bin Laden be captured before Bush leaves office? Will this decrease terrorism in the world?

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1. Colleen
(Leave a comment & I will link to you here.)

Non-Thirteeners are welcome to comment. I am especially glad that "The Phoenix" visited....and look forward to The Phoenix's return to The Blogosphere on June 16th...a great blog of the "mad scientist" nature. :-)

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Monday, June 09, 2008

-----"Cheap Gas-A Thing of the Past"
-----"Media's Coverage of Dry Drowning Death was Irresponsible"
-----When is a panda like Chewbacca? Answer....when making love. No, this is not some sort of perverse posting. Recently, the mating of pandas has been captured on film. It is a little like Chewbacca.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Randomness Meme....randomness can be fun. :-)

randomness...feed your mind and your blog

Week of June 8: More nosey questions
1. What is your favorite day of the week?
Sunday....relaxing. :-) We usually plan some sort of adventure for Sundays. One of our upcoming Sunday adventures is making Captain Morgan Floats.

2. How do you usually wear your hair?
It usually has a lot of "product" in it because I am the Queen of Frizz. Any recommendations for taming frizz????....I have tried many,many things.

3. What is your favorite item of clothing?
I have quiet a few. Most of my favorite pieces are medieval,businesslike,unique,stunningly colored or silk. Yes, I know that my styles (and even patterns) don't always match. I am told that I never dress like anyone else.

4. Where would your dream vacation be?
Outer space. If it were truly my dream, traveling there would be affordable and safe.

5. Who is your favorite author? book?
Author: Douglas Adams. Book: Currently, Piers Anthony's "On a Pale Horse." Really, I read the news a LOT more than books....I am a news junkie.

6. How often do you log on?
To the Internet? At home several times daily, at work on all breaks,at work for work-related,while waiting in lines,I usually surf the news before bed. A LOT of logging on. :-)

7. What is one of your favorite internet sites to visit?
Leonard Nimoy Photography

8. Coke or Pepsi?'s stronger. I have a little less than half a glass of Pepsi to finish right this second. :-) I am really NOT SUPPOSED to have caffeine due to a thyroid problem though.

9. Do you prefer healthy snacks or junk food?
Healthy Snacks. I like kiwi slices,tangelos,ice cream (among other things).

10. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Night owl. A lot of times I am all over the board....that much is likely evident from my posting times. :-) As I am finishing this up Husband says that it is time to go to bed (as it is past 2AM)....I reply it's not time to go to bed, "it's time to party"...Husband goes to bed as he is used to these kind of reactions my part....I continue to type. :-) I am a night owl.

till next time....

Saturday, June 07, 2008

In My Life.....

-----There are now breast enlargement commercials on TV in the town where I live. I don't know if this is only in the evening (or all day). I don't think that one should have to explain such to children below a certain age. Does it benefit a young child to know that people can have plastic surgery?
-----The air-conditioning in our car is trying to die. The air-conditioning in our house is trying to die. online community for those with disabilities.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

1. Murder by Death-"Sometimes You Walk the Line;Sometimes the Line Walks You." It was put on YouTube by the record label that Murder by Death is on. I would assume this video is influenced by Johnny Cash. :-)

2. One man is pretty much immune to electrical shocks. I, however, am far from immune...I seem to attract lightning. I have almost been struck by lightning in daylight with no storm. When I am not having my hair stick up or my skin prickle, I do find it amusing. I have had a poster of lightning in my living room and even had a credit card with lightning on it at one point.

3. Spinach Cheddar Swirl Meatloaf. It looks kind of unsightly....but I am sure it probably tastes pretty good.

4. Someday people may be able to be levitated? I am wondering what this will mean for amusement parks (if it can every be brought to a safe level)? I would love to see a Super Mario or other type of video game ride in my lifetime....something where you could actually be part of the game. :-) Husband says.....what about an Iron Man ride? :-)

5. I didn't know that female soldiers have been allowed to guard Buckingham Palace.

6. Iced coffee with milk...pretty simple. :-)

Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge
I was happy to find out about this via the "Cooking with Anne" blog. :-) It's a really simple thing to do and offsets a lot of carbon. If you look on the top right of this blog you will also notice that my blog is a "Green Website"....also offsets carbon. :-)

8. Hard Rock Cafe opens an amusement park. :-)

9. When John Lennon saw a UFO.

10. The
man who prosecuted Charles Manson wants to see President Bush charged with murder.
He has written a book about why thinks this would be appropriate (and even gives advice to the legal team willing to take up such an endeavor). What are your thoughts on this and do you think it will happen???? I do know that there is one area of the country that has stated they will arrest President Bush if he comes there-I am wondering if they will be the first to attempt such a case against Bush.

11. A recipe for Italian minestrone soup with Coca-Cola in it.

12. Scott Peterson will be on trial for wrongful death.

13. Diet Cherry Cook Lentils. That is an unusual idea. A simple recipe that I will try but only if I can find the version of Diet Coke that doesn't contain aspartame (aspartame is this article on ).

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1. :-) Clara (this is her first Thirteen)
(Leave a comment & I will link to you here.)

Non-Thirteeners are welcome to comment. :-)

Technorati tag:
-----Ed McMahon has become a victim of the weak housing market.
-----A website for people to leave messages to those left behind after The Rapture

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Goldyn finds..... :-)

Tonight I am looking at the fashions on "Goldyn." I have never heard of any of the designers on, this is an exciting discovery for me.There are so many pieces on the Goldyn site that I would consider buying.

I am intrigued with this yellow blouse from By Francine. I like the lines and look of it. It has some transparency but is not immodest. It is also made of silk....which I am sure makes it have beautiful color/texture. :-)

I like Charlotte Ronson because many of her pieces look both the style and condition will be useful for a while. I would wear this brown cropped leather jacket both for the look and the comfort. I have seen many brown cropped jackets in stores this year....but none were leather. I also love the details on the sleeves and back...the back details are not something I usually see in a shorter jacket.

I looked through the purses by Andrea Brueckner and did find one that would be useful to me.....this one looks functional. I wear a lot of suits that would go with this. It looks well-made and like it enables one to be efficient...two things that I look for in a wallet. I am pleased with my current wallet but I have had it for about 6 years and it is starting to show wear....tempting.

Diabless is a nice blend of casual clothing and dressier options. I like this black baby top because the decoration on the back is a nice surprise....and it is so stylish in the front. I would wear the Bettina sequin dress when I was ready for a home-cooked,romantic dinner with Husband (wouldn't want to ruin it while I was cooking).

Anyway Goldyn has something for every lifestyle. Very,very,very pretty. :-)

In My Life.....

-----I love the commercial about literacy where all the destinations in the train station change to "Narnia."
-----For various reasons (i.e. being overworked ALL the time among other things), I have never voted. I am registered this year though I have to correct some info on the registration. I am excited. I do not know who I am voting for. This election year seems to be so important. I am not saying that it will be for the better....but I do think the winner will change this country.
-----I am concerned about the safety of whoever wins the Presidency this year. It seems to me that people/groups would have reason to harm each of the three major candidates. If I had a family at home, I don't think that I could easily assume the risk that goes with that office. I admire the courage it takes to come forward with ones political beliefs so publicly (though I don't pretend that any of the candidates are lily-white-honest).
-----I am going to get paid for my post about Social Spark. As long as it fits in with my blog and is fairly transparent in its intent, I LOVE SPONSORED BLOGGING. Social Spark even gives bonuses sometimes.....and I am going to be a good enough writer to get these at some point. :-)
-----One would think that if rain were to build up on a REGULAR BASIS...really quickly, ON A REGULAR BASIS.....causing damage/potential injuries on a REGULAR BASIS...and it were a place where there were no bodies of water nearby.....THE MODERATELY DIPPING ROAD WOULD BE REBUILT and the sewers would be improved. I detest the fact that it takes YEARS of damage or a death for some things to get fixed. This is not the first (or the last) time I will get mad about witnessing this type of idiocy. That's all I have to say about that.

Hillary Watch........

-----The priest who mocked Hillary has been asked to take leave. Literally, a leave....not permanent. Apparently, some of what he said violates the regulations of his vocation....I am curious about this. I must find his exact and complete comments somewhere. Is it just malice that is prohibited or did the Church agree that there was a racial bias included in his comments. What do you think of this whole incident?
-----Hillary's site is saying that she is not conceding the nomination at this time. The site is still accepting campaign donations.
-----Hillary's views on the issues

This blog is on fire!!!! is going to have Sparks

I have been approved for SocialSpark!!! I was so excited when I got approved as it is more selective than a lot of sponsored blogging. I had to have less newsfeeds and Google videos....because this didn't make my blog look like it was largely original content. Instead of appealing my initial rejection (based on the fact that I do commentaries on the newsfeeds and so on), I used the opportunity to better my blog and think about how I post. I am thankful to Social Spark for their instance on high quality content-it gave me a chance to improve my own work and lets me be proud of the services that I associate with.

Social Spark is a totally different ball game than a lot of the sponsored sites. I think that I will always be able to find something to do there....if the level of activity that I have seen so far remains consistent. No more WAITING AND WAITING for appropriate opportunities!

Social Spark consists of paid posts,sponsorships (usually a banner goes up on your blog for a certain period of time...with a variable pay rate) and "sparks." The sparks aren't paid but they are neat....inspires writing and gives something neat to explore.

Plus it is a community. More people for me to talk to. I have four friends request to sort through right now. Blogosphere friends are great friends.

Start it all with a little spark.....a spark of writing (you can start with something simple and work to the more difficult/higher paid)....a spark of traffic growth (could get you a good bonus)....a spark of creativity. MOST BLOGS COULD USE MORE SPARKS.

Super features:
-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure (I am enjoying getting paid to talk....if that much is not obvious).
-100% Transparency ( )----Nothing in that last set of parentheses-they were see-through. :-)
-100% Real Opinions....I always have plenty of those and encourage you to do the same.
-100% Search Engine Friendly

Speaking of on accidentally cool photo revisited-"Romantic Dinner on Fire."

Sponsored by SocialSpark

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Heads or Tails Meme

This week's theme is "royal."

Some royal things that I find interesting:
-----Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Some of their ships offer surfing onboard?
-----Royal Skateboard Truck Company. A "truck" is the axle for a skateboard.
-----Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. Imagine how amazing it must have been for Zebulon Pike when he discovered the gorge. Someday I will go and take a lot of photos. :-)
-----I just joined Crown Royal's Society of the Crown. I am also a Maker's Mark Ambassador (you can even get your name on a barrel with Maker's Mark).
Alternatives to rice
Have you noticed any signs of the global rice shortage where you live?
Medal of honor goes to a man who threw himself on a grenade to save fellow soldiers
"Measure to Bar Gay Marriage Qualifies for California Ballot" There were 1.1 million signatures on the ballot! It seems like this is going to be a big issue.

Gas Woes

Old Time Gasoline pump, around 1960-1970
Licensed photo by Jendo Neversil

-----AAA says that drivers are running out of gas more often. This can be very bad for cars.
-----GM to cutback production of pickup trucks and SUVs. I hope that the employees who will be affected saw this coming and have something else lined up for employment.
-----I keep my eye out for gas sweepstakes on the Internet. These are not easy to find as you often have to be part of a certain club or the sweepstakes are over but still up on the Internet. Anyway...someone has to win.

Right now it seems like wishful thinking...but I hope that the gas situation does not become Normal.
Kelsey Grammer has suffered a mild heart attack.

A Whale of a Ti-Shirt

Cute t-shirt that I might buy. "Jonah and the Technicolor Whale."
Jonah And The Technicolor Whale - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Along the same lines, this is also cute. After I buy it, I might wear it with a blazer on a Casual Friday some time.
I Got Another Whale - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Monday, June 02, 2008

In My Life..... donates money to help children with learning for each vocabulary word you get right. Today I got to Level 4 before I missed a word. :-)

Dear Mr. President,

This was a post that I did in June 2006. The topic deserves revisiting.

If you could advise our 2008 President on any issue(s)...what would you say? How could the President make a difference????

-I am definitely concerned about security in our country.
-I do not want to see a war on U. S. soil. I think that there are a lot of conditions in this country that keep resurfacing & could definitely make for a civil war.

Gwindor by ~RobertaScalvini on deviantART
-----There is a group that wants to ban wi-fi in public places. They believe that they have allergies. People who are allergic to wi-fi would likely be allergic to many other things as well.
-----The "God,Guns and Gas Promotion" ended yesterday. This was an offer to get a gunshop gift certificate with a new car purchase. I wonder what the final numbers were on people taking advantage of this offer. The offer was doing pretty well.
-----Would you find Elvis the Parrot to be a neighborhood nuisance? I know that I would at least find this parrot to be a great-photography-opportunity.
-----Uncontacted tribes in the Amazon. Will they be left alone?

Misc. -Women

-----"Is America Losing Interest in Oprah Winfrey?"
-----Bridal Boot Camp? I don't understand, and have never heard of, a lot of the exercise terms mentioned.
-----Rachel Ray wears a terror scarf? I would never have even thought of this idea. Note to self: If I ever see a checkered scarf that I like, guess that means I CAN'T/SHOULDN'T wear it. The world gets stranger every day.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Randomness Meme.....I am just full of Random. :-)

randomness...feed your mind and your blog

Week of June1: Fill in the blanks.....

1. My best friend is___________________.
my husband. Among his many good points, he makes really good spaghetti sauce. :-)

2. I love it when____________________.
-a plan comes together. Sorry, I had to make the A-team reference
-Husband slow dances with me

3. My favorite movie is________________because_______________.
I don't really have a favorite movie.
-I like Rocky Horror Picture Show because it is fun.
- I like Pump Up the Volume because I identify with it a lot and the soundtrack is interesting.
-I like Pretty in Pink for the strength of Molly Ringwald's character, the humor, James Spader and John Cryer are handsome and I like the clothing.
-Jersey Girl was a sweet/funny/sad movie.
-I would like to re-watch Sweeney Todd....interesting.

4. I can't stand it when________________________.
-a friend betrays me. I never betray my friends or loved ones
-I have to write a letter to someone to stop violating my Copyright....Husband and I call them "Klingons on the Scanner."

5. If I could have any job in the world it would be___________________.
amusement park creator. Of course, I would need a lot of training for this.

6. Most weekends I _____________ _______.
blog,weed the garden,sleep,read Piers Anthony,have some sort of food treat,tend to my Wandering Jew plants

7. _____________ tastes so good!
Baby Bell Cheese (original flavor)
Martini Salad Dressing

8. Why does _______________________?
a large part of the world not use their turn signals

9. I have lots of _________________ around the house.
books,writing utensils,magazines,spaghetti sauce

10. Blogging satisfies my need for ________________.
having someone to talk to when I want to talk

till next time....

A good BuzzAgent visits The Frogpond often. :-)

Frogpond Badge

BuzzAgent is a lot of fun. Sometimes the products and service discussed are totally new to me. At other times, I find that I was a trend-setter.

Save the U.S. Wetlands

A petition to help protect America's Wetlands I don't know that much about America's wetlands....making it a goal to get better informed on this issue.

In My Life.....

-----Sad about the Universal Studios BackLot fire. I am hoping that the King Kong ride is rebuilt and really would have enjoyed seeing the Clock Tower from Back to the Future (the clock tower is damaged). I know that we would have included this stop in our future trip to Disneyland. I was/am also planning on attending film school there some day (expensive). I hope that those injured get well soon.
-----Weeding. Yug.....battling Creeping Charlie. Any Creeping Charlie that I eliminate gets put out to dry in the sun (and gets stomped into little shreds). After the Creeping Charlie has dried up, I take it to the compost area. The little purple flowers are pretty but will KILL your lawn and take over your planting areas. If you don't dry out the Creeping Charlie or kill it completely, and it gets on the ground again, it will just reroot!
"Controlling Creeping Charlie"
-----We had steak and carmelized onions last night.....with Emeril's Steak Rub. I highly recommend Emeril's Steak Rub. Among other things, Emeril's Steak Rub contains garlic, 3 different kinds of pepper, and coriander (cilantro). The coriander's taste was not really obvious..I could give this to anti-cilantro people without protest if I didn't tell them first what was in it. A wonderful dinner.
-----Saw a commercial during the LPGA coverage about Jewel's new reality show. Jewel is going to make someone into a Nashville star.
-----I enjoyed the LPGA coverage better than mens' golf. There is more of a focus on learning about the life of the people playing. Much more interesting.
-----Yesterday Ken Griffey, Jr. made his 599th home away from the Elite Mark (like Babe Ruth,Sammy Sosa,Hank Aaron). I am wondering why no one ever talks about homeruns in Womens' Baseball. How many home runs do women hit?


1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Going to school....I am a passionate student, obviously. I have studied many facets of Business. I am passionately interested in having a coffee shop in the future.....I want to treat both customers AND employees well. In the past 10 years, I have seen so many examples of bad workplaces (both personally and by word-of-mouth).

2. What are 5 things on your "To Do" list?
-Redecorate my kitchen. I want to take glass bottles with corks and put all my spices in them....dyeing the labels to make them look old. I need more candles for the candelabra in the kitchen. Husband has said that he will make me a pole for my idea to compensate for the fact that I don't think the ceilings will take the weight. Many other ideas perculating for the kitchen redo....and I may post pictures.
-Weeding....the never ending task. Take pictures of any blooming flowers.
-Buy a dart board. Establish clear safety parameters for its use.
-Decorate my clothespins....yes, I am weird (but my weirdnesses make me happy).
-Continue my efforts to document my income and the day and the penny. I think this will help me make better use of my resources.

3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy? (In no specific order)
------Bagel and Cream Cheese....especially onion bagels. I tried making cream cheese myself....that did not go well.
-----Chips and salsa/bacon and cheese dip
-----Huckleberry Jam on toast
-----President Wee Brie on Triscuits (at room temperature only)
-----Black Cherry Kool-Aid (I consider this a snack-one that I can drink a lot of).

4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire.
Pay off student loans (a LOT),redo kitchen ceiling....guess that means new roof....just so I can have nice pot racks,put a sky light in....big to see birds,HELP PEOPLE (especially family).

5. Name some places where you've lived.
I consider this private. I will say though that I have always had at least one crazy neighbor. Does anyone live in a neighborhood without a bothersome neighbor....standard equipment for EVERY neighborhood?

6. Name some bad habits you have.
Staying up late because I drank caffeine too late.
Staying up late doing genealogy.
Staying up late reading Piers Anthony.
Staying up late Blogging.

7. Name some jobs you've had.
various Customer Service positions,volunteering for charity/educational events,Assistant (filing,etc.)

8. Name those whom you are tagging.
Anyone. :-)

I got this meme from Tammy (at "The Daily Warrior"). Tammy got the meme from "Giggles."

Saturday Social

Today's Saturday Social Question:

What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?

My Answer:
My initial answer was to take a romantic trip with my husband to Walt Disney World. I suppose though Husband's answer is what would would actually happen....helping friends and family members that are in any kind of dire straights. THEN Walt Disney World. :-)

This week I am tagging:
ANYONE WHO WOULD ENJOY PLAYING...the more the merrier. :-)

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Hopefully when all is said and done you will have met some new bloggers, gained a few new readers and had fun!

Happy Socializing!

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