Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Please pray that the "activity" that was found does not turn into cancer again....Rebekah needs your prayers.
What on Earth...I just got a call-to-action type e-mail from an organization that I belong to. It mentioned the year anniversary of Katrina and said not enough action has been taken to help the victims. The thing that caught my attention is that it claimed there are "still dead bodies in abandoned homes."
Making Your Own Granola...a recipe from Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA)
Bruce Springsteen IS in love...but not according to somebody or other in the media. I would be upset & say something about this too.

Billy Talent-Red Flag

Cast off the crutch that kills the pain,
The red flag waving never meant the same,
The kids of tomorrow don't need today,
When they live in the Sins of Yesterday.

My fave line:
"Like a madman needs a martyr"

Lyrical Question

I'm the one who wants to be with you
Deep inside I hope you feel it too
Waited on a line of greens and blues
Just to be the next to be with you

In the song "To Be With You" by Mr. Big....what is a "line of greens and blues???"

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

This "Little People Tiny Street Art Project" is neat. I want to look at the other links on this blog.
*Thank you to Thomas for pointing this out. Your blog gets to be more & more of an interesting read all the time. I always appreciate your comments....honest & interesting.

A Current Music Pick

Ray LaMontagne....I am kind of liking the song "Trouble" but I can not figure out what he is saying at the chorus...."I've been saved by a women???"

We'll I've been...
saved by a woman
I've been...
saved by a woman
I've been...
saved by a woman
She won't let me go
She won't let me go now
She won't let me go
She won't let me go now

Thank you to Thomas for the link to the lyrics.

---Ray's new album comes out today.

Others with a song called "Trouble": Pink, Coldplay, Elvis, Cat Stevens, Shampoo
The Jerusalem Post
The Palestine Chronicle


Stargate is possibly going to be canceled or the 11th season is only going to be available for download.

Here is a petition to save the show.

-----Here is a list of upcoming conventions for SG-1 and other programs.

What should fans do???
-----Perhaps fans should make Save SG-1 videos on Youtube or something like that.
-----Here is a list of addresses with people to write to about saving the show.

Kris Moyse. The song is very is called "Distance." I don't like the repetition of the instrumental.

What does everyone out there think about long distance relationships???

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Premieres Thursday September 14 at 8pm ET/PT

-----The new "Survivor" teams will be based on race. Imagine the conversations that will occur when groups of people are watching this together.

Will their be protests of this program??? Apparently there already have been.

-----Rush Limbaugh cites research on the swimming ability of certain races & comments on it in his unique way of poking fun. (Thank you to Thomas for the link on Limbaugh's comments)
-----If anyone is interested in offering CBS feedback on this program...I did find a feedback link on the left side of the official Survivor page. The official page also gives bios on the 20 contestants.
-----General Motors is not going to have ads during Survivor anymore...they say the teams being divided by race played no part.


-----A petition to "Save the Internet."
Don't you hate it when someone you think is really neat can't stand you for no apparent reason???

I just bought this CD. It is a Meatloaf CD from way back in 1986. Unfortunately, I don't have to booklet that goes in the front....bought at a thrift shop (someone has been shedding their vintage Meatloaf collection & I have been steadily acquiring it). This is a hard CD to acquire so I feel lucky to have it.

Observation: Until today, August 31, it cost a minimum of 18.50 to get this CD. There is at least one available for 8 something today.

It is totally different than anything Meatloaf I have EVER heard. It is definitely music from the 80s...the instrumentals so far are pretty strong.

It is the 80s sound that I am finding a little annoying at times. The music can get repetitive & sometimes I just cannot get into what is being said. I do not have as much enthusiasm for this album as I do for most of Meatloaf's other music.


I initially thought that this Draft Dodger "Memorial" was funny. I didn't think it was funny in the way of a political statement...just what they chose for the statue. Sometimes, I can be quiet niave and thus I didn't realize the full impact of the statement being made....I don't know enough about Vietnam but I likely wouldn't have gone.

I think that draft dodging is often appropriate...fighting is the right thing for some & not for others. When you don't believe in the cause & you have people who depend on you at home...this is one of those situations where I think draft dodging is perfectly appropriate.

I do not think it is fair that a person's economic/political status can often buy them out of the situation. I come from a family where a lot of people became enlisted officers voluntarily in order to protect their families....if you don't enlist in time of draft, you often get put on the front lines. As is easily seen by the list of Iraq War casualties...those in heavy land combat-often those of lower rank-get killed....even more so for past wars in our country.

And then there is a gender/religious issue for me. I still think that it is the woman's duty to be the one who carries on the human race & that women think differently than men in a combat situation (or any other situation...not for better or worse-just differently).

Coming from an academic atmosphere, I have actually known draft dodgers from countries ruled by dictators (both long ago & currently). I agree totally with their choice not to fight or to get out as soon as they could be snuck out. I have known many political refugees in my life....another way at looking at some draft dodgers.

And then there are the objectors:
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
Advice for Conscientious Objectors in the Armed Forces....I applaud those who still serve our country like this...thank you.
Handwritten copies of the Bible for a good cause....but they cost $115,000.

The full title is "When God Doesn't Answer Your Prayer: Insights to Keep You Praying with Greater Faith and Deeper Hope" and it is written by a man who lost his 4-year-old daughter in a car accident.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Apparently, Rob Reiner wants Mel Gibson to admit that "The Passion of the Christ" is anti-Semetic.

I don't think that Gibson's movie necessarily portrays Jews as being is just a historical account (at least if one believes the Bible is true). I have many Jewish friends & even lean towards a lot of Judiasm myself....but having read the New Testament, as a Christian I believe that this is what occured during that time in history. My point is that it was history & in no way reflects on the people alive now.

Any interpretation....even all interpretations of the New Testament would show certain Jewish people as being evil & some Jewish people at that time as being misled or making a mistake. I don't recall "The Passion of the Christ" portraying the entire Jewish population as deliberately evil...I will have to watch again before I can accertain to this though....certainly, to portray all the Jewish people of that time as evil would definitely be anti-Sematic (not to mention incorrect).
Update: Here is a list I found of things that are in the movie that are not in the Bible. I want to read through them as some may just be a matter of interpretation...not anti-Semetic.

As for anti-Semetic tirades made when drunk....unfortunately, a lot of people notice characteristics such as race, etc. when drunk and upset.

-----Go vote on whose side you are on in the meowing case. I guess that I see both sides. The account of what happens leaves out if the elderly woman ever said that she was sorry the boy lost his cat.

Friday, August 25, 2006


In perhaps the worst version of the person needs you in order to deposit funds scam....commonly people who claim to be Nigerian....I was spammed by someone claiming to be a Lebanese bombing victim!!!
The world is a horrible place sometimes full of people with no shame. This is upsetting.


Imagine going to work & getting paid to be beatup every day. No, you are not a karate are a waiter or waitress.
-----I don't think that I could get paid enough to take this job.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


The Fishstomper Revisited...Why do Companies Hire People Like This???

At a recent visit to Walmart I thought that I saw a ghost from the past...same vacant stare but now dressed up in attire obviously purchased in the Walmart men's section. Obviously spending a lot more on hair products these days...newly equipped with a spikey haircut. I thought no....couldn't be.

About a week later, someone was having a conversation with me about how they just loved Walmart. They knew all the managers....whom they also loved and started listing names.

Well then, Mr. Fishstomper who I have written about before still works there.

Here is why I call him Mr. Fishstomper (qouted from one of my past comment sections):
"One experience that I will never forget is what I call "The Fish Stomper." I needed help from the pet department to buy some fish. An intern (which is a manager-in-training at Walmart) helped us after we asked him for help 5 times directly next to him.
When it finally registered he got up from what he was working on to help. He hummed in a very odd manner all the way to the fish. Then he started to scoop out the fish, splashing & dripping water everywhere so that I had to step back. I could have excused this as lack of training/intelligence-I would have excused this easily if it weren't for what happened next. He accidentally dropped a blue guppy that I wanted to buy....then remarked "oops that one's dead"...the fish was wiggling under the cabinet he was getting fish from but was still within reach...not for long though... I was soon to find that he had no intentions of trying to save it. I had also asked for some ghost shrimp & he was busy getting those as I was leaning down contemplating if I could rescue the fish. I had to move out of the way really quickly as his foot got dangerously close to my fingers & the first fish wiggled to its death out of my reach....he had dropped a ghost shrimp & said "oops that one's dead too" as you heard it's back pop when he stomped on it. I am really glad that it was me buying fish & not someone's little kid seeing this happen. While it is not Wal-mart's fault that this incident occured & I think that they did discipline him, I do think that they need to show more discretion in their hiring practices."
Rebekah's Cancer may be back....please keep her in your prayers.
Sending Rebekah a virtual hug...I hope that you had a day with some fun in it.

I purchased this to listen to song number 3: "Tall Cool One"
Do you remember this album from back in 1988? I never realized that the lyrics to "Tall Cool One" were a little racy as I always found some of the song hard to make out.
-----And what is Mr. Plant doing now??? Well, here is his official webpage.

Eventually I want to do some freelance writing. I just get intimidated by the rejection that can be involved with writing for an audience (funny, since I obviously do that rather frequently sometimes). I have read excerpts of "On Writing." I am very excited to read the entire book. :-)
-----Stephen King has a band that was supposed to be only a few performances but continued: "The Rock Bottom Remainders"

Bat Out of Hell III will come out on Halloween& I have pre-ordered it.
-----What creative writing have you done lately???
-----Why do tomatoes have to be so expensive??? I pretty much never buy tomatoes when I go to the grocery store anymore. They are not only expensive, they generally look awful.

I saw the movie "RV" I have mentioned before on this blog. It was very funny but his family annoyed me....the stuck up richness that this country seems to admire anymore seemed perfectly acceptable.

-----"Man of the Year" with Robin Williams as a man who becomes the President of the United States comes out on October 13th.
-----Pluto is no longer a planet!!!!


I have been reading about Samson Blinded. If it becomes really popular, I expect that this book may generate some controversy. I have downloaded the unedited version of the book from the Samson Blinded site (which I just linked to) is a free download with many different formats available.

Samson Blinded was banned by Google & all reviews were removed from Amazon, but it took me a while to figure out why. I assume that it is some objection to the Machiavellian suggestions promised in the full title of the book. When I looked at the table of seems to be a very straight-foward conveyance of seems that the author advocates some steps many would consider cruel/extreme in order to force peace.

Those who know me in real life know that sometimes I agree with the use of force in order to bring about peace. I think that this all depends on the actions of the people one is trying to get to behave....behave is a polite word in the case of some countries through history.

The author of Samson Blinded, who writes under the name "Obadiah Shoher", is not advocating violence for no reason. He does not want to have something like the Holocaust. He is saying that peace sometimes has to be achieved by using the last option (which is force).

Israel is not the only country that has ever felt that they have to resort to force. In the United States we do this rather frequently as of late.

I do believe in regard for innocent lives even in time of war. I think that in every army that believes in this there are always some soldiers who don't & take their anger into their own hands. I am not sure what the proper measures are to remedy this.

I am reserving opinion until I finish reading the book as to what I agree with or don't agree with about the Machiavellian approach. I do not think that one should choose war as it is an easier option than negotiating/other options. I do not believe that either side....Israel or Palestian has really committed themselves to negotiating though-or the repeated "truces" would not be given up on or tested so easily.

I am wondering:
Do you all think that the conflict in the Middle East will eventually get solved? We are not talking about what religious prophecies say or don't say...What do you think would make this happen on a political or world action level? Well....all I can do is pray & blog about this...that is my personal doable action.

The artwork pictured here is missing when you download most versions of the book...for some reason or other it won't show up. It is by George Tinworth(I have linked here to the Wikipedia entry on Tinworth who did a lot of depictions of Biblical scenes on terra-cotta).

Stay tuned as I continue to read. I encourage others to do so also as it is important to look at different viewpoints in every conflict as we work to a possible solution.
Will there ever truly be an end to the war on terror??? I found this post interesting.

-----The Samson Blinded blog. I believe that once-upon-a-time there used to be Google ads on that blog but not anymore. In further censoring, Google has banned the Samson Blinded blog from their ad program.

So where does one buy Samson Blinded now??? As mentioned in the comments section, Samson Blinded was $9.50 on I have not been able to find it there either as of late.

***I am on page 18 of the copy that I downloaded.

(Please note that though I am reporting what I have read about Google censoring things to do with Samson Blinded I do admire Google as a company . I wouldn't have this blog without them ....they own Blogger...I am thankful to them for the good that they have done me).

"Niccolò Machiavelli affirmed that two ways lead most directly to peace: destroy a people’s will to fight by either utter goodness or by utter cruelty..."-page 11
"Statehood, war, and conquest are ugly, but if there is a national resolve to embark on that path, it should be done efficiently without inflicting prolonged sufferings on one’s own or the subdued. Crush the will to fight, drive them away, and live peacefully."-page 17

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Being hospitalized & signing your life over to the hospital....totally....and whether your family likes it or not. This is a new & scary concept. What do you all think???

Another publishing of my blog into space.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr was accused of harassment of a young woman back in April. Specifically, he was accused of asking to kiss her and lifting her off the ground in a chokehold. This seems like a little of an odd thing to happen....unlikely even, unless there was a good amount of alcohol involved.

I haven't found further coverage of this case, but I did find a schedule of Hank's remaining 2006 tour dates. He is a person who I think it might be interesting to see perform.

Has anyone heard anything about this incident lately??? It seems to have disappeared from the view of the internet.
Mel Gibson's "luxury saloon"...paragraph 3 of this article...I don't know if the journalist meant to say that or if it will permanently stay in the article...but it is funny.

I wish Mr. Gibson luck with his treatment program.

Crow's View (photos by me)

Crow's View 1
Crow's View 2

These are both of the same house. My husband says that it looks like a haunted house.

-----I have tried to find some really interesting facts about crows to post here but just haven't found anything. Suggestions anyone???
KWTX | Karr Dines On Prawns En Route To US

Isn't it an odd age where we can track every bite that goes into a person's mouth? Isn't it odder still that we would want to?

Well....unless it is being paid for by someone other than the is not really "lavish treatment." Perhaps Karr is paying for his own meal. Perhaps...and just as likely as "lavish treatment" everyone got served the same thing. The business class is usually less crowded & there are probably areas where more isolation can be offered....innocent until proven guilty but would you really want to be sitting next to someone in this process???

I am sure that Mr. Karr's escorts & the staff on the plane have more important things to worry about than the appropriateness of what he is eating.

I have never had prawns nor have I had Valrhona chocolate cake. I hope that I don't remember this news story well when I finally do.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Please check GoogleNews regularly for the situations with Iran, Iraq,Israel,Palestine, North Korea, Pakistan, Syria, etc.

I know that there is little the ordinary citizen can do ....but pray & keep informed (in case of possible evacuation or other safety precautions you feel are needed).

The world is in a very delicate situation right now.

My blog is worth $31,049.70.
How much is your blog worth?

Reviving this again...I usually get depressed by this as it stays the same for so long.
Well, there may be no more stories of smart dolphins.
Story Nory....this is awesome....readings of free children's stories.

Speaking of stories I have the DVD of "The Hours" with Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore. I was listening to one of the commentaries the other day & thought it was neat how they got some of the rapt expressions on the little boy's reading him Jack & the Beanstalk.
-If my husband & I are ever able to have children, I am going to put a camera in the room at least once during storytime...a wonderful keepsake for everyone. I think doing a recording of each parent reading is a wonderful idea.
-By the way...parents, have you ever tried both of you reading the bedtime story to your child?
John viewed by someone who knew him when he was younger. For those who have not seen the news lately, John Karr is the suspect who made a confession about the JonBonet Ramsey killings. :-( I am, of course, glad that he was caught but really sad that such things ever happen.

I am also sad for Mr. Ramsey (and his son):
"He cannot go back to his home in Michigan because it is surrounded by the media. Last night, I've never heard him so angry. He is worried about his son's physical safety."

-And to make matters even sadder....As you may recall, the mother died earlier this year of Ovarian cancer. :-(
Blogger "Texas Fred" has started a "Get the U.S. out of the U.N. Store" online.

What do you think??? Do you agree that the U.S. should leave the U.N.??? Does anyone think that it is possible for the U.N. to reform & how would you suggest it be done???

If you agree with Fred, perhaps you could make him more t-shirt designs.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Mr. T gives up wearing all that gold jewelry after Hurricane Katrina. I wonder if this will be permanent. I also wonder if he donated/sold less sentimental pieces to help out.

Mr. T will also have a new talk show:
" I Pity the Fool premieres on TV Land in the United States on Oct. 11. A TV Land official said the show will run in Canada but details are still being worked out."
The show is being compared to Dr. Phil but without all the crying. :-) I will have to watch it at least once.

There is now a casting call for "I Pity the Fool"...if you live within 100 miles of New York City. You can see a picture of Mr. T in a suit & without the gold on the casting call page.

"First Name Mister, Middle Name Period, Last Name T"

Friday, August 18, 2006

I might not mind corporate sponsors for a blog...if, I had final okay on placement of all ads.
A project by artist Ahree Lee....she took a self-portrait every day for three years. I had thought of doing this but I never thought of it as being publishable art. I enjoyed watching it & thought the background music was beautiful.
-----Haley Joel Osment....charged with DUI & may spend jail time
-----New car seat law in the UK: Children up to 12 years-of-age may have to have a car seat or booster.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ground Breaking Ceremony for the New Yankee Stadium. I have seen coverage of this all over the news as of late.
More September 11th 911 calls found


I really want to try an extreme sport called "Zorbing."

I had not seen any place that does this in the United States but then I found that there is a Zorb experience opening in the Smoky Mountains this fall. Pidgeon Forge is the same place where Dollywood is....I guess those who are into Dolly Parton could visit both on the same vacation (what a contrast).

And apparently there is a zorbing park in Nevada.
Here is a Zorb experience in gives a good picture of what it is like. It does look like it may be a little bit of an extreme control loss...especially if you choose to use the straps. Here is an indepth look at some of the options one has when zorbing.
----One gentleman's Flickr photos of this...looks fun but mayhaps uncomfortable at times.
-----The "Weird World of Sports" entry on Zorbing

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