Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bible Reading

Mathew Chapter 1 verses 1 & 2
Chapter 1 is the genealogy of Jesus

"Jacob was the father of Judah and his brothers"
Judah had eleven brothers & at least one sister

Transmitted into Space Again

April 1st, 2006 was a Saturday. April 1st is known as "April Fools Day" here on Earth...a day for playing good-natured pranks. Here is a list of pranks that were played on April Fool's Day in 2006.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Iron Man...coming out in 2008

Morton Downey, Jr. will play Iron Man.
Little else is definite about this movie at this point...but here is what is known about the cast & crew.

Wikipedia entry on Iron Man

Survivor Cook Islands Episode 3...My observations

-18 are left...quiet a way to go.
-Parvati...interesting name. It sounds like it is pronounced "poverty."
--Billy's teammates remarked on the love-at-first site thing that Billy said he felt for Candice.
-Cao Boi talks a lot. It almost seemed like he was talking about the draft...I don't see that being reinstituted anytime soon.
-"Integration" came pretty fast. But was seperated by & women...but then it was pretty equal again. :-)
-Nate caught an tried to catch them.
-Parvati is trying flirting as a strategy.
-The Cook Islands...I would like to learn more about them.
-Interesting...their are friendships between the two tribes now.
-The tribes are now Aitu & Raro.
-Johnathon is now telling "Flicka" that he trusts her. He didn't trust her before...or at least didn't have confidence in her before. I wonder what he will be saying further in the game.
-Cao Boi doesn't like scheming.
-Neither Cao Boi or Flicka trust Johnathon. It could be bad for a person not to be trusted this early in the game.
-If voted off can use the immunity idol & you are back in. The next lowest person then goes home. It will be interesting to see what Yul does with the immunity idol...people seem to like him.I think that long as he keeps a low profile and helps out as he has been doing he may not be seen as a threat. The fact that he is intellegent & hardworking though may call attention to him...he may end up using that immunity idol. It would be interesting if Yul don't see a young person win often on this show.
-Either Becky who or Cecilia were to go. Cecilia went home...but it was close.
As Probst thing is clear this tribe is definitely not unified & that is risky.


-----On October 10th, John Grisham's first non-fiction book comes out.
-----Meatloaf's new CD, "Bat Out of Hell 3", comes out on Halloween. I am really looking foward to this & I have pre-ordered it!!! I hope that it has more pieces that are basically rock operas.

-----Futurama will have new episodes....but not until 2008.

Halloween is Coming Up

A more modest Wonder Woman don't see that often.
I have no idea what I'm going to be for Halloween. What are you going to be for Halloween???

-Papillon is French for "butterfly." This is a good movie. It is about a man who has been wrongfully convicted & sent to a French penal colony. He tries to escape over and over....despite punishment.
-The guitar is very unusual. It is considered a "fantasy" guitar.
This is the blog of Anousheh Ansari,the Iranian-American woman who went up in space. She kept this blog throughout her experience.

This is a video of the launch. I have never seen the Soyuz launch was really a neat thing to watch. I think that it is Anousheh narrating this video.

-----Here is an article about Anousheh's blogging.
-----"The 12 men and women currently off the planet got a chance to chat this morning"...I enjoyed reading through this.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Recipe for:
Grilled Cod with Garlic White Beans
Prawns in Whiskey
Salmon Fettucine

Martha Stewart wants Eminem to appear on her show.

My Thoughts on Survivor Cook Islands Episode 2

I know it is to be expected...but Survivor has some of the most beautiful sunset shots.
Hiki trying to make fire...getting frustrated...they were "desperate"...I would assume they were either cold at times or dreading getting cold.
How good would you be at fishing?
What survival skills would you have?
Yul caught two of the chickens!!! Yul was also sent to exile island because he was the strongest member. While there Yul found the Immunity idol which he can use at some strategic time if he wishes.
John came back from Exile Island. He didn't find the idol & he is disappointed in the amount of work his tribe has done.John obviously has a lot of survival skills.
Johnathon does not like Adam's crabbiness very much...I forsee problems with this in the future.
Billy "conserved his energy" and then just had whatever everyone else caught to eat.
It is hard when you feel excluded in your own culture.
Cao Boi is still dispensing those massages with the red marks left behind for headaches.
The previews say that the tribes are going to merge again next show...I wonder how much talk their will be about race at this point. Will their be more prejudice...spoken or not (now that race has been pointed out)?
So much use of night vision
Blowing the challenge to get rid of Billy as a strategy...I haven't watched all the Survivor seasons but I have never seen this happen before in the ones that I have. Cristina doesn't trust Ozzy any more because of the coniving he showed in wanting to blow the challenge.
Billy knew that the challenge was thrown...that had to make him upset/angry.
Is it a personality flaw, exhaustion or just not caring enough to not try when it is very early in the game???
Billy was voted out.When he was voted out he announced that he loved Candice from the Raro tribe.
I found this post of travel in Malaysia interesting.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Laptops ripe with toxins
Why Macs are safest....I found this post amusing.
-----A proposal in New ban most trans fat in restaurants
-----Health insurance premiums up more than twice the inflation rate. I pay a ridiculous amount for mine in proportion to my income & some people can't even afford anything close to insurance.
-----I caught a bit of a program on the History channel that said we may one day have a world where everyone & everything is routinely armored (as in bullet-proofed). What do you think of that???

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Listening To...

"Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf by B5"...I guess you could describe it as a sort of rap/hip hop version of the children's story...this was on Radio got really

Madonna in Space

Madonna will not be going into space...anytime soon.
I hope that she gives a concert when she gets up there. Maybe some tamer pieces of music...something to promote world peace would be great. Perhaps they should send up more than one music star.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

-----It's Banned Books Week.

-Someone has said in the comments that Fahrenheit 451 is the ultimate book about banned books.

Friday, September 22, 2006

-----Do you think Alice Cooper should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame??? There is a petition that you can sign.
-----"Nights with Alice Cooper" program that Alice Cooper is 5 hours a night, 5 nights a week. On the front page, there is a locator that can give you an idea if the show can be heard in your town (range of channels varies).

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Another view of the "face" on Mars.

Interesting Blogs Written by Students

-----Dangerous Mind...a law student who seems very nice
-----PoMaBear-a very interesting person

And, of course, my own. I am a business student. :-)

Disclaimer: Please note..."interesting" does not mean that I agree with every comment or any comment made by the author. It just means that they have actual content that could be worthy of discussion. End of disclaimer. :-)

And a word of encouragement: I often find that student bloggers give up on their efforts (hence, this post gets shorter & shorter). I encourage you not to give up & I hope that you have the best of luck out there in the real world.

Blogs I hope come back soon: honors English student

Recycled yarn

For me this is a good idea because I have access to a lot of thrift shops. If thrift stores are expensive in your area...& some are...then you could try this strategy with yard sales.

People may look at you funny when you are buying the largest sweaters you can possibly get (for more yarn).

I am not so sure that I will be good at the cutting of the yarn, so I think I am going to try small projects. I will probably start making little pouches. I am just learning to crochet.

-----Donna made a recycled yarn shawl. She worked on it during commutes on the train/bus.
-----Sells yarn recycled by pulling apart sweaters
-----How to recycle yarn.
-----The owner of the Fig & Plum blog recycles yarn.
-----And this tutorial has some pretty good pictures.
-----And here is the Recycled Yarn Community on LiveJournal.
-----I also found a ton of recycled yarn up for sale on Ebay.
-----This is a chocolate-colored shrug made with recycled yarn.
When was the last time you played in a puddle?
I guess I don't anymore. I don't like walking around in wet clothes afterwards. I wouldn't like jumping in puddles anymore if I wore shorts either....I doubt it's very sterile given how dirty parking lots can be. Anyway...I like to tap my foot in puddles once-in-a-while.
"11 Things I'll Never Take for Granted About America" from the Asia on Faith blog. Little things that we take for granted...Americans have it good (or better than they think).
What things do you think we take for granted in America?

In French it is "La Petite Maison Dans La Prairie."
I am waiting for the sun jar to be available. It is a jar that collects up solar energy all day & then glows at night. I think that's really neat & hope that it will be fairly affordable.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The cast of 1971's Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory...where are they now????

Haigh's Chocolates in Rundle Mall Adelaide, South Australia
Photo by Fiona Hui
Gene Wilder is the widower of Gilda Radner

Peter Ostrum aka "Charlie Bucket" is a veterinarian. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is actually the only movie that he ever acted in.


Jack Albertson played "Grandpa Joe"...he died in 1981

Julie Dawn Cole played Veruca Salt. I thought her singing was really good. She was the only one of the children in the movie who continued to act.


Denise Nickerson was Violet. She has retired from acting to be a mom...this is her website though it has not been updated since 2004 that I can tell. She looks so different & so happy.
-----She played Amy Jennings in ABC's Dark Shadows series. I am planning to buy that on DVD.

Paris Themmen, who played Mike TeeVee, did a little bit of everything after the show. His website has a lenghty bio....his own travel company, sometime at Walt Disney Imagineering, various Entreprenerial adventures,retail...quiet a variety of different ends of the spectrum. It sounds like Paris would be interesting to talk to.

According to his Wikipedia entry, Michael Bollner, who played Augustus Gloop, is now a taxman in Munich.

Yes, I did leave the parents & so on out of this entry. :-)

Mistakes in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ok...the oddest things are not being allowed on planes. I guess that I would err on the side of paranoia at this time in history. Anyway, what do you think should be done as far as security right now??? be honest...I have no knowledge of this currently being done...but I think that there should be surveillance rooms on planes & other large sources of transportation....with the capability to both flip a warning button to the pilot & talk to the pilot. I think that the surveillance tapes should be transmitted to somewhere on the a video black box-much harder evidence for later if something happens. There could also be someone on the ground assigned to monitor each flight's video feed...even part-time people in shifts to cut down on costs. I think that this would help to decrease or make attacks more difficult. I do not think this would be a major intrusion & I think that people would feel much more secure...and be much more secure.
P.S. I have been on many bus trips where there were security monitors...I see nothing different about a plane.
Interesting post...lessons for Bush from Greek myth
-----That post was inspired by Arianna Huffington's post about lessons for the War on Terror.

Richard M. of 2,996 Beautiful Voices we Lost on September 11th, 2001

Richard Michael Caproni, 34

from Lynbrook, Nassau County,New York
Senior accounting specialist, Marsh & McLennan
February 9, 1967 - September 11, 2001

3 weeks before September 11, Richard, affectionately called "Richie", had just purchased his first home:
His sister, Lisa, was still decorating the place in denim-blue and wood hues. He told her no fussy, floral motifs. "He was proud of buying that apartment," she said. "Because he was on his own."
"He just had to unpack a little more," his sister said. "And he was good to go."

I started reading about Richard as a part of the "2,996 Voices Project"...a tribute to those lost on September 11th. I really wanted to get to know him. I looked to find Richard's "voice" and I couldn't find more than the many lists of names that people put up but finally...I found from a memorial page that:
-He was definitely a Giants fan.
-Richard made his co-workers smile
-He was probably pretty proud of his siblings.
-He was great at pep work, on a football field...just about everywhere it would seem.
-He was good at singalongs...planned & impromptu (the story of you singing "The Love Boat" as two teenagers walked by holding hands made me smile)
-I think he was a Springsteen am I.
-He had a lot of really good, longtime friendships.
-He liked "Malcolm in the Middle" & "The Sopranos."

One memorial entry said that his parents, Richard and Dee, are the nicest people that they know.

On September 11, by all accounts I have read, Richard decided to go to work early.
Many of his co-workers were also at the office. :-(
According to the Marsh & McLennan entry on Wikipedia this is what happened:
-"295 employees were killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks; they were working in Marsh's One World Trade Center offices located at the impact zone."
The plane ripped a path across floors 94 to 98, directly into the office of Marsh & McLennan, shredding steel columns, wallboard, filing cabinets and computer-laden desks. Its fuel ignited and incinerated everything in its way. The plane's landing gear hurtled through the south side of the building, winding up on Rector Street, five blocks away."
I cried when I read about how close the impact was.

This is the memorial page that the company keeps for everyone that was there that is Richard's entry
-it tells about his great love of movies & how much he was loved by other people. He loved football & was in many wedding parties. I think that Richard was probably very easy to get along with...sounds like someone who was a good friend.
-Acoording to their website, MMC does have a permanent memorial:
"MMC's September 11 memorial is located in the plaza adjacent to the company's headquarters at 1166 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. The plaza is open seven days week, except holidays. From May 15 to September 14, it is open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. From September 14 to May 15, it is open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m."

-I have mentioned it before on this blog....this is the quilt that was done for Richard as a part of the "United in Memory" project.
----Richard is on the Bellevue Hospital Wall of Prayer. This was something done by family/friends looking for their missing loved ones in the time shortly after September 11 & has been kept up as a permanent memorial.

To Richard:
-I read through every entry of your name. I found enough to know that you were a very nice person. You remind me a lot of myself....or someone that I would like to know...I am sure that a lot of people who have read about you feel the same way. As the years go by, I will be keeping your family in my prayers.

To read other tributes in the "2,996 Voices" project, click here.

If the list is down due to high traffic, click here for a cached list. :-)
And if THAT doesn't work...another participant is hosting a temporary list.

Some of the tributes:
Katie McCloskey,William R. Steiner,Adianes Oyola, Anne Rose T. Ransom, Richard Bruehert,Christopher Michael Traina, Tom Burnett,Dennis M. Carey, Candace Lee Williams, Zoe Falkenberg, Commander William Howard Donovan Jr., Dorothy Alma DeAraujo, David W. Bernard, Sgt. Maj. Lacey B. Ivory, Thomas Anthony Palazzo, Gilbert Granados, Marjorie C. Salamone,Michael J. Armstrong , Gordon Mccannel Aamoth JR, Danielle Kousoulis

I haven't seen the movie "Bed of Roses" yet. The copy of Pump Up the Volume that I have has a preview of this movie on it.

Monday, September 18, 2006

"The Macbeth Effect"



-----"Extreme Makeover: Vatican Edition"
______________________ you can have your own custom-printed M & M's...this is really cool. I am definitely going to do this.
What would your M&M's say?

You can also have your own Heinz ketchup or mustard bottle.

Being Poor

I am reading through this post on "Being Poor." I am also reading through the feedback it has gotten. I think that it is something everyone should read.
Here is a response to John Scalzi's post....dealing with being poor from the perspective of absolute poverty (in America most of us don't really experience this).

We all can help:
If we all tried to help out in whatever way we can the world would be so much of a better place. If you can't give monetary aid...or think you can't give monetary aid...then try to make your words reach someone who can. When the Indian Ocean Tsunami struck in 2004, I was able to give a substantial amount of money. When Hurricane Katrina came around my donation was very small comparitively speaking. You do what you can....and every little bit does help in the large steps that must be taken in order for the world poverty situation to be eradicated.

In your opinion, what are the best charities to give in order to help the poor?
The post immediately below this is one way that you can help right now...all you have to do is click & a company makes a donation on your behalf. I have been doing this for several years now.

Feed the poor...for free free food daily-no strings attached.
"Your click helps feed the hungry with the value of 1.1 cups of staple food."

"100% of collected revenue from site sponsorships goes to the hunger relief efforts of Mercy Corps and America's Second Harvest."

-----Let me know if you clicked. :-)
-----Thomas set it as his homepage so that he remembers...that is wonderful.
-----Tonya clicked...awesome.
-----Maja clicked, linked and will click daily. Good job, Maja.
-----R clicked. :-) at R. Maybe someday I will collect the whole alphabet of names here.
-----V clicked. I am quiet impressed by V's blog roll by the way.
-----Sxymma clicked. :-)
-----Brent clicked.
-----Tammy clicked & has said she will click whenever she logs on.

-----I am going to try to keep myself accountable to do this by posting here. I need to do this every day...trying to remember.
-----At Thanksgiving last year, I looked in my refrigerator & realized how much better I have it than many people. I am a student so I don't have a ton of money but I manage to eat well. I will try to help those in hunger more this year.

"The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world's problem."
-Mohandas Ghandi

(oh, and Wiseguy may or may not have clicked) :-)

New postage stamps

There is now an Amber Alert postage stamp. I am also excited about the Super Hero stamps on the same page (Superman, Wonderwoman and so on).

Sunday, September 17, 2006


I hear talk of the Pope's speech that upset a large amount of Muslim people. The term "dehellenization" came up. I did not know what this meant & still do not understand it though I read much of his speech.

Does this mean turning from the Greek theology???? That would be Hellenism.

Here is the full text of the Pope's speech. He spoke of dehellenization many times.

John Travolta Movies

These are all movies I like. I have not dared to brave watching "Battlefield Earth" yet...I think I tried a little once & couldn't watch any more. Does anyone out there like Battlefield Earth and why???...maybe I can get interested in its good points enough to watch it all the way through.

Disabilities do not necessarily make you dysfunctional or disfunctional

I have a friend who stutters a lot & this has caused him great hardship. He is nowhere close to being a Christian. I am glad that he was not with me a couple days ago.

I was watching a religious show for a few seconds & then turned it as the talk got worse & I was getting extremely upset. It was talking about God using "dysfunctional" people to get a task done.

I am sure that they meant no harm but this man was talking about Moses and his stuttering. Then he did an imitation of the stuttering & the audience laughed. This made me so angry....while it shows that God can use anyone it also points out that society sees someone with a disability as lesser or not correct (disfunctional...I suppose is technically correct about whatever is wrong but still).

My friend is what most would consider a genius by the way....he is someone who has virtually eradicated his handicap through hard work...certainly not to be called dysfunctional or disfunctional. He is very sceptical of Christians & I suspect that this is because he has been exposed to a lot of people who have seen the world in the same way as the speaker on this program. Sometimes I am ashamed of the things that "Christians" use as examples to make their point.


Someday I will own an RV & I will travel all over the place. I have RV videos & get RV newsletters. I would like to do some camping...I am not to fond of the tent kind (too much of a scaredy cat). Recommendations as to where I should go someday??? :-)

I watched this clip from the Robin Williams movie "RV" that came out on April 28th. What is happening to Robin Williams in this scene is...scary.
---I did go to see this movie. The family in the movie was a lot like many families in today's society....I did not find that humorous-it was like a long commercial for consumerism. While I was annoyed to no end by most of the characters most of the time, I did like Williams' character.


(I think that it's funny that I posted a picture of toilet paper on a blog.)
-----Buying & Gripping a Chinese Clever...the proper way. How you cut things can actually influence the taste of a meal.

I have never seen Douglas Adams with longish-sort-of hair.

Serious Spinach Warning

Photo by Gokhan Okur

Do not eat bagged spinach....there has been an E. coli outbreak in 20 states!!!

I returned some to the store that I bought it from. I was happy to see that this outbreak was treated seriously & the shelves were emptied of bagged spinach. Thomas has a post on what is possibly causing this outbreak. More companies have been added to the list...unfortunately, there has not been an actual recall yet-just people being advised not to eat the bagged spinach. I hope that the advisory remains in effect only for spinach.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

"It is time for all Muslims in the world to rise up against terrorism killing innocents to prove Pope Benedict was wrong in his statement"

Interesting question concerning races inspired by Survivor

My husband was listening as I watched Survivor commentaries...he asked me an interesting question:
How many races of people are there in the world????

Survivor Episode 1

Well...I am watching the frist episode of Survivor. Well, I guess that they avoided some conflict by putting them on seperate islands.

-----That's interesting...Billy knows how to make a toilet...I vaguely know how to make a toilet. I have been reading the original Girl Scout handbook...maybe I will have a much more specific idea after that.
-----Ozzy doesn't want to be a leader...he sure is good at climbing trees...I wonder if he has a lot of other good survival skills.
-----Interesting to hear the Asians tribes had to stop each other from making racial jokes...when they got put on an island only with there own race, I didn't think this would occur.
-----It is interesting to hear the talk of ancestors.
-----The African-American tribe is determined to represent their culture.
-----"Black people don't like to be told what to do...we have a bunch of headstrong people around here."
-----There was quiet a variety of people on the Caucasian team....jock, alternative, family man, etch.
-----Let's hope for Flicka's sake that she doesn't make more mistakes.
-----Johnathon seems to think about things in a very calculating manner.
-----How long are the racial jokes going to go on???
-----I liked that they used nightvision. Though it is what a group of people might do in a survival situation, the huddle of the Caucasian team was just creepy.
-----If Candice & Adam develop a relationship, what effect will it have on the game & on their chances of winning?
-----Cao Boi...pronounced "cowboy...I don't know what to make of him...I guess he is the hippy shaman of his tribe.
-----"If we lose, it's not the end of the's the beginning of the game."
I like that line. I hope that Billy, the one who said it, it able to do better with the physical aspects of this game.
-----Wow...the first challenge was pretty complicated. Probst narrating probably made them all more tense.
----I like the twist that the losing tribe got to will have to watch to find out. I think that part of that twist could cause some trouble & lack of trust among the tribe members.
-----Some suffering was shown in this episode...mainly people that were cold.
-----The African-American tribe thinks that it will come down to a women vs. men thing or a friend vs. not friend thing.
-----This Survivor is, naturally given how they set it up, focusing more on social issues.
-----The gift that the African American received at the end was much appreciated...will the game be so easy throughout???
-----Sekou, who felt he had great leadership skills, was voted off. His lack of focus was his downfall. Who do you feel was the weakest link in the African American tribe???

Who do you think will win so far???

Want to see this episode??? Go to the Survivor site, click on "videos", then click on "watch new," click on the dropdown box for "all shows," choose "full episodes" and then click on Survivor.

There is now a link on the homepage where viewers can make videos of what they think & upload them to the Survivor site.
The Curesearch Young Artists Gift Shop...artwork from that have cancer (and their siblings). Raise awareness/funds for childhood cancer research. I think that even just looking at the artwork & passing the word on is a great help.

Neat...crocodile hunter trading cards.

Today I watched a Steve Irwin show about the desert.
In all the shows that I have seen with Steve Irwin, he is bleeding, wearing bandages or both.

I missed this series. It is a reality series about a black family & a white family who switch lives with each other...complete with a makeover to look like the opposite race.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nice pictures of Billy Idol. There is an option to send them to your cell phone for wallpaper.
(Photos taken by fan Beverly Miller)

Some might say it's kind of dorky but I like it. Would you wear this???

Cool...a "Stan Lee is my Super Hero" t-shirt. I am a big fan of Stan Lee...his voice is so neat.

Kneel before Zod. In a recent discussion, it took me a while to remember that Zod died in the movies...I remember him being sent away trapped in what looked like a mirror but not his death.
Jewish Holiday Recipes

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

This CD has both "Beds are Burning" and "Blue Sky Mine" on it. My two favorites and why I bought the CD. I admire the environmental work of the former lead singer Peter Garrett. I would like to see Midnight Oil reunited once in a while.

A similar band that I found in the links on is "Ghostwriters." That similarity may be partially due to the fact that former Midnight Oil drummer is a member of this band. Ghostwriters has MP3's that you can listen to for free on their site. I am listening to "Ready, Steady, Go."
I also listened to a little bit of a darker song with some greats sounds in it..."Long Time Dead."
"Impossible Shame" was fun for me to sing along with....what the song was about surprised me because it did not come out until later in the song...the song gets much louder than its beginning.
This band is so awesome!!!

The only song I really didn't like is "Someone's Singing New York New York."
VR Goggles that can possibly help with the Post-Traumatic Stress suffered due to fighting in a war
Illuminated sculpture of Washington's face...part of how museums are using special effects to try to draw more visitors. I don't know what to think of some of this...the imagery is just a little scary to me...Green-Giant-sized faces of history that look like they are floating/glowing are scary in my book. I suppose this would be surreal art...very surreal.
-And I am not the only one who thought the Washington piece reminded them of the Wizard of Oz.

I do admire the idea of making the art more alive/interesting to visitors...this is definitely needed. I also admire all the work that goes into the art.
Wow...a county that plans to vaporize their trash.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I am playing the demo of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. I don't remember what blogger recommended it....but thank you.

While loading I noticed that it has a part called "Park Guest Injection Point"...for some reason I just find this funny.
Papa Roach..."The Paramour Sessions"...listening on (legal listening).
This album officially comes out on Sept 12th...later today.

Track 1...."To Be Loved"...awesome...great to sing along with...a fun song
Track 2..."Alive ('N Out Of Control)"...loud...has it's high's excellent parts...a little chaotic/annoying at times when the instrumentals get to fast-paced
Track 3..."Crash"...captures how a lot of us feel at times...going to crash.
Track 4..."The World Around You"...I think I like this better than any Papa Roach song that I have ever heard.
Track 5..."Forever"...a love song
and other tracks

I will point out bits of lyrics that I like on the 13th...I figure that one shouldn't do that out of respect until after the album is officially out...awesome album.

Response I got from someone while I was listening to this:
"They've gotten better."

I am reading this book at bedtime. I am absolutely fascinated by it. I had read an excerpt of it in the back of some magazine & was lucky enough to find it while on a date night with my husband...yes, we consider browsing bookstores a date.

Anyway the book is about a woman who decides to stay in the mortal realm after her death. She haunts a couple...this is amusing & touching. She is also haunted by the mystery of what happened to the man that she loved when she had her accident.

Father Martin ministered to people in the ruins of Ground Zero. This is a story of what he learned during that time.

This is the Wikipedia entry on Father Mychal F. Judge another priest who came to help...and didn't survive. I was very touched by his efforts.
Some have said that Father Mychal should be made a saint...there is even a website devoted to that topic.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Listening To....

Red Hot Chili Peppers..."Tell Me Baby" can be watched for free on


"Crocodile Leaping for Food"-Photo by Carol Lam (click on link to see her portfolio)
When I look at this photo I can easily see the crocodile's relation to the dinosaur...something that Steve Irwin was known to talk about.

Steve Irwin, otherwise known as "The Crocodile Hunter," was only 44. He was snorkeling to film a piece for a children's show when:
"He came over the top of a stingray that was buried in the sand, and the barb came up and hit him in the chest"

The stingray's barb pierced his chest & he died. At first it was said that it was likely painless but appparently Mr.Irwin actually pulled the barb out of his chest just before he died.
-----People taking revenge on the stingrays???
-----A state funeral was offered but his family declined this in favor of a private service. I think that the private memorial they had was really neat (and there will be a stadium memorial next week).
-----An interview that Steve Irwin did with Animal Planet.
Something I didn't know is that we will not have orang-utans in another 35 years if we don't do something to save them now...that is pretty endangered.
-----The Discovery Channel does have an "In Memoriam" forum.
I have not been able to get in though as there has been an overwhelming response.
-----Steve had his own charitable organization, "Wildlife Warriors Worldwide."
This has been accessable off-and-on today.
-----This is the Discovery Channel's statement about Steve Irwin's death.
It gives detail about how they are planning to honor him. I am glad that they will be trying to help with the education of his children.
-----A selection of notable qoutes from Steve Irwin
----And, though most of them are unsourced, here is the Wikiqoute page on him.
-----An RSPCA spokesperson compares Steve Irwin to "a modern day Noah."
-----Irwin's zoo will likely continue (at least that's what a nearby business owner thinks). I think that it is really soon to speculate about this though....this zoo is after all the family's home...perhaps they will want to live their in privacy.
-----Wikipedia entry
...points out as I have read elsewhere that there is speculation that the sting ray may have felt cornered between Steve & the cameraman
-----James Hooker met Steve Irwin when he was on Jay Leno...a short entry that made me laugh.
-----There is really no reason to be concerned about this at the touching experiences that aquariums offer. Precautions are taken to make the stingrays harmless to touch. One does wonder about how to be safe underwater though...yes, stingray attacks are very rare but...when you get on the ocean floor, you can do something called "the stingray shuffle" (mentioned at the end of the article I just linked too).
-----Aeowolf's graphic on his Steve Irwin post made me smile.

STEVE IRWIN FEB.22,1962-SEPT.4,2006


Please pray for David's continued health (leave a message on the blog his mother keeps). I will be happy on the day that I can see him out of all those wires & other equipment.

Great things about David:
He has been blogged since before he was born-he looks good in a Boppy seat-he has the cutest feet-he takes a good holiday picture-obviously has a great smile-he is getting so much bigger's a video of David rolling over!
And here is one of him playing peek-a-boo!!!
Good job David.

Note: I believe in doing citations. In this case, I get all the info on David's condition from his mother's blog at :-)
Anna Nicole Smith's son passed away

September 11th Apathy

Let me just tell you...not one person I encountered during my day mentioned September 11th...I encountered many people.

Some people just don't care anymore...I suspect some never did.

This is harsh but true. I was talking to someone yesterday who said that their professor's reaction to September 11th was not to be phased at all....and this was when it occured.


Listening to

"Thunder on the Mountain" from the new Bob Dylan album Modern Times (I like the instrumentals a lot)
"Spirit on the Water" from the same album...I found it a little annoying.
Thus far my favorite song on that album is "Working Man's Blues #2."

"The I Roc Z Song" by The High Speed Scene

"I Wanna Be Rich" by Calloway (a one hit wonder of a song)
"Bad Case of Loving You" and "Ballad of John and Mary" by the late Robert Palmer (I always found the video for Ballad of John and Mary interesting...I wish that Robert Palmer had lived longer)
"Matter of Trust" by Billy Joel
"We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel...lyrics to the song (with educational links to the events mentioned)

Friday, September 08, 2006

-----"Belly Buttons"....I think they are a cute alternative to passing out cigars to celebrate the birth of a new baby.
-----A group of artists called Object Orange call attention to urban decay in Detroit...I find this really cool. I do not look at the painting as "adding to the blight" but as calling real attention to the problem. :-)
I heard on Jon Elliot's program on Air America Radio:
There is a film that Disney is putting out on ABC about 9/11...apparently the film claims that 9/11 could have been prevented if Bill Clinton hadn't been distracted by the Monica Lewinski affair.

-----Jon Elliot said that this program distorts the truth.
-----Former Clinton officials are apparently protesting this broadcast.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The perfect back & how to develop it
-----Now I am excited...Knight Rider may be making a comeback!!!
-----The Prestige, starring Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Hall, Andy Serkis, Piper Perabo and David Bowie, opens Oct. 20.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tree City USA entry details what it takes to become a "Tree City USA"

-----Is there an award for individual efforts??? I think it would be nice if there were.

100 Things About Me....20 blogs in on this blogosphere epidemic

Amanita,Mathemegenic,Marnie,Tempus Fugit,Scott-O-Rama,Michael Nobbs,Aurora Walking Vacation,Small Hands,Jon the Chocolate Runner,IreneQ,Defective Yeti,Ran Prieur,She Who Will Be Obeyed,DP,
Stuff & Junk,Scrubbles,
and Tammy.....the person whose blog I originally found this meme on.Here are Tammy's 100 things.

My start on this:
1)I tried putting cottage cheese in my spaghetti. It really didn't taste like much of anything...neither good nor bad. 2)I wish that there were more time in my days. One thing that I would do if I had more time is photography every day.3)I type 60 words-per-minute but I don't feel that is fast enough.When I take typing tests, I get nervous & seize up...then I only score about 41 words per minute.4)Right now my favorite television show is Top Chef but I don't really side with any of the characters.When I watched Project Runway, I only liked Santino.5)I am Christian but I will not force you to be.6)I collect Chaucer....different versions, critiques, analyis, etc...I appreciate any suggestions for my collection.7)I put money in a piggy bank regularly.8)I have crayons & use them.9)I like George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord"...except when it is annoying.10)I would like to change a lot of peoples' lives for the better while I am here on earth...they don't have to know it was me.11)I am a big fan of Random Acts of Kindness.12)My favorite saint is St. Barnabas who was called "The Encourager." I try to encourage others. I have a very hard time encouraging those who are mean to me (& sometimes I don't encourage them). 13)I wish that I had more people encouraging me.14)I detest mangoes but tried mango lemonade recently & loved it.15)I like toerings but they don't get along well with my feet.16)My favorite nail polish is a shiny purple color called "Gregarious."17)My favorite scent is Green Tea.18)I like the book "Love Letters of a Lifetime" whose foreword is written by Dana Reeves. I used to write my husband a lot of love letters but I haven't in a while.19)I used to read my husband a lot of poetry but I haven't in a while. Some of the stuff that I read was things that I wrote.20)I usually do at least two floral arrangements a fake and one real/real with some fake.21)I like marriage retreats, workshops, seminars, books, etc. My favorite lecturer on romance is Gary Chapman who wrote "The Five Love Languages."22)I should burn candles more often. I try a lot of different candle scents. I have supplies to make my own candles but I am waiting until I have time to do it. Anyone have low budget ideas for candlemaking???23)I like to dance.24)I do not drink alcohol, other than a few sips, as it can interact with my thyroid medicine & put me into a shock which will put me into a coma followed by death....a really good reason not to drink. 25)If I could drink a lot of something, it would probably be Kosher Blackberry Wine.26)I have never played lacrosse. It looks difficult.27)I have a weight bench & various other small excercise equipment.28)I plan to renew my wedding vows every single year.29)I have a newspaper from the day America declared war on Iraq.30)I would love to learn how to operate a ham radio & I am going to do podcasts sooner or later.31)My husband & I's current odd hobby....assembling computers for friends/relations who can't afford/don't have access to parts as surprises...if you know how to, you can do this for very cheap & it helps someone greatly with school, career, etc. 32) I have seen St. Elmo's Fire....the phenomenon (I have seen the movie too, of course). 33) I have lightning on one of my credit cards & a poster of lightning in my living room. The reason for this is that my hair often stands almost straight up when it storms close by & I have come within inches of being struck by lightning on a sunny day. Just call me Sparky. 34)Last summer while trying to get rid of some mice we caught a shrew & released it. This year it came back. We hope to feed is cute & will eat pesky insects. 35)As some of you may recall: My husband, some friends and I celebrated the first year of our new Halloween tradition in 2005. We call it "The Annual Pumpkin of Sorrows Toss." We write everything that upset us that year on a pumpkin & toss it from really high. It makes a loud exploding sound & is a neat photographic experience. Of course, such events are blogged. 36)I like to eat frog legs.37)I am very particular about the size of the spoon that I use. I like to use a Japanese soup spoon once-in-a-while. I use chopsticks at least once a week & even have several non-disposable chopsticks in my silverware drawer.38)I am scared of death & think about the silent tug of mortality a lot39)I am really good at research.40)I do not like to put fresh spinach on pizza at home...only canned spinach....reason being the fresh spinach often wilts too much or becomes slightly crispy in an odd sort of way....I was thinking of pizza just now if you didn't guess.41)I want to build my own teddy bear at some point.42)If you are cheating on a really nice person & think that it is alright to tell me because I am your friend....I have been known to tell the person being cheated on. Off the top of my head: In one situation where I was forced to do this the person doing the cheating instantly realized they were wrong & forgave me for telling. In another situation, the cheater temporarily convinced them that there was no cheating...temporarily. Don't cheat on a really nice person who does nothing but love you.43)A pet peeve of mine is that new boxes of crayons are always a little hard to open up.

These are the previous comments from when this was on

Tammy said ... (Monday, May 08, 2006 12:58:22 PM) :
I can't wait :) It's not easy and when your done you think of more. lol

(Admin Note: This was in relation to the fact that I was going to keep working on this) _________________________

Tammy said ... (Tuesday, May 16, 2006 2:40:54 PM) :

Oh my, # 12 should have been on mine. When searching for my "gift" I found him in my studies. So cool!

thebluestbutterfly said ... (Tuesday, May 16, 2006 7:09:17 PM) :

I think that is my gift too. :-)

Tonya said ... (Wednesday, May 24, 2006 2:03:36 PM) :

This is a great!! Very interesting and I could have written some of these myself. Can't wait to read the rest!

thebluestbutterfly said ... (Wednesday, May 24, 2006 7:48:17 PM) :
It is neat that we have something in common. Which could you have written?

Tonya said ... (Thursday, May 25, 2006 4:52:20 AM) :

Okay these are them :)

8. I have crayons & use them.

10. I would like to change a lot of peoples' lives for the better while I am here on earth...they don't have to know it was me.

11. I am a big fan of Random Acts of Kindness.

13)I wish that I had more people encouraging me.

19)I used to read my husband a lot of poetry but I haven't in a while. Some of the stuff that I read was things that I wrote.(Didn't read it to hubby but used to write alot of dark poetry)

SXYMMA said ... (Saturday, May 27, 2006 3:33:19 PM) :

Here's what we have in common:

2)I wish that there were more time in my days. One thing that I would do if I had more time is photography every day.
5)I am Christian but I will not force you to be.
7)I put money in a piggy bank regularly.
8)I have crayons & use them.
10)I would like to change a lot of peoples' lives for the better while I am here on earth...they don't have to know it was me.
11)I am a big fan of Random Acts of Kindness.
22)I should burn candles more often. I try a lot of different candle scents. (I WOULD ALSO LOVE TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE CANDLES, SO IF YOU EVER GET AROUND TO DOING IT, LET ME KNOW HOW IT WENT!)


Will you see "An Inconvenient Truth?" This is Al Gore's movie about the environment.

Has anyone seen it? What did you think of it????

My husband & I went to see this. Contrary to opinion in some of the online discussion groups that I belong to....this movie has been immensely popular for a documentary. It is about global warming...something not enough people care about.

I have listened to so many people say that they don't believe in global warming. Coming out of the showing, I heard people complaining of similar experiences...having friends & co-workers who did not believe it.

Speaking of naysayers:
I will only find Rush Limbaugh's "Doomsday Countdown" to be funny if it is kept on the site for the next ten years...and if nothing comes out of what Gore is talking about.
-I often agree with Rush Limbaugh but not this time.
Project Runway idea: Design an outfit for Tim Gunn. What would you design?

Monday, September 04, 2006


In my ideal bathroom, there would be both a claw-foot tub & a shower with a tub. I love clawfoot tubs & I would like to take a bubble bath once-in-a-while without having to scrub the shower's tub out. What would your ideal bathroom look like?

"Glass of Beer"-Photo by Leonard Sanches
Leonard is an amateur photographer and web designer.

-----Mothers Against Drunk Driving
-----And if you don't think that drunk driving is bad...this post made me very sad...drunk driving is bad.

I don't think alcohol is bad...just misuse of alcohol.

Working on Labor Day? many of you from the U.S. are working on Labor Day???

The history of Labor defined by our government. While our government may honor our contributions....what does consumer society say about today??? Do we take that governmental thank you & use it for profit?

So, if one works in the retail sector then one is not worthy of the thank you or is the profit more important???

Exactly why are you working today????

I may go to see "World Trade Center"...out now

The trailer to Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center" starring Nicolas Cage

There is not a lot of blood & gore in this trailer....none actually that I remember. It even looks like the movie has a happy ending for two of its characters...or one that lives to tell about the other.

I am going to go see this movie in the least, that is my verdict thus far.

I am waiting to see "United 93" on seems like that would be the type of movie that I would like to pause if I needed to.
Update: I have been seeing commercials for "United 93" on, either it is out or going to be out very soon.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

International Day on the Eradication of Poverty

October 17....International Day on the Eradication of Poverty.
According to, one billion people live on less than one dollar a day.

I think Tonya said it perfectly in the comments:
"That is soo sad... One dollar a day!! I can't even imagine what that would be like.. You hear things like this and you wish you could just help everyone."

Interesting....Avon has "instant manicure"...they are the only ones who sell these dry enamel strips that just fold over your nail & appear to look the same as a perfect manicure. They are supposed to last for 2 weeks and can be removed with nail polish remover.

Comair Flight 51-91

There was a plane crash in Kentucky. There is only one survivor. The survivor's name is James Polehinke and he has just been upgraded from critical to serious condition.

It is being reported that the cause of the crash may be that the plane took off from the wrong that was too short. Update: More details as to how they got on the wrong runway have been emerging.

Thank God there is even one is odd to hear "one survivor."

Here are profiles of the crash victims.
The majority of the victims died in the fire after the crash. What a horrible way to die. One hopes that they weren't conscious of what was going on by this time.

There was a newlywed couple who died in the crash. :-(

There is already a Wikipedia entry on this crash.
And it is a virtual certainty that Comair will be sued...some lawyers have been disgraceful & already started soliciting the victims'families.
-----INXS Official Website
I know it has been so many years but it is still weird to me to look at a new lead singer on the frontpage.
There have been some new North American tour dates added.

Posts that Caught My Eye

-----A fellow blogger, Shannon, got engaged....go congratulate her.
-----Lois Lane to have her own movie???
-----Taking the blue out of underwater photos
-----How to make a light bulb from a pickle
-----Working as a living marble statue would be interesting
------I think that Johnny Depp looks really cool like this.
-----The Hobo Hilton
I get sad when I see the death of a blog. Today I have deleted so many dead blogs from my blogroll. :-(

Admin Note...everyone can comment again

I am temporarily enabling anonymous commenting on this blog....that way those without Beta Blogger can still leave comments. Once, Beta Blogger's kinks are fixed, I will go back to the way I like it....knowing who is commenting.

Anyway sorry to those who have not been able to comment. I like talking to everyone.

To the people of Beta Blogger: Please, fix your kinks soon. I would also like to see profiles linked to those with similar interests again....I would assume that is going to take a long time.

The reason why I have been visiting but not commenting...Beta Blogger-the good & the bad

Well..if your stat counter has seen my invisible presence on your blog but I haven't been courteous enough to say anything in some time...there is a reason why.

I have converted my blog to the Beta Blogger which is great because it truly is push-button publishing. I can get so much more done without having to wait for that stupid publishing ticker.

"Unfortunately, you cannot post a comment on a non-beta blog or claim a mobile blog using your Google Account. These features are coming soon."

I hope that soon is soon. I like to comment on other blogs. Anyway I do recommend Beta Blogger....join when Blogger makes this option available to your blog. I have found one way around the commenting problem...I post as anonymous & just leave my contact information on blogs that allow anonymous comments.

One further aggravation with Blogger Beta today: My "Blog This" tool that I use for Mozilla is not working. I downloaded "JustBlogIt!" and it doesn't take the longer addresses that the Beta has. I am annoyed.
Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles...a new movie about breaking down barriers between loved ones. Looks beautiful...and sad. It is about a man who makes a journey as a way to communicate with his ailing son.
The prices at theme parks are rising...again. I want to go to one of the minor theme parks...where prices have of course also been rising...but it just doesn't look like I will have the time to.
-----Bilingual Garden of Learning Rug...but it's so expensive

-----Biting on Aluminum Foil can be Painful....but why would you do it in the first place??? I guess when you are a kid you do all sorts of odd things...I thought of this for a while & I remember biting little balls of foil like they were chewing gum. I guess I am lucky that I didn't have anything else metal in my mouth.

:-) 2009-06-11 daily 0.5 2009-06-11 daily 0.5