Tuesday, October 31, 2006

An interesting way to fund one's wedding.....

The above photo is of some foam stamps that I found at a JoAnn's Fabric store.
I use them for a lot of romantic things.
The stamps are actually on blue & pink pastel foam.

Payperpost is looking for a couple whose wedding they can sponsor. Do you want to have a payperpost wedding??? (sign up & look for it under "opportunities")

Well....what would a payperpost wedding consist of??? Well it is "Vegas Style" & you have to send them the story of why you would like them to sponsor your wedding. They pay for the wedding license, hotel and the ceremony...I am not sure where. Plus, you get one thousand dollars in cash (a good start on a savings account if you ask me....or just have some fun).

The Payperpost-sponsored wedding will be taped & streamed live...this could be really neat. And of course there will be all sorts of fun activities....I have come to expect that from payperpost. :-)

And of course, I will blog about the lucky couple's wedding. :-)

More info:

Annoyed I am .....No Bat Out of Hell for me yet

Bat Out of Hell 3, the new Meatloaf album, came out today. Due to some snafu or other my pre-ordered CD was not charged to my card back in August when I ordered it & they sent me a noticed saying that my order was confirmed. So, I had to fix it by giving them card info again as I no longer had the CD budgeted for...thinking it had been charged way back in August. I don't charge that much to the credit card so I don't really watch it like a hawk unless something unusual happens.

I am annoyed....as I said in my little Yoda-ish way. They keep on moving back when I will get the actual CD....yesterday when I found this error through an e-mail it had said that I was going to get it only a few days late. Now the CD could be as late as November 6th!!!!

And to continue with the Yoda-speak that I have been known to do....write a letter of complaint I will.

I don't usually buy CDs via the Internet & I suppose this is why. I probably could have gotten it in the store faster.....but Amazon had given me a gift certificate for answering a survey & I really wanted to use it. In the longrun I will be very grateful that I got the CD online (I only paid $7.70 out of my own pocket & at the time the CD was around sixteen dollars).

Well...if anyone gets/got theirs in some sort of timely manner, let me know what you think of it.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The best part of my day was....

Hi. I hope you are having a good day. What has been the best part of your day so far???

Ok...I haven't done this post in a while. The best part of my day has been a nice shower.


I am not as ambitious as my friend who does fire poi but I will try this sooner or later. I think that I could become pretty good at glowsticking/stringing & it would be a creative thing to do.
Over on my husband's blog, he explains what he calls a "Christogoth." Yes, some people are Christian & "Goth" at the same time.
I once knew a girl who was saving to get her back "laced." Now I know what this looks like.
Cannabis-based drug may ease pain. This sounds a lot safer than some of the other medicines used to relieve pain.

Frankenfurter and so on

Halloweenish I am. Sorry, I talk Yoda-ish sometimes. :-)
I am watching Rocky Horror Picture Show.

-----Fez from "That 70's Show" as Frankenfurter.
-----The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 30 Seconds...done by bunnies.
-----Call to ban smoking in cars .I agree with this for the reasons given in the article....of course, the problem of pollution might be disappated with some sort of special equipment. I have never agreed to not giving a person a choice as to whether they are expose to smoke.
The Anne Frank House...it's a museum.

Cussing Right Now...Comedy Writers are already disrespecting Steve Irwin's death

I am plenty mad. A South Park episode that depicts Steve Irwin with a stingray barb in his chest????...this is not humor. It is certainly in very poor taste to have it air anywhere near Australia. Even as time passes, this will still not be funny.

And by the way I have no respect for someone who would write something like this. When one has a public life there are still limits. Imagine the hurt his family feels each time they hear of something like this.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pumpkin of Sorrow Toss

Well....last year I blogged the "Pumpkin of Sorrow Toss" in which we went to the highest place we could find & tossed a pumpkin with all that had bothered us during the year....the resulting exploding sound & shattered problem list was spectacular.

We are not going to be able to find a good legal place to toss the pumpkin this year. We will have to find something creative to do besides tossing it.

Don't worry though...there will be another pumpkin & sorrow destruction. Of course there will be pictures.

Admin Note:

Well...You may have noticed that I have gone back to being a single author blog. Apparently, some of the programs that I enjoy writing about only allow participating blogs to have one author...so, I am back to a one author blog.

I still plan to have some guest postings or to cover more about the very talented friends that I have...I know some pretty interesting people.

For instance:
-Stay tuned for my husband's artist manifesto explaining what he calls a "Christogoth." Christogoths are pretty neat people.

Pumpkin Contest????

Well then....I saw a childrens' pumpkin contest today. I thought that I would see something neat. I saw a few cute pumpkins....but something made me stop looking.

What did I see that made me stop looking???

-It wasn't the "Yo Homey!" pumpkin
-Or the pumpkin that was possibly a child's salute to the different things his mother buys when she drags him/her to a local home decor store....either that or this child has a fascination with romantic things that happen to be the theme of gaudy wall decor.

No...the final straw was the pumpkin that the teacher allowed to be displayed which said "I will kill you."

Oh....what fun Halloween is.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Thursday, October 26, 2006

For some reason, Billy Idol calms me down a little when I am upset. Yes, Billy Idol did sing on a song on that last one...."Butchering the Beatles."

Thursday 13- Thirteen glances at me

Artwork I saw at a show on the campus of Kirkwood Community College-Cedar Rapids, Iowa

A poster I once owned. It kept falling down & I doubt I have it any more....it is in very tattered condition if I do.

"Road Trip Sunset"

"Anti-Pasto To-Go"

"A Relaxing Man's Arm"

This is the windchime I am painting on. It is what I used to make my butterfly avatar for my profile.

A pretty view of a necklace my husband designed. I changed the colors to make a artpiece to decorate my walls...my husband took the original photo. ( This necklace & the photo are copyright "The Archaic Design.")

More experiment with a red rose that my husband bought me

A cheese we did not like

This ice cream tasted good.

"Flower Taking Steps"

"Remember to Say Thank You"

"Once Upon My Windowsill"

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This is Edition #4 for me.

Past Thursday 13 that I like:
The October 5 Thursday 13 of the Silent in the Morning blog....13 Things in my Refrigerator

Technorati tag:
-----Things are starting to change....Schwarzenegger is now leading the polls. Maybe he will get re-elected.
-----Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes are getting married...an Armani wedding wardrobe (wow).

Time to Revive 100 Things About Me

I stopped doing this meme because it took so much room...I tried moving it to another blog but I didn't really like that. Well I guess I will have to let it take up whatever room it has to...I really want to finish this meme.
Starting over again:
  • I have never seen a sea turtle in its native environment. I want to.
  • I think Alanis Morissette is beautiful.
  • I would like to own an Armani pantsuit at some point.
  • I wonder what it would feel like to have a marshmallow in my ear.
  • I plan to start a Medusa collection. I have one Medusa image that I like.
  • I think that the Canada side of Niagra Falls is beautiful....much more beautiful than the American side.
  • I often use Meditation Balls.
  • I am especially fond of the song "Cry Little Sister" from the movie "The Lost Boys."
  • I like to weed
  • I have learned about myself from thinking about my "100 things."
  • I own many, many colored pencils.
To be continued....
The Blogger word verification tool wanted me to do an omlaut today....and on an English-speaking blog.

Admin Note: Youtube

Well...Youtube is down right now...so anywhere you see a big-black-blank-space, that was Youtube.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Neighborhood Bird

Every once in a while, when I am trying to work on some project where I don't want noise my neighbor decides to visit my house unannounced. I believe it is a he...anyway we will call him "he." It is not really him but more his voice that I have the fortune of spending a lot of time with when all the other neighbors are asleep. He likes to make noises like a bird for no apparent reason...yes, I am sure that it is not a bird & I am sure that he is only talking to himself. This is his latest annoying habit...nice yet occasionally a mild disturbance...not enough to complain just enough to grit ones teeth once-in-a-while. The last time I checked all my neighbors were in possession of their mental facilities....go away little bird.

"Little bird, little bird,
In the cinnamon tree,
Little bird, little bird,
Do you sing for me?"

-Man of La Mancha

Invaders are trying to land...in my computer

Sadly, in the 2 days since I got this laptop there have been 218 attempts to access my computer without my permission. More sadly, as I was typing this the total went to 219.

108 of these attempts were considered pretty high risks.

While I was typing the last sentence attempts number 220-222 were made. I have uninstalled programs if I felt they were too invasive with no justifiable reason...many times.

Watch out....somebody on another key board is watching you. Maybe you will be lucky enough to have them offer you a good chance to win a new car or some really spiffy correspondence classes.

Still trying to figure out with a laptop...

How to drag an object???
How to highlight an object???

There sure are a lot of pages to the Dell handbook. *groan*

It took me two days to figure out that the reason the picture was slightly dim was that I needed to tilt the screen back more. I can see again. :-)

Okay...I am trying Yahoo Mail Beta...emphasis on trying

Why am I only trying this? I am not sure if I will like it. It says that it is supposed to be faster & easier but I am still recovering from the pains of the switch to Blogger Beta. I usually do all my e-mails through Yahoo though I have been told that it is unprofessional to have a free e-mail address...I tell them it is the most dependable e-mail that I have ever had & I am keeping it until it proves otherwise.

Anyway....we will see & I will blog how effective the Yahoo Mail Beta is.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bejeweled 2 Deluxe & Key Strokes

Well...I played Bejeweled 2 Deluxe tonight for a while. This came as a 60-minute trial with my new laptop...60 minutes??? I wouldn't ordinarily be able to decide if I liked a game in 60 minutes but I know that I like this one....don't get excited, it is like every other Bejeweled Game that I have played. I like Bejeweled a lot. A lot of time can go buy playing Bejeweled.

I have played Bejeweled enough times in my life though that I didn't finish the game. I wish that it had some new twist to catch my interest...though I don't know what.

Anyway....I used this to practice using the mouse on the laptop. I still haven't figured out how to drag a window with it....though I did it accidentally once.
-----My laptop came...this will help me get things done as far as business goes a lot easier!!! It is a whole new world learning all the naunces of the keyboard....but I suspect better for my hands (much less repetitive movement).
-----Okay...one of the highlights of my next two years....Flash Gordon should come out in 2008....to me this is HIGHLY exciting.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Walmart makes George Bush Smile????

How much campaign money does Wal-Mart have at all???? Contributing 80% might not mean much depending on how much they have overall.

Our friend does Fire Poi

This is a friend of ours doing fire poi for the first time.

And here he is after more practice:

I am impressed...and like the music too.

I love my cedar chest...I have had a lot of happiness from having it. Speaking of containers, look at this picnic basket posted by The Foo Logs.

Admin note:

I have added my husband as a writer on this blog!!! I encourage everyone to have someone else write on their blog or write with them once-in-a-while....it gives things a fresh perspective you might not have looked at & adds some interesting interaction.

Rick is an artist & has some of his work up on his Myspace....his is what I call a "Newborn blog." Rick is very talented. :-)
Making a kleenex nose veil :-)

The MRS degree

On the Foo logs, there is a post about the Dove Beauty Campaign that helps teach young girls to have self-esteem about their looks.

I have blogged about this program before but I have never blogged about what we refer to as pursuiing "the MRS degree" (a friend of ours came up with this term for it). Watching young girls act like this makes me this makes me sad/disgusted at what our world has come to in terms of individuality & happiness.

Let me explain.
Here is what I said in response to the post on The FooLogs:
I know many young girls who do the extreme beauty regimes when they come to college. As a student, I have seen this many times.

These girls buy the newest fashions. They even use their student loans to do it. They travel all over & make themselves as interesting as possible. You can see their little stick-like bodies running the treadmills in any gym that has a window every single day....and they are working hard. They jog, and jog, and jog....and even travel to different towns to do it. They spend hours talking on cell phones...about their hair appointments. They get heavily into the bar scene & perhaps join a sorority. They often don't have a grasp of the rest of the world beyond these activities.

These are the husband-hunters. They very rarely finish the highly-expensive education that they started. They usually either get pregnant & married ...or just married & for some reason feel that they need to drop out. Again, not having a grasp on the reality around them they don't notice a wrong pattern about this.

We call this the M.R.S. degree. The "Mrs." degree program of study ends in one of two ways...they either go on doing this in order to keep the spouse or they become all the physical things they were trying to avoid pretty quickly (overweight, skin damaged by tanning/drinking,burdened by a world they weren't ready for,possibly out of love and sometimes with no education options).

The sad thing is that their friends & family think that this is all a good thing. They are happy for them that life is treating them well. Is it really???

Cleaning time

"She loved me because of the part of me that's a slob.
And I loved her because of the part of me that's desperate."
-Phillip J. Fry on Futurama

I know a lot of you in the blogosphere already do this but here is the Flylady method for cleaning.

Does anyone have reccomendations of housekeeping books for me to read?

Thus far, "Big Book of Hints from Heloise" is my favorite housekeeping book. Some of the things in it are outdated but a lot of them are still very timely. I have an edition that I haven't been able to find on Amazon....it also has "Heloise from A to Z" and "All-New Hints from Heloise." As you can imagine, this is a very thick book.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday...almost Sunday photo scavenger hunt


Grab the Scavenger Hunt code.

Photo Theme. Join the blogroll. Visit participants.

The theme for today's picture is "dreaming."

This is part of my hope chest. It is a Lane Cedar Chest from 1948....a birthday present from my husband (boyfriend at the time). It needs a little restoration but not much....almost in perfect condition. I keep gift wrap, party supplies, photos and momentos in it....things that I can use to make loved ones happy & things that have made me happy.

I had trouble getting my blog to work....but this is finally up. :-)

Blue Monster????

Well...I am helping to do some blog marketing as a Payperpost.com member....I have so much fun with Payperpost (I have found new things to blog about & there have been things on there that I already love to blog about...so it has been pretty easy for me).

Anyway....Payperpost has something coming out called "payperpostbluemonster." It is a new program of theirs....I don't know what it is but I will have fun getting these little puzzle pieces & assembling them on my blog to try to find out.

Friday, October 20, 2006

More fun with the art of shaken not stirred....

I made the martini vinegarette that I was planning for today....my husband did the salad part & I made the dressing. We shopped for it together & divided up the making of the other courses as well....soup (Campbell's potato garlic), salad and fresh-cut roast beef sandwiches. We love cooking together....romantic & good quality time. My husband surprises me in that he actually enjoys that I photograph our pretty meals (he even helps me set the table/photo)....I am lucky in this.

For the salad part we did end up using cucumbers. We striped the cucumbers because I like the look of them that way...an odd little addiction of mine. We bought one good sweet yellow onicn & chose the cheapest head of lettuce. We also used vine-ripe tomatoes (that was nice as we hardly ever buy good tomatoes any more...they have grown so expensive everywhere).

We started by cheating in a way...the suggestion (you can click on the link & read the full suggestion in my previous post) called for a vinegarette as a base. We bought Ken's Steakhouse Lite Olive Oil Vingarette & plan to use remainder of the bottle for another salad. This blended all the flavors perfectly.

I chopped up manzilla olives....that was sort of labor intensive. For the juice in the dressing we used concentrated lemon & I have a large bottle left for cooking....I read that most any citrus juice works good with vinegarette. We used "Three Olives", a vodka imported from England (instead of gin)....a nice vodka, by the way, that I have a rebate offer for. We had plenty of leftovers of every ingredient.

I want to learn the art of shaken not stirred

Martini Night 1. Photo by Kia Abell
(Martini in the light of an Apple Powerbook)

I had a chocolate martini on the rocks a couple weeks ago....my first martini ever. I have always been leery of martinis though I have always wanted to try them....a drink with an olive floating in it looks both repugnant & intriguiing to me at the same time.

Anyway....I am starting to shop for glasses so that I can learn to make my own. I came across these Martini Glasses. I have always liked Carmen Maranda, so I am intrigued by the Carmen glass...it's cute & offbeat. A set of two is $69.99. I might buy them at some point.
(I am also interested in the square martini chillers on this site...cool. These are $39.99.)

Some might consider the Carmen Miranda glasses a little odd. The thing that I saw while roaming the internet that I considered odd was a belly button dangle of Betty Boop sitting in a martini glass.

-----How to make a martini that meets the definition of martini. Of course, someone else will tell you that a great martini is made with vodka
-----The Perfect Martini...a detailed essay.
-----I suppose I am not that much a quibbler about method....as long as it tastes wonderful.
-----Mango Martini Recipe...though I detest mangoes for the most part.
-----Oh!!!...how to make martini vinegarette. That sounds really good. I wonder how that tastes over cucumber. I am going to the store tomorrow.....I will try it. I am a sucker for a good vinegarette recipe...and there are so many bad ones. I will post a picture of how my new salad idea turns out.

Please note that I do not believe in/endorse being a drunk....thank you.

-----Light up wine glasses
-----This blog has had 12,523 page views!!!
-----"Flannagan's Harp & Fiddle" is an Irish pub in Maryland. The menu looks good.
I like anything cooked in Guiness for the most part. Also, I am particularly interested in:
"Irish Oak Smoked Salmon: Imported and served with fresh Irishbrown bread, chopped eggs, tomato and cucumber. 7.95"

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Challenge....the theme is "Dark."

On Thursdays, I take a picture for the "Thursday Challenge." I had to hunt for a while on the theme this week...."dark". At first I was going to take a picture of the toilet & the algae that quickly & mysteriously grows up from it....I just don't like blogging pictures of the toilet though. Then I thought of the phrase "Lassie, Timmy's in the well"....nothing useful to do with the challenge but still funny that I thought of it.

At some point I decided to take these this shot:

A Great Light out of the Darkness

"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. Those who lived in the land of the shadow of death, on them the light has shined."
-Isaiah 9:2

Anyway...you don't have to agree with the picture....so, don't feel offended if you are not a Christian. This was my interpretation of the theme & I liked it. I wish that I liked the photo a little more but it will do. :-)

The Official Hitchhiker's Companion written by Neil Gaiman. :-)

-----Here Comes the Bride with a Budget...it has videos. (Thank you to Eleses for introducing me to this blog)

Well, this section is pretty empty right now. People made their way out of it & onto my blogroll...or, in a few cases, their blog was no longer active. Let's encourage newborn bloggers so that they stay around awhile.

Do you know of a newborn blog that I should list here?

Amazon Associate....it's fun

-I have made $13.04 from the Amazon Associates program this year....most of it this month. I am having fun with this. It took me a year to get good at picking things though. :-)

My Amazon Associate's links often double as wishlist for me. :-)

13 Things in my Mind

Thirteen Things about Thebluestbutterfly

1. I have a vintage Elvis Aloha from Hawaii Tapestry. I want to find it & hang it up again. I have always wanted to learn to hula dance too by the way.
2. My laptop could arrive today. That is going to make life so much easier.....but it is going to commit me to doing a lot more work....so, that is going to make life so much more complex.
3. I sure do a lot of typing. Every once in a while, I exhibit painful systems of possibly having carpel tunnel though I generally hold my hand properly when typing. I type about 60 words-per-minute.
4. I have not made it onto the Thursday Thirteen blogroll yet....this is bumming me out.
5. Someday I am going to have the top blog on Technorati & I will have earned it. This is a lofty goal but it is going to happen.
6. I am working on the plot for a novel about William Clark of Lewis & Clark. I am going to love doing the Sacajewia character....yes, I probably botched up the spelling on her name royally....anyway, I think that she was one strong woman. I admire women who have strength & even think that I am one....although I am not a perfect one.
7. I like to burn German Chocolate & gardenia-scented candles...at the same time. It is a bit of an unusual smell. I am glad that people like it a lot once they get used to it. I will have to buy new candles of both scents at some point here.
8. I wish that I knew how to do dance ballet.

9. I am enjoying the Maker's Mark Barrel certificate that I framed. You can get your name engraved on a whiskey barrel at the Maker's Mark distillery & then follow that barrel as it progresses to maturity. It sure was difficult to find a frame that would perfectly fit a certificate with the seal from the top of a whiskey bottle. A lot of people put weird things on their barrel...I bet their barrel mates don't appreciate that too much. I enjoy being an Ambassador....the most fun things that they have sent me are letter seals & golf balls. I have been an ambassador for about 4 years I think. This is how one becomes an Ambassador.
10. I would welcome more ideas of things to cook from anyone reading this. I love cooking.
11. I thought that I was never going to get this Thursday Thirteen done properly. I experienced a series of odd events during the publishing. My blog went completely black at one point....the blog screen of death??? At another point the editor started refreshing itself without refreshing.....the refresh bar just started, stayed at the end and whatever was going on wouldn't let me type or even see the cursor. Then my text started alternating black & white....it seems to be all one color now but I will see when I publish (I am leaving it that way if it is botched....what an ordeal). Maybe my blog is getting haunted just in time for Halloween.
12. There is one more post to go. My typing fingers are getting tired.
13. Who is your favorite comic book superhero & why???

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1. Joely Sue Burkhart
2. Janeen Z
3. Christine ("13 Pumpkin Things I Like")
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This is Edition #3 for me. I am still using a pink template for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. :-)

Past Thursday 13 that I like:
The October 5 Thursday 13 of the Silent in the Morning blog....13 Things in my Refrigerator

Technorati tag:

Nature..with an addition

Well....this is a picture with a chipmunk....we like chipmunks & spend a lot of time chasing after them trying to photograph them (and most every other wild animal we come across) .

My husband took this picture while we were taking a long walk through a nature area with some friends.

And what you ask is the "addition"???? Upon further inspection we figured out the big white rock lumpy rock close to the chipmunk is a dirty diaper.


This semi is not the semi you're looking for...sorry, I like making plays on a Star Wars line. :-)
Anyway...this semi is from a stage that I had where I liked to snap quick pictures on bus trips. :-)

I almost got run over by a semi today while out walking. This semi came into the parking lot I was walking through....not at all a parking lot a large semi-truck should have been in. It wasn't delivering anything & even if it were this was not the sort of parking lot for a large cab & very long flatbed. He was going very slow & not at all in a straight line....headed right towards me but he managed to get turned around.

I suppose that you would think that the story ends here. No, I was going through this parking lot to cross an intersection safely....safely??? If I had deviated a little from my normal path or gotten to my normal side of the sidewalk a little quicker, the now-turned around semi would have hit me as he didn't go out of the parking lot in a straight line either.

He sort of curved to the right where I would normally stand & likely would have hit me in an attempt not to hit me. He made more of a diagonal turn than a right turn. Then on the left side, if I had been standing there, I would have been decidely dead as his flatbead went about four feet over the curve. I needed to be somewhere or I would have tried to safely chase this man & get the phone number off his truck....likely tempting fate & becoming a pancake.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I like Medusa imagery.
Annie Lennox is awesome....I like her style....her many styles.
Medusa Against the Son of Hercules....now there's an idea that is interesting to contemplate.

Afghan food for thought

Learning about people that I don't know anything more than what I have heard through the media. This is essential if we are ever to have anything that even resembles peace. Afghan cuisine might be good....I don't know what they cook.

Eye Art/Operation Smile

Today's eye art for me....if I have to live with it, I might as well do something constructive that makes me feel happy. This month I am going to see another specialist....fun, fun, fun. This is part of a photo that I took on Saturday & the second piece of eye art that I have done in the last week. Making this picture made me feel better....I might frame it & put it on the wall or my desk. :-)

Please go see my post about helping children through "Operation Smile."
I figure that if I have such a hard time dealing with this....imagine what a child born with a facial deformity has to deal with.

Thank you to Thomas for blogging about Operation Smile. I think that this is a cause that people really need to hear about.

Creepy black cat crossed our path

We saw this creepy kitty at a thrift store....had to take a picture. In person it was much more deranged than the photo....it absolutely looked like a stuffed cat. What a lovely knicknack.

"The Phoenix" commented that it looks more like a giant evil squirrel. :-)

Cooked & Blogged

Photo by Margaret Chidgey

Did you blog your cooking adventure recently???? I love looking at the pictures & I eventually try some of the posts I find too. :-)

-----Cooky Kay blogged Arroz la Cubana.
-----I blogged Light Pasta.
-----Tina blogged Moroccan Chicken. Hers is the next recipe that I am going to try.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

This one is about emotional abuse as suffered by women in the workplace. It is not them being "girls" as I was once told.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The author of the New York Hack blog is writing a book. There will be a reading of part of it tomorrow. The New York hack blog is very popular....as most of you probably guessed, it is about a taxi cab driver. :-)
Freddy Fender passed away. :-(
Freddyfender.com has a guestbook up.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Weekly Echo....what the world was interested in this past week
October 9th-15th

courtesy of weeklyecho.com Yankees pitcher dies in plane crash Army tops recruit goal by lowering standards, Army Plans Iraq Troops Through 2010 New Danish Muhammad cartoons draw criticism and spark protest Venice\'s vanishing population Water for millions at risk as glaciers melt away African dust may quell hurricanes in Atlantic Couple Sentenced To 18 Months For Having Sex In Mosque High-tech school security is on the rise The Democrats Are Coming!? Web overtakes newspapers in Europe The hitmen who stalk Russia Sanctions = War, not just a \'nut with a nuke\' Syria nixes Assad visit to JerusalemFirst American charged with treason for alleged al-Qaeda ties Is God Green? Disney vet urges elephant vasectomies, Elephants search for dead friend Head Growth In Infancy Linked To Later Intelligence Super-skinny models are super sick French bill on Armenia genocide draws anger These pretty ornaments are quite explosive! UN pulls staff out of Somalia, Islamic Courts Declare Jihad Against Ethiopia The Handwriting Is on the Wall Walnuts better for the heart than olive oil New federal law requires helping evacuate pets in a disaster Soda Thins Bones In Women Ethiopian women are most abused Woman surges to top of China\'s rich list Will birth control be his job? Jolie Scolds West On Refugee Treatment, Jolie donates to $100k to Pearl foundation Lightning exits woman\'s bottom Hefner Prefers Dominoes to Sex Bulgarian archeologists find evidence that ancients did brain surgery Surprise pregnancy may help Vietnamese woman escape firing squad  The TV preferred by four out of five evil geniuses Warning over \'broken up\' internet GooTube: Smart Move or Silly Money 2.0? 101 carat diamond found in China goes on display in Beijing

It's simple:
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Operation Smile

I was throwing out a finished bottle of Arizona Tea today when I spotted a blurb about "Operation Smile." The label said that Arizona Beverages supports this program. The program is an effort to help children who have facial deformities. The label said that a surgery can cost as little as $240.00!!!

I must look more into this program. I don't talk about it often online, but I have a facial oddity....or what snobbish,ignorant people consider a deformity...a very messed up eye that most everyone I encounter stares at & that I get mistreated on account of. Eventually, I may be able to get this fixed. I hope to be able to help pay for surgeries like this for little kids....I personally know that the worst part of this is the reaction of others.

This is nowhere close to capturing my problem completely...but imagine one eye staring straight ahead, the other eye almost nothing but white, what you see of the eyes large and staring...this would be me on the days when my eyesight is at its worst.

When it happens my neck hurts a lot & people make it worse by handing me things where I appear to be looking with the bad eye....my eye has been this bad before & that has never happened to me. No, they are not trying to help me as the few people that I have tried to point this out to when I am upset have said (people who make fun of me by the way)...it only happens in certain towns & they are deliberately pointing out what they think of my looks.

On top of that, having to refocus my eyes to deal with the days when people are "helping" makes the problem worse (to the point where I usually get a terrible headache). I am daily treated as if I were stupid or mentally retarded....and those that know I am not often choose to treat me as if I were in order to cause me pain. That is my problem....pretty bad but not as bad as many, many other peoples'....now imagine being a child with a problem worse than this. :-(

Cooking Light Pasta....a romantic date for this married couple

This what we had for dinner tonight. I bought this book where part of the proceeds go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation....seemed like a good thing to do since this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (The book is from 1995 , so they probably already got whatever money they are going to get.)

The recipe is called "Penne with Mushroom & Onion Sauce." It was a lot of fun...my husband & I cooked together. We used good pasta (which only cost 88 cents), portobello mushrooms (but there are less expensive options) and organic olive oil among other things. It tasted wonderful....light but filling. Their was nothing heavy about the whole dish. Seeing sauted onions and chicken broth about to be pureed was an interestingly gross sight. :-)

Tomorrow we are having guests & making another recipe from this book. The recipe we are making tomorrow is called "Rottini Alfredo with Asparagus, Sweet Red Pepper and Prosciutto."


-----Teena also blogged dinner tonight....Moroccan Chicken
-----Some pretty simple instructions for how to cook asparagus

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I am participating in the "Fall into Reading Challenge" over on the Callapidder Days blog.
These are the other participants.
I encourage you to join this challenge. :-)

Here is what I am going to try to read by December 21st (yes, I intend to read a lot) :
  • The Calligrapher's Companion by Mary Noble & Janet Mehigan (it is also a practice workbook)
  • Learn to Draw & Paint by Curtis Tappenden
  • A Slob in the Kitchen by Karen Duffy (yes, Karen Duffy who was on MTV)....it is a recipe book. I enjoy recipe books that you can read from cover-to-cover. This one gets a little rowdy at times but has a lot of great hints about entertaining.
  • Crafts for a Beautiful Home by Ciba Vaughan (and the editors of Victoria Magazine)
  • Very Old Bones by William Kennedy
  • Kalimantaan by C.S. Godshalk
  • Things Happen When Women Care by Emilie Barnes
  • Grant Writing for Dummies
  • Six-Week Start-up by Rhonda Adams
  • Scouting for Girls The Original 1920 Girl Scout Handbook
  • Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein (I am on page 215 right now)
  • Now is the Time to Open Your Heart by Alice Walker
  • Underworld by Don DeLillo
  • Lessons for Dylan by Joel Siegel
  • Life Happens by Connie Schultz (a Christian and feminist...at the same time)
  • Worlds that Weren't by Harry Turtledove,S.M. Stirling,Mary Gentle and Walter Jon Williams
  • What the Buddha Taught by Walpola Rahula
  • A Year in the Life of a Shinto Shrine by John K. Nelson

Pink text??? Do you see pink text? It must be Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hello....is this pink enough for you???? I couldn't bring myself to turn my entire blog theme pink like "The Foo Logs" did....too many changes would have to be made & it just didn't look right at all.

Anyway...a good majority of my posts will have pink text this month.

Archive browsers later on take note of this...when I revisit posts that pink will be gone but this text will live on. :-)

There are warnings out about fake diabetic test strips.


Grab the Scavenger Hunt code.

Photo Theme. Join the blogroll. Visit participants.

The theme for today's picture is "lost."

My house is the Bermuda triangle for change. At any given time, I can find some on the floor that somebody has misplaced. Sure enough, when I went searching for this photo I found some....along with some misplaced socks. :-)

-----American Sewing Guild...they have some pretty nice contests for their members.
-----Sewing basics
-----Perhaps you can sew something in honor of the victims of September 11th.
-----September was National Sewing Month.

-Caribou Coffee Bars are now in stores. I haven't tried one yet but I have seen plenty of advertising.
-I have had 821 clicks on my Amazon Associate links this quarter. I do this mainly for fun. This year I have made $7.76 but I need to get to $10.00 before I can redeem anything. I have sold 15 items this year. It is fun to find things to show people & sometimes inspires them to look at other things. :-)

PRAYER LIST (Kind thoughts are appreciated, if you don't pray )

-U.N. Council voted 15 to 0 to punish North Korea for their nuclear test. I hope that the outcome of this is not a war.
-Farah Fawcett reportedly has cancer of the lower intestine. She would like to have privacy as she battles this. I will be keeping her in mind.
National Breast Cancer Foundation
The battle against breast ironing....it should also become a battle against what causes people to do this.

Friday, October 13, 2006

-I was watching "The Runaway Bride" again & the issue of diatribes against women was a feature of this film . I heard one of these while working recently. Unfortunately, I could have gotten fired if I said anything. Let's just say that I don't like to witness persistent, direct indicators that all women are stupid. If you see someone saying things to their wife & total strangers about stupidity when no stupidity is present....say something to stop it, if you have the power to do so.
-Watched Dixie Chicks video "Ready to Run."
I don't consider myself a Dixie Chicks fan but this video was funny. Except for the part where they make the bikes go into the pool...that part is just not possible. I liked the bag pipe part near the end. I didn't like that you couldn't figure out what the definite end to the story of the video was. This video was included in my copy of the movie "Runaway Bride.
-I hate when nail polishes start smelling weird and don't have their proper consistency...before I get done using them. Another one bites the dust.
-We went to see Man of the Year...I will probably blog about this at some point. It was very funny.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thirteen DVDs in my personal collection.....

Thirteen Things about Thebluestbutterfly

1. Elvis '68 Comeback Special Edition....I haven't gotten to watch it all yet. I liked watching Elvis joking /bloopers & I loved looking at the photo gallery that is included. I am planning to get the new DVD of the "Aloha from Hawaii" concert too.
2. Body by Jake:Strength Training 101 for Women. You have to use a weight bench, a barbell and dumbbells for this.
3. "Runaway Bride"...I haven't watched this movie in a long time.
4. Ever After...a Cinderella story with Drew Barrymore.
5. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory...the Johnny Depp movie. I like the original movie & this both....they are so different from each other to me though. I liked the old Oompa Loompa's better...much better. I prefer the old Oompa Loompa songs.
6. The Day The Earth Stood Still
7. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. This film is considered to be one of the greatest films of all time. It is a silent film with sub-titles. It is visually interesting & pretty easy to follow. It is about a doctor who hypnotizes a man into doing evil things. There is a Rob Zombie video based on this "Living Dead Girl."
8. Kate & Leopold. A romance with Meg Ryan & Hugh Jackman. I don't always like Meg Ryan but this movie is romantic. It is about a man from the 19th century who is brought foward in time to the 21st century.
9. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I am a big fan of the book. I liked the movie but I liked the book better.
10. A set of Charlie Chaplin movies...I like his style
11. Narnia:The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
12. Vanilla Sky. I liked the Penelope Cruz character.
13. Girl Interrupted

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1. Bubba
2. Crayonsetc.
3. Haley-O
4. Kay (I don't have a link yet)
5. Barbara
6. Tug (I have to say I love a lot of the movies on Tug's list...especially Benny & Joon)
7. Shaylondon
(leave your link in comments, I’ll add you here!)

This is Edition #2 for me. I am still using a pink template for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. :-)

Past Thursday 13 that I like:
The October 5 Thursday 13 of the Silent in the Morning blog....13 Things in my Refrigerator

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Thursday Challenge

The theme this week is "glass". This is my first Thursday Challenge. It is late & I just came upon this activity...so, I am starting with a picture that I took for my "Protea Adventure" post. I am keeping it simply for myself this time...this is my favorite glass vase which a LOT of light shines through...it makes me happy.
This is what the picture originally looked like:

This is what it looked like after I worked on bringing out the glass a little more:

I like messing around with the color on my floral photos. I think that it comes out very pretty. Now the picture looks like it might have been taken on a sidewalk.

The theme for next week is "dark."
Just saw:

the video for Death Cab for Cutie's "I Will Follow You into the Dark"

line I liked went something to the effect of "Catholic school, vicious as the Roman rule"

-On the theory that The Wizard of Oz is a "Parable on Populism"
-The International Wizard of Oz Club
-Wizard of Oz Lesson Plans

Ben & Jerry's

-I sure have seen a lot of Ben & Jerry's commercials lately...particularly for Cherries Garcia & "Fish Food."

-I had Ben & Jerry's Irish Mudslide recently...yummy...Irish Cream Liqueur Ice Cream...chocolate chip cookies...a coffee fudge swirl.
What other flavors should I try???

-Ben & Jerry's was pressured to change the eggs that they used. ("Growers and Grocers", where I found the post I just linked to, is an interesting blog.)

Fast Food

I didn't know that some cities limit the number of fast-food restaurants allowed. I hardly ever eat at fast food restaurants because I almost always get sick. If you want to know if a place has slightly uncooked food or poorly washed hands, take me there....my body reacts very quickly to this (you don't want me to tell you the yucky stories).

Fast food cartoons...you can send them as e-mail postcards
Fast food worse for the air than driving?
The Fast Food Archive...all sorts of Fast Food Premiums through the years.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fall Into Reading....Stranger in a Strange Land

"Stranger in a Strange Land" by Robert A Heinlein is the first book that I am reading for the Fall into Reading Challenge. It is about a man who is a human who was born on Mars. Thus far, I have found the book much more creative than most of the sci-fi books I have read....not the same old thing written over again. Well, we will see as I get further into the book what I think. :-)

I am currently on Page 222 (out of 438). I am finding this to be a very long read as their are a lot of ideas mentioned. I will have to reread it before I have definite opinions about it.


The "Fall into Reading Challenge" is on the Callapidder Days blog.
These are the other participants.
I encourage you to join this challenge. :-)


Etsy is a beta program. The Etsy site sells items that are handmade. I like that it only costs ten cents to put up a listing & your target audience is right there.

I have seen many beautiful things on this site. Searching is pretty easy...you can even search by color.

Thomas said that he has had good experiences when he has purchased with Etsy. He also pointed out that it is different from E-bay in that there is no bidding involved....this prompted me to change the title of the post from "Interesting E-bay Alternatives" to just "Etsy" as I agree with Thomas on this point (it does remind me of E-bay but with a more friendly site, lower cost involved to sell, etc...well, really nothing like E-bay). :-)

I also like Thomas' description of what Etsy is:
"It's a place for small-volume craftsmen to sell their wares."

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bill Strong posts about how some Islamic women are hoping to have a voice in the government of their countries. This seems to be the start of a womens' rights movement like what has occurred here in America & many European countries.

Don't you ever feel like there are some rights that are not complete yet? There are things that our society is still depriving both men & women of.

And then there is the question of roles? Where do rights and roles meet? For instance, I personally feel that their are some responsibilities that I have as a wife...responsibilities that I choose to fulfill.

C.S. Lewis

-----**A paper on C.S. Lewis by Professor Martin LeBar
-----I wondered what the "C.S." stands for & found that it stands for "Clive Staples."
So I thought:
Well then...maybe I should look up the history of the stapler (maybe it was named after someone).
And then I found no evidence that it was named after anyone. Oh well, I was just curious. :-)
-----The C.S. Lewis Foundation

This is a recipe for Turkish Delight the candy that one of the boys was addicted to in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. I am going to try making it sometime but I don't know that I will be addicted to it. Among the ingredients in that recipe is 2 pounds of sugar! The Wikipedia entry states that it is thought that hashish might have been one of the original ingredients (thus explaining why it is craved by Edmund in "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe").


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