Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Abducted Dog is Still Missing (CALIFORNIA)

Reward offered


Abducted 12/10/06 by a 45-50 year old African American woman Driving a 1980's Silver 4dr-sedan (possibly a Volvo)
Please call with any information (310) 490-3901

Joan Jett....the beginning

I found this on Joan Jett's MySpace. It is a video about her early career. This video was done by MyCadillacStory.com

Teachers Corrupting Our Children...on Myspace

Teachers are supposed to be role models...but apparently not on MySpace. This is not the first I have heard of things like this. Perhaps some sort of approval system needs to be put in place before a teacher puts up a website that publicly discloses their identity.

I can see some really bad things happening with the fraternization parts.

What is My Subconcious Muttering to Me this Week???

Well...Sunday was the day that I was stuck at a convention in a blizzard so I forgot about this meme until just now. The mutterings below are a word association meme that can be participated in all week & that don't have to be just single word answers. I had a lot of fun with this last week. I encourage you to play.

1. Soldier ::

Wait until the war is over...The Unknown Soldier (The Doors)
tin Soldier
We must soldier on

2. Lipton ::
Sides...as in side dishes

3. Reason ::
Is it a reason or an excuse? Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference
Deductive Reasoning

4. Terms ::
of the agreement
of negotiation

5. Positive ::
Test Results
how one should try to be

6. Example ::
Lead by it
as you are going through school you see a lot of examples
learning by example
in school & growing up you see a lot of examples
ignoring the examples that you see in the people around you...if they are bad
peer pressure

7. Legacy ::
everyone leaves one
we have dreams of leaving a great legacy
sounds like the name of a ship

8. Solo ::
Han...of course
The song about being on one's own in Les Mis
one & only one...like the Highlander will be

9. Instrument ::
Being Used

10. Later ::
Now or later
remember the candy called Now or Laters?
Later alligator...in a while crocodile.
I'll do it later.
Get back with me later.

Lists that I have read:
Rosei...who made me realize that a diary is a legacy eventually.

A shot of espresso for the workout pain

Coffee better than ibuprofen at relieving workout pain. I might believe this if it weren't for the fact that only nine people were tested (& all in one age group,I would guess).

Still, I will try it. I like coffee but don't drink that much, so according to the article, it should work on me.

I would be a little nervous though about taking the caffeine & having my heart race...even after waiting a while to excercise.

I didn't even know that people sometimes take ibuprofen before they work out.
New Jersey soldiers being taxed...while they are overseas fighting.

Philosophy Vanilla Birthday Cake Flavored Lip Shine...sounds interesting.


Kaos needs a home. She is temporarily being boarded at a vet in Florida. I hope that someone out there in the Blogsphere can adopt her soon....or knows someone with a good heart who can.

She is going to live with Ami. I hope that we continue to hear about her on Ami's blog.

Monday, February 26, 2007

What's PayPerPost's Newest Surprise???

-Are they going to switch to an all Leprechaun-costumed staff for St. Patrick's Day?
-Are they going back to allowing more than two posts per day? Would you wear a Leprechaun costume to work?
-Will the whole world notice? Will it be talked about by YouTubers and bloggers everywhere?
-Maybe they will allow posts on more than one blog? The PayPerPost Armada ...I have no idea why that sounds funny to me.
-Perhaps they have found Waldo? Waldo's been missing for a while.
-Expanding the PayPerPost headquarters?
-Maybe a drawing. What is the weirdest thing that they could give away?

They did a PayPerPost wedding in Vegas...what could top that???

Well....what do you think they are going to be doing? Are you excited or at least a little curious? All someone has to do is tell me that something will be a real surprise to keep me guessing and guessing and guessing. :-)

What kind of activity would you like to see PayPerPost do.

Regardless of what the PaypPerPost company's pending surprise is, anyone who blogs should check their site out. It is a great way to make a little extra money with enough variety that you can usually find something that you would blog about anyway. (P.S. the link above will take you to the PayPerPost site).

Your Personality is the Rarest (INFJ)

Your personality type is introspective, principled, self critical, and sensitive.

Only about 2% of all people have your personality - including 3% of all women and around 1% of all men.
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging.

My opinion:
Hubbie agrees that I am introverted. I find myself to be both introverted & extroverted. The rest of this assessment describes me perfectly. :-)

My husband also tells me that he has never met anyone like me when I ask him what type of person I am. Apparently, I don't fit into any stereotypes...I guess that is good. :-)

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Do you think it will really make you smarter?

One of the features of this game:
Use your environment as a weapon - Grab trash cans, vehicles, even people. Take your enemies' weapons, build barricades, even arrange explosives to set them off later

My thoughts & happenings as of late....

-I met a child this week whose name was Grey. I have never met anyone named Grey. I am told that a lot of people are named Grey.
-Someone told me that there will soon be coins of the Presidential Wives & that they will sell for about a hundred dollars.
-I went to Gamicon during a blizzard....everyone made it home alive though at least one of the vendors had the water cause damage to their store. The next day you really couldn't even tell that it happened.
-I feel sad for all the weather-related deaths that I have heard of lately.
-I would love to shave my hair off like Britney Spears at some point but it just wouldn't look right on me. I did see a gentleman with the neatest hair this weekend...black with a reddish dye on top & there were individual strands with the different colors of the rainbow. He had long,long hair. You had to see it to understand....but it was beautiful.
Obituary for Common Sense...how true this is.
Wow....look at the size of those fish!
Iran to create an island for female tourists
"Illegal Immigration not a Victimless Crime"

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gamicon 2007-Day 2....
Gamers VS. Life-Threatening Blizzard
In the Land of the Iowa Hawkeyes

Well the attendance at Gamicon 2007 in Iowa City, Iowa seemed to be lower this year...that could have been due to the blizzard outside. I am hoping that everyone who attended got home safely & they only come back tomorrow for the final day if they can safely do so.

Thank you to everyone who came by our table,
The Archaic Design

See The Archaic Sculpture

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Greatest Swordsman that Ever Lived

Warning...one piece of flying animated gore.
Make sure to watch past the middle where there are credits.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


-Have a little fun dressing a paper doll named Tinkerbell.
Thirteen Pig Quotes...what Ronald Reagan said was very clever.
Save the Dibbin Forest
Oscar Mayer Chicken Breast Strips recall ....I am glad that I didn't get any because I probably would buy these if I had come across them at the store.
Please keep Little David in your thoughts & prayers. I really hope that he is able to walk & put weight on his arms, etc. Physical therapy has to be hard on someone so little who can't always understand what is going on....I am thinking of falling or when they don't want to do it because it hurts.
Pray for Amy...a mother who has cancer.

13 Bits of Good News that I Found in My Blogroll....Edition 16 & Sadly Probably the Last One

Well...it is hard to find good news in the Blogosphere. In the midst of this I found more sad news....this is the last of the Thursday Thirteens unless someone comes forward & buys the rights. :-(
-Thursday Thirteen was a tradition for me that I actually scheduled time for. I will miss it a lot.

1. World's Most Premature Baby Gets to Go Home. :-)

2.Soldiers are honored in the Wednesday Hero Blogroll.

3. Saskboy recently celebrated his fifth Blogiversary. I hope that someday I can do the same. I will celebrate my second Blogiversary in July. :-)
-AbbaGav (a Dad from Israel) recently celebrated his second Blogiversary.

4. Aeowolf gave his 50th Blood Donation. Do you give blood?

5. Re-Gifting.....this was truly moving.

6. Jane wants Massive Multi-Citizen Science. Interesting...very interesting. I admire that she can organize such a massive effort. :-)
-Perhaps some of us here in the Blogosphere can help her efforts.

7. Stella Rose was born. Go leave a message of welcome....all babies should be welcomed. :-)

8. Sarah had a birthday....what a loving post.

9. Anniversaries & name calling can be fun.

10. You should pamper yourself...at least a little. :-)

11. Uma who is in a coma followed things with her eyes. The poem was great but I hope that you don't have to write that many more. Wake up sweetUma.

12. And hopefully there will be a new doctor in the world soon.

13. A new puppy

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1. Amy
2. Raggedy
3. Lady G
4. Bubba
5. Dane Bramage

-Thank you to Sesame, Kathy and Anna for visiting.

(Leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!)

I was
scanning Thursday Thirteen comments on the hub site & what
Annamary wrote really struck me:
“Happy TT!! Squeeze your Valentine tonight and remember the men and women who are missing home right now!”

Official Thursday Thirteen Gear...get it from the store that's always listed on the hub while you still can. Memories.

Technorati tag:
This groom's suit is definitely different compared to anything else that I have seen

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I watched this on television tonight. I have always been enchanted/saddened by the ending.

Jim Gray Missing at Sea

Even Jim Gray's friends have decided that he is unlikely to be found. What a sad thing. I looked through many satellite images in the Mechanical Turk effort to find him.

Well...I hope that whatever happened was swift & painless. It has been somewhere less than or about three weeks...I don't remember the exact date when he disappeared-I still hope that a miracle will occur & that he will be found.

A body was found near the same area Monday but it was not Jim.
Computers suffer from secondhand smoke

The Beatboxing Flautist

Greg Pattillo who is a beatboxing flute player in Washington Square Park.

**** Speaking of Washington Square Park,which is in New York City, a group called "Preserve Washington Square Park" is trying to prevent its redesign. The Washington Square Arch in this park is beautiful (many pictures/paintings at the link I just provided)...the arch was built to celebrate the centennial of Washington's inauguration.

Greg's Myspace

Greg also plays the flute in Aoka. Aoka is an experimental/electronic/rock group with members from many different bands. I like the song that they did called "Solid Gold"-I find it beautiful & danceable.

Someone Kidnapped a Dog!


Abducted 12/10/06 by a 45-50 year old African American woman Driving a 1980's Silver 4dr-sedan (possibly a Volvo)
Please call with any information (310) 490-3901

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

There will be a Milli Vanilli movie.
What did you do for President's Day...to my surprise I did absolutely nothing other than forgetting about it.
New Laser Comb that helps battle baldness

Troop Scale Back/Troop Surge

Britain will be scaling back the amount of troops that it has in Iraq...I guess this means that things are getting better there. I know that both Britain & the U.S. said that they would pull out when Iraq was better able to police themselves...still this came as a surprise to me that it happened so soon. I wonder if the U.S. will follow suit or keep up the troop surge plan.

Two things that I like Tinkerbell & fuzzy posters. I like to find unique fuzzy posters when I am traveling....particularly anything Celtic. :-)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Lindsay Lohan has left rehab...I hope that this goes well for her. I am sure that a lot of discipline & patience is necessary when one is an outpatient for this type of thing. I hope that she has a good support system.

I saw a funny movie with Lindsay in it yesterday. I don't know what it was called....about a clique of snobby high school girls called "The Plastics."
2007 Rugby World Cup...is in September...in France.

Britney's New Hair (sort of)

Well...my opionion of the new Britney Spears hair-do or lack-of-hair-do....my first impression is that it is awful.

And someone is attempting to sell the cut off hair for 1 Million dollars on E-bay.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bank of America to market & provide credit cards to illegal aliens.

Well as Thomas pointed out in the comments this is what Bank of America is attempting to do with this.

Exercising for Comments


Well...I got my other minute and a half of leg lifts done. I also did 14 reps with a 5-pound weight for each arm.

I like the Excercising for Comments. I am keeping track of what I have to do by having my comments sent to Yahoo Mail & then flagging each comment after I have done my minute of excercise.


More of My Husband's Ghost Rider Costume

Of course, there is always a picture where I have messed around with color, cropping,angles or some combination thereof. :-)

Modeled by a mannequin...scary to walk by if you forget that it is standing there.

Note: These photos are copyright Archaic Design.

Unsigned Entertainment

I am browsing a site called "Unsigned Entertainment. I have never seen a category called Dance Artists on one of these sites...that's different. There is also an acoustic category-this is also something else that I have never seen on a music exploration site. I wish these artists the best of luck in being discovered.

I am listening to:

-----Sweet Lucy...a Rock/Experimental/New Wave band...I can't understand exactly what they are saying but I like the sound.

-----Pistols N' Pesos...which is Americana that I would also define partially as adult humor...makes me laugh, shocks a little and the sound is pretty at times too.
I got my thumb in the wind and the wind in my back...the sun in my eyes and the night's closing fast.

There is a little part in this that sounds a lot like the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy....always a plus with me. :-)

-----And a Christian Rock band called Anora is looking interesting....I got to listen a little before I had to go do something else. Instrumentals sounded strong & beautiful. I didn't like the vocal so much but I do want to go back & try to listen to what is being said.

Anyway...it's nice to hear something that isn't like everything else that I have heard before. I am excited about browsing through this site. I tend to explore a little bit of most of the artists on these types of sites....a lot of fun.

A Word Association Meme

Something fun I am doing this week....Unconcious Mutterings...it says that you can participate all week! This should be fun as the rules are pretty relaxed & I think it will help me relax a little. :-)

1. Threshold ::
Bride...dropping the bride & the consequences of dropping the bride.
I found a band called Threshold.
People keep baseball bats next to the door.
I think my life is on the threshold of a lot of new things.

2. Jason
The Argonaut...sorry, if I spelled Argonaut wrong.
Jason Priestley.
I wonder how many Jasons have been teased about the Friday the 13th thing.

3. Suspicion ::
An Elvis song.
Fetch me my magnifying glass,Watson.
Did you suspect that Freddy Mercury was sick?
"You're suspect"...a line from Goodwill Hunting
Conspiracy theorists...there sure are a lot of those.

4. Tender ::
Another Elvis song...well,part of an Elvis song.Elvi.The Flying Elvises
Being tender is important.Hug me.
Dancing with hubby to "These Arms of Mine"
A really great hug.

5. Tempted ::
The apple with Adam & Eve
that song "Tempted by the fruit of another"
there are so many mistakes that a person can make

6. Crimson ::
"and clover...over & over"
glistening drops of blood
glistening like the Ruby Red slippers

7. Repulsive ::
how I feel when I am sad
nasty things in the snowpile
certain celebrities
shield your eyes

8. Bulldog ::

I hope he's a nice bulldog.Don't bite me.

9. Garage ::

-Guy Kawasaki's Garage Venture Technologies for startup companies. I read a bit by Guy Kawasaki in Entrepreneur magazine.
-I love knicknack hunting at garage sales. Great cookbook source...antique cookbooks.

10. Racket ::
I am getting a new tennis racket...expensive
I want to own a lot of tennis rackets
Stop making all that racket!

Obviously, you will have noted that this meme is not just limited to single word answers....good because I don't always free associate in single words. :-)

Lists that I have read:
Le Laquet
Outi....otherwise known as "Snowprincipessa"-which I think is a neat name.

Not Christmas Anymore...but the message is good

Stop Motion animation by James Provan. His friend Rachel is doing the singing.

OkGo...Do What You Want

OkGo has all sorts of little facets of their performing up on YouTube. These are the guys that did the video with the treadmills.

I wish that I could do half the stuff that they do in this video.

Exercising for Comments


Well...I had to do 3 minutes of exercise. I used my kitchen timer to do this & choose to do leg lifts. I did a minute and a half on my left leg & stretched afterwards. I really felt this. I still have to do a minute and a half on my right leg: the doorbell rang.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Meme: 6 Odd Things About Me

randomness...feed your mind and your blog

week of feb18: list 6 odd things
sound simple? it is, just list 6 odd things about yourself.
till next time....

1. I have tried cottage cheese & Tostitos...it doesn't taste like anything distinctive but is oddly addictive. I have tried cottage cheese & spaghetti...doesn't taste like anything until the end when the texture starts upsetting your throat & possibly stomach. Cottage cheese & salsa is just not fun.

2. If I ever get to go up into space, I would like to find a way to do some painting. I don't know what I would paint but my choice of subject matter would be very important to me.

3. Today I wondered why the PETA people have never protested GroundHog Day.

4. One day I used banana peel to help with my sinus headache....I read somewhere that it might help. I am sure it would have made a funny picture to see me with banana peels on my forehead, eyes and back of my neck. I think it was the coolness of the banana peels that helped.

5. I had to have my husband take the computer during writing this because I got a charlie horse. I was typing on the laptop & had to put up with the pain in order to keep from dropping it.

6. The last time I moved, I took a picture of another moving truck driving down the road.

Other lists I have read:
-----Marianne Arkins...who is a passionate writer.
-----Princess Yaffa...her quote of the day was from The Princess Bride & that makes her pretty cool in my book.
Omelets in a bag....COOL.

Leave-In Conditioner

Right now, I have to excercise for two minutes. :-)

Thanks, Barbara for the welcome to this group.
To Whom It May Concern:
I wanted to watch my videotape of "The Hank Williams, Jr. Story" & you did not. I tried to entice you with how great Christian Slater can be in a movie & told you that he plays a boy that was with Hank during his hiking accident. You said there was going to be another hiking accident & started pretending to play football with the video while saying "Hut,Hut,Hike." I told you that I would tell on you in my blog.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Saw Ghost Rider

There isn't any bonus footage at the end but you definitely have to stay for the song that is played at the end of the movie. I must have the soundtrack just for this one song.

There were very little comical moments. My head however had at least one comical moment....at one point Ghost Rider has all the chains wrapped around him like a sash & the parody song "Chewbacca, What a Wookie" started going through my mind.

Hubbie's Ghost Rider costume being modeled on a lab skeleton.
The flames are white right now...still need some sort of painting & stiffening.
It will be so neat to see when it is done.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I made this PicassoHead a while back...mine remindss me of maybe a Japanese cartoon character. Amusing on a short-term basis.

Ultimate Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party

Sounds like fun. The party comes with prizes...here is the prize list so far.
The prizes sound like a lot of fun, too.

He Said,He Said....by Maldroid

"He Said,She Said" posted on YouTube by the band Maldroid. This won "Best Music Video" in the YouTube Underground contest.

Inspired by the "Take On Me" video from the 80's (back when MTV still showed videos), this video combines live action and animation to tell it's tale. The video was written, directed, and animated by the band itself. Made on a ZERO dollar budget in an apartment in Oakland, Ca.

The video is essentially the story of a couch potato. :-)

"Better Than Peanut Butter & Jelly, Revised Edition: Quick Vegetarian Meals Your Kids Will Love"

Listening To...

Watching The Redneck Games video.
-I am not sure who that guy is with Jeff Foxworthy...obviously I don't know that much about contemporary country music.
"You may not see them bring home the gold, but they'll sure make Mama proud."

"De Do Do Do De Da Da Da" by the Police was on TV today. I danced & was pleased to note that Sting dances to this song the same way. :-)

"Signs" by Tesla

Jarhead Red Wine

Jarhead Red Wine

Jarhead Red is a wine made by Marines, for Marines, at Firestone Vineyard on California’s Central Coast. Net proceeds from the sale of this wine benefit the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, which provides educational assistance to children of U.S. Marines, with special attention given to children of fallen Marines.

-Thank you Annamary for introducing me to this. I will be buying a bottle. :-)
-Thank you to my husband for taking the time to look at the link I sent him about this.

Nickelback....If Everyone Cared

(Warner Music Group were the people who put this up on Youtube)

Singing Amen I, I'm alive (I'm alive)
Singing Amen I, I'm alive

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died

Anyway...the point is that we can all make a difference.

To whom it may concern:
I only half kid when I say that someday it would be great to put "Internet Peace Activist" on my tax return as my profession.

Seahorse being introduced to new home

Ok...after all that I would be intimidated by introducing a seahorse to a fishtank. I am getting a new fish tank sooner or later here though...something small as I don't want it to ruin the floor if it overflows. The horrible water where I was living at the time managed to kill my last group of fish....I removed the chlorine but I think that there was other ickiness in there. Isn't the seahorse beautiful?
An unbox video download:

My 15th Thursday Thirteen.....Misc. Stuff


I have blogged about this video before. It was posted on YouTube by a band called Maldroid. It is from their debut album. Stop-motion animation with Lite Brites. I find the music addictive & was singing along by the end.

By the way, sometimes I like techno & they have inspired me to go buy a Lite Brite when I have the time.

2. I am slowly working through Moby Dick by Herman Melville. It is a very long book & I want to understand what I am reading...not an easy task sometimes as the language is rather old.

3.A blogger friend (I am only not saying who as the last time I checked they wanted to be pretty anonymous for a while) told me about Jacob. Jacob is 438-pounds & attempting to run the Boston Marathon. He needs some encouragement. I don't know if it is a really safe idea for him to do this but many people online have actually gone so far as to send him hate mail!

4. I haven't seen any stars for a while but I also haven't looked for a while.

5. This is my mail holder right now....one of my husband's sculptures. Pretty yes? I am lucky...sometimes I get to have the artwork as decor until it is sold. I sometimes arrange flowers in this hand...it comes up to about the height of our armchairs.

It goes without saying....but there is a copyright on this photo/work. :-)

6. My personal fave Valentine's events:
-My husband bought me the Original Soundtrack to Rocky Horror Picture show....which I am avidly listening to as I type.
-Last night we slow-danced to Otis Redding's "These Arms of Mine"
What did you do for Valentine's Day???

7. I collect the pictures from Jones Soda. My favorite flavors are FuFu Berry, Creme Soda and DePeach Mode. DePeach Mode is a neat orange/pink color. My favorite places to get DePeach Mode are Panera Bread & Starbucks.

Panera Bread has a great Black Bean Soup.

I found a recipe that sounds good on Panera's site....Kalamata Olive Bread. I used to think that olive bread sounded so gross...I was so pleasantly surprised the first time I had some.

8. Utne is one of my fave magazines. I am really considering subscribing.

9. While I was typing this my browser crashed &, other than number 1 which I had saved as a draft, I had to start all over again!

10. I usually save tickets to things until they are too faded to read.

11. Today I am doing nothing but relaxing. Well...I wish that were true...I have a lot of return phone calls to make at some point. And I am making a cheesecake with the cherries in the shape of a heart....I anticipate great messiness.

12. I have to add more water to all of my "Wandering Jew" cuttings today. I am weird because I wash the roots once-in-a-while....I am very gentle with this & it seems to cut down on some of the gunk that they get.

13. ReadyMade is another magazine that I just love to read.

Something unusual that I found on their website:
How to Make Bacon Soap

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1. Sleeping Mommy
2. Interstellarlass
3. Di
(Leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!)

I was scanning Thursday Thirteen comments on the hub site & what Annamary wrote really struck me:
“Happy TT!! Squeeze your Valentine tonight and remember the men and women who are missing home right now!”

Technorati tag:

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I briefly saw some sort-of-stupid-things-people-do show the other day...there was a story about someone who was letting fireworks off in their car. From what I could tell, they were likely pretty hurt.
Tornado kills woman left homeless by Hurricane Katrina....sad.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pretty walking sticks

What will be a great moment in Space???

I was just thinking about space achievements today. I think that it will be truly monumental when we are able to safely send children up into space. I wonder how long that will take.

Fairy Me....sort of

This is a fairy print that my husband did. Eventually this print will be put on t-shirts. I am told that this one was inspired partially by the way that I look (when we first met & clothed...thank you). Anyway....it is a beautiful piece of artwork.

And if you are wondering...the butterfly wings have nothing to do with me. My husband just likes to put butterfly wings on his fairies. :-)

As you can see there is a watermark on this photo....that is because it is copyright (ArchaicDesign). I borrowed this photo from hubbie's website....ArchaicSculpture.com

Reading Moby Dick....Day 2

I am working my way through the little bit of etymology that Melville put at the beginning of the story. I don't really understand what "usher" meant in this yet. The usher has something to do with a teacher...or is the usher a teacher??? I will have to see if I can find someone's analysis that will give me the answer.

-The second Amazon link is an audiobook.
Do you know anyone who still wears sock garters?
The Official Peanuts Website...as in Charlie Brown & Snoopy.
Barn roof will honor Flight 93...I would love to see this when it is done.

Monday, February 12, 2007

"If the robots win, we'll have to listen to techno"....

Posted on YouTube by a band called Maldroid. It is from their debut album. Stop-motion animation with Lite Brites...and the music is oddly addictive. I was singing along by the end.

By the way, sometimes I like techno.
This evening I started reading Moby Dick by Herman Melville. It is a very long book.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Patch says that he is bead stringing while he is committed on Days of Our Lives...I just find the mental image of Patch bead stringing funny.

A Grotesque Named Ed

Imagine that in a dimly lit garden. I am campaigning for one....in a butterfly garden. My husband makes pretty gargoyles (and other stuff,see ArchaicSculpture.com).
Betty Crocker's recipe for White Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Grease: You're the One that I Want

Saw part of "Grease:You're the One that I Want" tonight

Jason performed "That'll Be the Day" but his Buddy Holly looked more like Elvis. The purple sweater/blazer that they put him in was just awful.

I am sure that we will see him close to elimination again.
What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

On a not-so-romantic note: Dog Eats Owner's $5,000 Wedding Ring
Watching a show about what it is like inside San Quentin..they are talking about how loyalty to one's race plays a role in prison politics. One inmate says that you can find yourself in a riot against someone who is from a different race but that you might have gotten along with on the streets.
This Friday Bridge to Teribithia comes out....I wonder if it will have the really sad parts that were in the book.
Cardio Tennis

This is the original recording, remastered. It says on Amazon that there is only one left right now.
How close is Iran to a nuclear bomb?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Somber Anna Nicole Site....

Right now all the late Anna Nicole's site says is:

Anna Nicole Smith

Sadly, it reminds me of a gravestone.

This is a boxed set of the original recording. It is remastered.

Anna Nichole Smith Collapsed and Died!

Watching CNN....Anna Nichole Smith died. Admittedly, there were a lot of things that I wasn't sure that I liked about her...but I feel sad for her & her family.

This is particularly sad though for her new little girl...her brother died 3 days after she was born & now her mother has died. It is a horrible tragedy.

CNN has said that there was supposed to be a press conference but the family may have asked that it be canceled. I think that it will be a while before the public knows anything about the cause of her death.

Larry King will apparently being doing a whole hour's coverage of her death tonight.

There is a lot of focus on what will happen to the little girl.

Finally they are pointing out that if there is a nurse accompanying you, there is some problem. I thought of this point right away when I heard that she was found by a private nurse.

Includes "In a Turkish Town" in its original form.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thursday Thirteen....My 14th

13 Things I Like Having that Might Surprise Some

1. My Burger King Crown...
I kept on wanting one but not wanting to ask for one. We went to a B.K.
that was out of town where apparently they put out the crowns for you
to help yourself if they are needed. I wore it in the parking lot
though I don't think anyone saw. I tried to wear it in the car but it
wouldn't fit with the roof. I have it on a shelf where I am looking at
it right now. I still wear it once-in-a-while.

2. Old Sneakers...
I am going to take black-and-white photos of a recently retired pair of
sneakers. They are worn, separating in the front and I found an
upholstery tack that was blending in with the sidewalk dust on the
bottom. I have a sparkly Austrian Crystal frame picked out for whatever
picture I like best.

3. My Burger King Football Kicker Bobble Head...
I got this at the same time I got my crown.

4. A fish tank that I am turning into a Japanese Sand/Rock garden for a table in the kitchen.

5. Gardenia-Scented Deodorant...
I love it. It is a gel so it is very messy so I wiggle my arms to make it
stay better. See I told you this entry was going to be odd.

6. Patterns for corsets, crinolines, etc. I intend to wear the clothes that I intend to make with them at some point.

7. My bullion cubes are always piled in little pyramids on some container or other in the kitchen. I like the little gold bricks.

8. In one room I have 10 flower arrangements that I did...I am planning more.

9. A Styrofoam ball with spray-painted gold leaves on it. This moves around the house. When we first got it, it was mounted on a pillar...so, I guess it's
topiary. I like it because it is SO ugly...my husband is amused by my love of the world's ugliest ball.

10. My husband says that he is pretty surprising...I asked him what I had that was surprising when I got stuck on number 10.

11. I rarely throw away phone books. They eventually wear out or fall apart or find a new home.

12. Udder Cream (as in cow udder)...
It's a really good moisturizer.

13. I am planning to start a collection of Medusa items.
My husband said, "Of course, that had to be Number 13." I asked him what he meant...he said that it was bad luck to look at her. I admire his complex but clever thinking. :-)

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We Miss You, Jed.

Several years ago we sort of adopted a raccoon & called it Jed. Jed lived in the rooftops & the trees & came to visit every night. He was a welcome edition to theneighborhood...people enjoyed watching/feeding him. Yes, I suppose it is foolish to feed a raccoon.

Then we found out that Jed was a new mommy! We kept on calling her Jed.

One night Jed was up on a rooftop & one of her babies had fallen...he/she was dangling from a gutter...hanging for dear life. We rescued Baby with a makeshift bridge that Jed used after making sure all humans were far away.

The Eve of the Dangling Raccoon was the last we ever saw of Jed & family. The stress must have been too much....after the rescue she took her babies & marched away very carefully. We watched them until they were out of sight. We still talk of our favorite raccoons often.

Photo of Jed & family
Copyright The Archaic Design
I am still laughing about when a child on Project Runway offered Tim Gunn turtle poop.

You Can Pre-Order Harry Potter

It will be released July 21st.

And here is the Deluxe Edition...but I don't know what makes it deluxe.

By the way: The official Harry Potter site says that there is some sort of fraudulent casting call e-mail going around....they do not do casting calls by e-mail.

Hit and run....of whales

This makes me mad. Apparently Princess Cruise Lines has been ordered to pay 75 thousand dollars in fines for accidentally killing a pregnant whale. I think it is good that they are being made to do some good as a result of this....one does not hit something like this & then wait weeks to report it!!! I think that this was just an inhumane thing to do...the body containing the little baby whale could have been quickly buried instead of being left to decompose the way it was (I don't know if they bury whales). Imagine the horror of seeing this.
February is Heart Health Month.
Kansas City chemical plant has several explosions

Wal-Mart....LARGE lawsuit

Wal-Mart will face 2 million plaintiffs in gender-bias lawsuit! A lot of other companies should face the same type of lawsuits.
A poem about taxes...I have received an e-mail somewhat like this.

Me Right Now...

-I am hungry for Swedish Meatballs.
-My laptop battery's heat worries me sometimes...I will be getting a laptop cooling pad with extra USB wires...Best Buy carries these.
-My fingernails are brittle from my stupid thyroid problem

And what about you right now?

Janice's Modeling Agency

On Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency on the Oxygen Channel...she pointed something obvious out that I have never thought about:
Male models have to have a runway walk too.

Things Not to Say:
"He had an amazing body. He hadn't eaten for weeks...it was everything we told him to do."
(Janice was not the one who said this.)

Mayabel was awesome. And I thought that the girl with all the spots on the side of her face was really beautiful...I am glad that Janice recgonized this.
Fifteen Geek Movies to See Before You Die

Olympic Bloggers....

In 2008, Olympic athletes may be allowed to blog.

If it is not obvious by now...I really like hats.
That is a good price for a fedora.
I am planning on buying the Bora Bora hat. I just like the look of it.
And the top hat is good for fun celebrations.

Amazing and Stupid

I watched "Amazing Videos" on Spike TV today...well, a little part of it anyway. This man was driving a dumptruck with flaming explosives into a bus with flaming explosives. He was supposed to hit the bus dead center but instead hit it from the side...the bus exploded & the flaming truck rolled over & was crushed. This man had no firesuit on & there was still a danger of explosion while they were rescuiing him. Somehow he managed to escape with only bruises. I escaped watching this show with the question:


Stevie Nicks is releasing a greatest hits album...that's really cool. To support this album she will also tour with Chris Isaak in the spring.

And then something that could be...weird. It is rumored that Lindsay Lohan will produce & star in a movie where she portrays Stevie Nicks!!!

Questions about Prince's guitar

See...I am not the only one who thought that Prince's guitar shadow on the sheet at the Super Bowl was meant to be a phallic symbol. Immediately after the show, my entry of comments about the halftime show started getting hits with people looking for more info on what occurred.

And now there is apparently news coverage about this.

Yes...electric guitars have always been said to be phallic...but I think that it was more the shape of this one. Obviously, there must have been practices of this show & there is no way someone could not have noticed the way the shadow looked.

And Prince sticking his tongue out during the performance lends even more credibility to the theory that the phallic imagery was intended. Maybe his lips were dry or maybe the photo was caught during the middle of singing some lyrics (though I can't imagine what words one would stick their tongue out for while speaking). Then again maybe it was intended to be suggestive.

Prince is a converted Jehovah's Witness & I have always found Witnesses to be concerned with at least the appearance of propriety. I have met Witnesses who did not conduct themselves in the best manner while representing their religious group in some way....but not on such a public scale. Though Prince was obviously not representing the Witness...you would think that he would have thought of the fact that just about every newspaper would point out the fact that he was a Jehovah's Witness if there was any hint of a sexual nature to his performance. I would assume that the Witnesses did not screen his performance before the show & I doubt they would have placed a stamp of approval on that last part with the sheet.

I know that I instantly thought it was intended to be a phallic representation when the sheet came up. This part of the show went on a little to long & made me uncomfortable. There is a time & place for adult humor...and the Super Bowl is not it. The Super Bowl is an American tradition...what do some of the recent preformances at Halftime say about America?

Kudos to the Super Bowl for the beautiful Cirque de Soleil performance by the way.

I am a Prince fan despite many of his more shocking actions over the years. One interesting thing to me is why he didn't get electrocuted or struck by lightning during all that rain.And Prince's shirt is unbuttoned pretty far in the photo for the article that I just linked to...if one dissects this preformance he still performs with a lot of sexual suggestion.

MAJOR Child porn ring uncovered

I was disturbed this morning to read that a major child porn ring has been found in Austria. We are talking a few thousand people from MANY countries...but the majority of them from the United States!

This is devastating. Apparently, they are very violent videos. I think that some time should be spent identifying the victims & making sure that they are now alright...counseling or whatever help can be offered.

And the amount of money spent on purchasing access to this indicates a serious intent to watch the downloaded videos closely in my opinion. I hope that anyone being sentenced as a result of these investigations gets some serious rehabilitation services.

Alumni donate 300-year-old Torah scroll to Hardin-Simmins University.

The man behind the You Tube Videos...Renetto revealed

If you watch a lot of YouTube...then you know Renetto. An interesting person...both the character & the actual life of the man who does Renetto.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Watching Days...Tuesday

-Firestarter Girl is pregnant! She was actually telling Hope the truth. Will Shawn be mad at Hope? Ah...that's right her name is Willow. I couldn't remember her name so I have just been calling her FireStarter Girl.

-Kayla wants Patch to check into a psych ward. Why would a psych ward stop him?

-I have never seen an episode with Benjie in it before. I didn't know that he couldn't talk. Patch accuses him of starting his problems...I don't know much about Benjie so I have no idea what is going on.

-Suspenseful will-Benjie-tell-what-he-knows music PLEASE go away!

-Roman always knows when Kate is lying. When will Roman ever grow to hate Kate?

-My husband gets points for watching at least part of the show with me...he is on the couch frowning at me....but we are still bonding. All husbands should watch soap operas with their wives. :-)
So what does he think of Days??? "The guy with the eye patch is cool."

-And Lucas trusts his mother over & over again.

-Benjie betrayed us. E.J. speaks sign language & confronts Benjie...and, of course, threatens him.

-Phillip offers to take care of Willow & is going to use the baby in some sort of scheme to get Claire. Willow extracts an apology from Phillip.

-And my husband wants to know how they always get back into each other's good graces.
In Europe a Sea Launch rocket exploded on the launch pad.
Electric Cars people are talking about
"A Refresher Course on Windchill"

AIDS cure???

Iran has an herbal cure for AIDs? If this is true, will they share it with the rest of the world?
Meth addicts are now using urine to get high. Yes, you read that right.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Listening To....

I heard a cool song at Best Buy today....I don't know what it was but it was by Blue October. I thought it was David Bowie or something from the 80s at first.

Watching Days....Monday

-Patch called EJ "Squire Crumpets." I laughed.
-I have a sweet husband who much to his credit has decided to watch with me...bonding
time. He says that I should write "much to his chagrin." :-)
-Finally Chelsea has started redeeming herself...and fixed all the broken
relationships with one swoop. It would be so ironic/bad if she really
fell in love with Nick...and so horrible for him if this was some trick
she was playing on him. Hopefully Chelsea doesn't find out about Nick's
secret...not that I approve of Nick's secret.
-It doesn't look like Kate is going to be merciful just because Sami is carrying her grandchild? Does she really think he/she is her grandchild?
-Well at least Phillip didn't hurt Belle. Or maybe he thought that taking
Claire would hurt her more. Is he going to hate Belle forever...years
of plot line even???
-Can we trust Merle? Is Merle trying to make money? Nobody else seems to wonder about Merle's trustworthiness just me???
-And what is up with E.J. & the knife tapping? How many flashback triggers can Patch have?
-My husband escaped the viewing at one point....I didn't even see him go.
We missed the first 20 minutes & he escaped 20 minutes to the
end...that means he was only captive for 20 minutes...less because I
didn't notice when he disappeared. Less than 20 minutes...I will have
give him a hard time about this. :-)
-Why didn't Patch actually hurt E.J.?
-Oh...I didn't know that Kate missed most of Will's childhood? I wondered why they don't seem so close.
-And that girl who started a fire..I don't remember her name...she
steals...stealing makes Phillip mad. Maybe Phillip just likes to
possess things. DoesFirestarter Girl have any morals about anything??? Is FireStarter Girl going to be a permanent character? Phillip sends FireStarter girl off with nowhere to go. Phillip is not a very efficient villian.
-Nick sold his watch...that's some expensive watch.
-Mayhaps Nick should have waited for Chelsea to come around.
-Steve looks really crazy....and EJ looked scared for just a bit.
-EJ is annoyingingly arrogant...annoyingly. His only redeeming quality is the cool accent. I suppose since his mother was annoying he has to be too....annoying runs
in the genes on Soap Operas?
-Firestarter Girl cries & Merle thinks that maybe he can help her. Will FireStarter Girl take advantage of him?

Jim Gray MISSING....
Keep looking....to those who still are.

Jim Gray, who helped with the development of Google Earth & did some of the research that led to such things as the ATM, is missing. It is a lot of water that they are looking for him in & I am wondering if his boat is missing also.

There is extensive discussion here of what may have happened.

From what I can tell there is still no sign of Jim or the boat he was on & the Coast Guard may be calling off the search. :-(

Ok...I must go get some sleep. I have looked at all the webcams I could find that have any even slight views of large bodies of water near the locals in the articles...I did not see anything on any of the webcams I found. Besides praying it was the only thing I could do...silly as it may seem to be doing as not much can be seen from onshore & I could not find any true seacams. I hope that they find him.

Well...I still can't sleep. Anyway...there is just not much coverage of this whole story. I have been watching Headline News & they don't even talk about it.

Well....the Coast Guard is giving it at least a little bit more time. They are searching out a little further. Apparently, the search will continue until this evening.

Finally this story has started making it onto the front pages of the online news.

And now the search has been called off. There is just no sign of him anywhere...very disturbing.

I have spent a good portion of this evening trying to help find Jim through Mechanical Turk. I hope that this effort is successful. ANYONE WHO CAN PLEASE JOIN IN THIS EFFORT.

I have looked through hundreds of satellite images via Mechanical Turk in this effort...not an easy thing to do when you have no formal training on this.

February 5th:
About the Mechanical Turk search....I am glad that they have given multiple examples of what is being looked for. I am still holding out hope that an answer is found to where he is & what happened.

By the way:
Mechanical Turk has qualifying tests for those who are qualified to help even further than the ordinary citizen with the scanning. Please help if you can

Setback in the production of the new Wonder Woman movie

Josh Whedon (Buffy/Angel), will not direct or write the new Woman Woman movie. I am a real fan of Wonder Woman so I really hope that they eventually get someone good to do this. :-(

Bizarre....Astronaut/kidnapper arrest

This incident just gets worse & worse as you read. I would be very surprised if this astronaut is allowed to continue employment with NASA...I am glad that they are being conservative (innocent until proven guilty)...but I think the conclusion is inevitable.

The diapers & so on really do give a lot of evidence to premeditation.

Kidnapping is an automatic life sentence if found guilty in some states...but apparently not the state that she is being tried in.

She may still get a life sentence though...as an attempted murder charge has now been added.

And the debt goes on

National Debt Clock

A list of FAQs that I read says that the national debt increases by about 75 million dollars hourly & 40 percent of the debt is owed by one branch of the government to another.

I read a post over on the FeyAccompli blog that you can make a gift contribution to help pay off the debt. I am sure that there a lot of wealthy people in this country that could at least put a dent in this debt if they were so inclined.

Life's Little Annoyances

-Burning the roof of your mouth on pizza
-Profanity on "The Apprentice"...it just seems out of place...and on BattleStar Galactica they never seem to stop saying "frakking."

And I promise Blogger's-Spam-Policy-word-verification-thingy that I am a real person. I wouldn't mind this so much except that after verifying on a new posts it tries to get you to login over & over to no avail. I will never be prolific on Blogger in an InstaPundit sort of way again...it carries a penalty of a virtually disabled blog for 24 hours (and I hope not more). I still love the ease of Blogger but I have had some problem or another every day lately. :-(
-Well...sort of fixed...now I am getting some blank word verifications...then an error an actual verification on this post....is it real fixed???
To be continued....

Congratulatiions, Katie!!!

The winner of Chevy's Super Bowl ad contest...I am glad that it was a young person as the money could be helpful to their future. :-)

Drinking Songs

-----There is actually a Wikipedia entry on drinking songs!
-----German Beer Drinking Songs book critique
-----Matthew says there should be Christian Irish Drinking Songs (and that it is his idea....so do not rip him off or give him 50% of the profit). I think that is kind of a neat idea for some of the folk songs.
-----Irish drinking songs for people who have cats (some can be downloaded for free under a Creative Commons License...be sure to read the license but it is a pretty lenient one).
-----Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers bumper sticker


I don't like drunken but I do like revelry.
Do you know any good drinking songs?


-What is the charm of Soduku??? I have never actually opened a Soduku book & looked at it.

-How long will it take for Blogger to realize that I am not a spam blog or that the word verification for spam blogs is slightly broken...thus, forcing me to only work on my past ideas since I can't post any new posts for 24 hours. I hope that working with old posts doesn't compound this 24 hour thing. *GROAN*
Lesson Learned: If one is going to blog profusely, do it in as few posts as you can. :-(

-I know that Jaws is premiering on Sci-Fi soon but I don't know when.

Welcome to the Potter Deathline Helpline

A helpline may be set up for distressed Harry Potter fans.

It is a bookchain called Waterstone's that is looking to set up this hotline. They mention that there may be as much upset as when what I would assume is a band called "Take That" split up.

Who is "Take That?"
Poke the Penguin

MySpace Games Provided by: StrikeArcade.com

This just makes me laugh...and as someone said in the comments part of it looks like the Hamburger Helper hand.

I wonder if the Hamburger Helper hand has a name. :-)

10 Years from Now

What are you going to be doing 10 years from now????

I picture myself as having children with my husband....well,at least one. I would like to homeschool them...I think it is the safest & best option in this day & age.

A lot of people claim that homeschooling cannot be done well. The only examples I ever see point to this...probably because those that have succeeded in homeschool are off doing something better than working retail (which is the only place that I have met any homeschoolers).

Update: My health may prevent me from having children....thyroid problems may cause my children to be deformed....I am still holding out hope that in a few years it becomes safe. I will find out more on this issue probably around October. If you pray, I would ask that you keep this in your prayers....THANK YOU.

Update: My family doctor doesn't see why children should be a problem. I have not asked the endrocrinologist I go to. We have just upped the medicine that I am taking. My goiter has shrunk on both sides & I am now in the "high normal" range. ________________________________________

Anyway, on to my 10 years from now thoughts....within the next 10 years I will have my Phd in business....boring to some but not to me. I will have my coffee/hobby store....I have been slowly tasting beverage choices for this as of late-an affordable project.

I will be living on a ranch...or something like that & raising my own produce for the coffeeshop. I will be as close to self-sustained living as I want to be.

In 10 years, if we have not had some war that eliminates the Internet, I will consistently be in the top 100 with this blog. I will have met all sorts of interesting people through the blog. I will have been a "Blog of Note" on Blogger at some point.

In 10 years, I hope to be a much happier person.

And you????

Everyone would love to be smarter. :-)

Simple ways to make yourself smarter...includes showering with your eyes closed.

The article mentions watching "Countdown." What is Countdown?

Finally...my blog is worth more.

Well...after months of being worth 30-some-thousand, my blog is now worth a lot more!

My blog is worth $263,640.18.
How much is your blog worth?

Walmart....one of America's fave targets/most beloved retailers


(As I have mentioned before, I sometimes protest, sometimes shop at and always encourage reform/improvements at Walmart)

They actually have a campaign on Walmart.com where they try to help change the stores one at a time...using ordinary citizens as volunteers.

Walmart does do some good...and puts it up on the web. It says that they have a scholarship & that they encourage their associates to volunteer....I am not much impressed yet.

Rum Cake...yummy.

Someone bought one of these once actually. :-)

I made about 38 dollars on Amazon links last year...not much but it was a fun way to find neat things & show people what I am doing/interested in. :-)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

"Stop feminising our schools...our boys are suffering."

One word that I need to look up in this article: "anodyne"

From Harry Potter to....Naked

From Harry Potter to....naked. These kind of transitions happen so quickly in Hollywood anymore. I am also not sure why one would need to see the story of someone who has an erotic fixation with horses.


This photo/article give more detail of this project & future projects. More of the photo is show here...now, I can see why people are a little shocked.


http://www.coffeehobby.com/ 2009-06-11 daily 0.5 http://www.coffeehobby.com/st.aspx 2009-06-11 daily 0.5